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All London escorts

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All London escorts

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My friends always call me crazy when I tell them I love anal sex. Even today, as a 21 year old girl, still trying to explore and expand my sexual horizons, I have always found anal sex very pleasurable and exciting. The biggest complaint I hear from my friends is that it is physically painful. I must have never received that text because it gives me some of my strongest orgasms.I believe that anatomically speaking, I may be unique in the fact when I feel a nice hard cock sliding in and out of my ass, it vibrates something inside me which feels like it hits my g-spot. I am unsure if I have a different tilt in my vagina that allows this to take place. There are times when I masturbate, I will slide my dildo in my ass and just leave it there. As I masturbate, I will tap on the dildo end which sends those vibrations throughout my body and I orgasm very powerfully. I am the only person I know who not only uses anal when she masturbates but also prefers it sometimes to vaginal intercourse.It all started a few years ago when I was 18 and in a serious relationship with my first boyfriend, Sebastian, at least as serious as you could be at that age. He was obsessed with asses. He loved the shape, the feel, and every part of it. Sebastian was a swimmer, All London escorts, and a very lean 160 pounds. He had shaggy blonde hair that he kept buzzed off during swimming season and he also made sure all his body hair was removed. I used to call him my smooth rat.Sebastian would always ask if we could have anal during our sex sessions and I would always turn him down for fear of the pain. His cock was just under 8 inches but very thin. It also was circumcised, perfectly straight and smooth with a flawless shaped helmet on the end.One night at a party, I just about gave into his anal sex request when we went back to a friend’s parent’s room. With the door closed, we could hear the muffled music pumping and we were making out. Kissing, soon turned into me sucking Sebastian’s hard cock while he lay on his back. I had my cheek resting on his cut abs while I gave him head.As he tapped my head, I raised up to hear him mutter softly, “Can we do it now? I just want to feel your ass so bad. I promise I will go slow.”I was hesitant but I thought I would at least try to give it another chance. I got up and stripped down to my black, silk thong and matching bra. Sebastian, repeated his usual procedure by first kneeling down in front of my ass. He squeezed it several times before kissing my cheeks all over. He gave it some open mouth sucks and licked across the crack from cheek to cheek. He eventually pulled my panties to the side, even though sometimes he pulls them down so that he can bury his face in my ass. He was very good at licking and pleasuring my asshole. At that time I might have been afraid of his cock in my butt but I sure did love his tongue in it.

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I did as he said and bent over like I was ready to be spanked. My juices were now flowing as it was my time to order him, “All London escorts. Eat that ass. You know you want it.”He slapped my cheek as it stiffly vibrated. He moved my panties aside once again and dug his tongue inside my crack. Since my legs were already spread, he was able to get much deeper. Sebastian first used the tip of his tongue to get my sensitive nerves stimulated on the rim of my puckered hole. He vibrated it by moving his tongue, quickly back and forth and the sensation was overwhelming me. He then used the top of his tongue to lick the entire hole. Sebastian was licking it with enthusiasm like a lioness cleaning her young.”That’s it baby, get in there nice and deep. You like that ass don’t you? Munch it. Fuckin lick every inch of it!” I commanded in my dirtiest talk.I reached down between my legs and flicked my clit to get myself off with one hand and reached back behind me and pulled the back of his head so that he would go in even deeper. He was licking and sucking while fighting for air so much that I could feel his warm breath travel up my ass crack. Sebastian put me over the edge and I climaxed when he actually darted his tongue in my sphincter about two inches. That penetration felt amazing. It was warm, soft and his passion was second to none. My legs were shaking.He quickly stood up and couldn’t get his shorts off quick enough. As they dropped to the ground, he took hold of his leaking cock and placed the head up against my opening. I quickly rejected the advance, “Oh no. There is no way you’re putting that thing in me without lube.”All London escorts“You have to be kidding. I’m so fuckin horny. I gotta have that ass, baby. Pleeeaaase!” Sebastian begged.I gave him an alternative, “You can’t stick it in but why don’t you fuck my cheeks like you do my tits? Use your slobber and fuck my ass cheeks!”Sebastian though for a moment, shrugged his shoulders as if to say, “Oh well,” and then allowed a huge glob of saliva to stream down from his lips and land on my ass crack. He placed the tip of his dick in my crack to add precum to the mix. He then took his cock and slapped the shaft around while moving it back and forth to spread the lube evenly in the crevice.I coaxed him through the entire process in my familiar sexy coo, “Ooo yea, that’s it baby. Get it all greased up for your cock. Make it slippery, baby. I want you to fuck that ass like you mean it. I want to feel that hard dick sliding in between my cheeks!”

All London escorts

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