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Best escort London

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Best escort London

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He put his cock in the valley between my ass cheeks while holding it down with his thumbs. He then squeezed them together like buns around a hotdog. His cock now had a warm skin tunnel to abuse for his pleasure. Sebastian wasted no time thrusting inside it. He was grunting and swaying back and forth very quickly in a short amount of time. He was so horny and excited to be getting a piece of my ass that a bomb could have went off in the next room and he wouldn’t have noticed.”Get it, baby. Get that ass. Please fuck it and shoot your cum all over my back. I want you to shoot it so far. I want to feel it,” I encouraged.”God dammit. Ohhhh! Fuck! Ohhhhhh!” Sebastian screamed as he launched his cum up across my back and even a tiny amount in my hair. I could feel the warmth of his spunk splat on all over and pool in the crevices. I loved it. He was in heaven to finally be able to milk that cock of his with my tight butt.We cleaned up and it wasn’t until the next weekend before we jumped to the next level. I would be lying if the exciting scene didn’t have me thinking about that smooth cock penetrating my ass. I knew it would happen soon but not that soon.It all started when Sebastian’s twin cousins who were a year older than us and freshmen in college, came to visit him for the Christmas holiday. There was a beach party with a campfire in the sand and many people were tenting all night in the grassy area before you reached the beach. There were probably 6 to 8 tents and I would estimate 30 people in Best escort London. One guy was playing the guitar while the fire crackled as people drank, made out and were generally having a great time. The wind was blowing off the ocean, so it was a little cool but most people were dressed in shorts and a hoodie or jacket with bare feet.We were both sitting in the sand, with me leaning up against his chest, between his legs. We both were drinking and feeling real good while Sebastian would periodically lean down, nibble my ear or kiss on my neck which he knows always gets me hot. With everyone’s moods basically mellow, inebriated, and horny, Sebastian whispered to me that we should go to the tent for some fun.

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I agreed with every intention to fool around and have wild, uninhibited sex. We got inside the tent and were making out while rolling around on top of our sleeping bags. Sebastian was probing my mouth and playing with my boobs from under my shirt will I rubbed his hard-on through his shorts. That eventually led to Sebastian taking off his shorts and while on his knees, I was sucking his cock with me laying on my side. He held the back of my head and thrusted softly into my mouth. Just as his precum was building on my tongue, I couldn’t help wanting more.”Get a condom. I want you inside me,” I slurred.Sebastian fumbled around but couldn’t find one in our small duffle bag that we had brought. He did pull out the Astroglide bottle, showed it to me and smiled, “We don’t need rubbers. Look what I have. Please baby, let me put it in your butt. I promise I’ll be gentle.”First, I liked how he conveniently “Best escort London” the condoms and second how he conveniently “remembered” the lubrication. I was tipsy enough to agree but warned him that if I didn’t like it, we were stopping. He agreed, and as excited as a child on Christmas, crawled behind me. I put my head down to the ground anticipating the entry. Sebastian slathered the lubrication all over his smooth dick, put the head against my anus, held on to my hips and pushed.”You ready baby? Here I come,” he warned.When the tip popped in and penetrated my hole, the pain shot through me like a lightning bolt and I started to move forward when Sebastian clung to my hips and tried to stop me, “Best escort London? Don’t fight it. You have to let yourself get used to it.”I tried to get used to it but eventually had to pull off his cock. I took a couple of deep breaths and surprisingly gave permission, “Ok. Now put it in again and just hold it there.”I now wanted it in me just as bad as he did. Sebastian repeated his actions and this time, it was painful but not unbearable. He held it still like I had requested and then eased it into me, “Breathe deep. Take deep breaths. Best escort London“I clenched my jaws as Sebastian slid the rest of his 8 inches in my rectum until his pubic hair and balls were pressed up against my ass crack. I was breathing deep and fast trying to get accustomed to it while Sebastian let out a pleasure sigh from the snug warm feeling he now had wrapped around his shaft.”Oh my god! This is fuckin awesome, Britt. I fuckin love it,” he whispered.At that point, I wish I could have shared his enthusiasm but it was still painful. I will say that the pain quickly disappeared and then I gave him the green light, “I’m ready now. Take your time and be gentle with me.”Sebastian started pumping in and out slowly while mumbling in pleasure. At first it was painful but it didn’t take long for it to also started feeling good. I was actually surprised. The smooth flesh of Sebastian’s dick had that familiar friction us girls love in our pussy. His cock felt warm and became quite pleasurable. Sebastian is humping and pumping away and that is when I first felt that magnificent vibration deep inside my anus which transferred to my vagina.

Best escort London

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