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Blonde escorts in London

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Blonde escorts in London

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The weekend was surprisingly tame, considering that we spent all our time together in the house, naked and brushing one another’s hair. We seemed to have lapsed into a routine of comfort, or at least I finally joined my mom there, because that’s where she already was from the looks of it.We sunbathed and swam, ate light meals and talked. We watched movies snuggled under a light sheet on the couch and I was pleased to note that I did not experience any more of the peculiar arousal I’d felt that last night and following morning. There were a few brief hugs, but no further kisses, except for pecks on the cheek. Blonde escorts in London? Was it her who had changed how things felt for my benefit? To be honest, I couldn’t tell.It was Sunday afternoon. We’d had a light lunch on the patio and take a nap in the lawn chairs. Mom woke me and asked if I wanted to do some yoga with her in the downstairs gym. I shrugged and acquiesced happily, since I loved a good yoga workout. It didn’t bother me that we were both still naked, I seemed to have acclimated to that particular situation.Well, I thought I had.Down to the basement we went. It was a large, well-lit space with various workout machines, mirrors on the wall, a heavy bag, a speed bag and mats on the floor. Standing in the middle of the room, we began by helping one another stretch. It sorta came out of nowhere, but I began to notice her body again, in that weird way I had the other night. Her athletic, curvy figure, flat stomach and incredible breasts just sang to me. Seeing her perfect ass when she bent over to touch her toes made my mouth dry. Her pussylips peeked out from just below the cheeks, a secret that I yearned for.Mom then smiled and faced me, lowering herself down into a perfect split, her feet out to the side and pointing up. Her flexibility was amazing, but I know she’d always been that way, it was something I had inherited, much to my delight. She smiled up at me and Blonde escorts in London, tugging down on them ever so gently and encouraging me to imitate her.I smiled and did my own splits, now mirroring her, my hands in hers. Our bodies were so close I could feel her warmth, our nipples less than half an inch from touching.

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She reached down and grabbed the cheeks in her hands, giving them a squeeze as she pulled me closer. I laughed and squirmed, reaching behind to do the same to her. We were so busy squeezing one another’s butt cheeks, I don’t think we dared to notice how mashed together our cunts were. The lips sort of met and mingled and our clits may have brushed and pressed. But we didn’t dare notice. We didn’t dare.We laughed as we writhed and wrestled for a little, bleeding away the tension, even if we were secretly getting ourself worked up. Her skin was warm, and quite a bit damper than it should have been for the small of amount of exercise we’d done. Not that I could judge, because my skin was pretty flushed as well, with a thin sheen of sweat to mark my condition.We finally settled down, returning to hugging one another but staying as close as we could. Our chests were heaving and I could feel her heart fluttering in her chest, just as she could no doubt feel mine. She finally sighed and then moved somewhat, slinging one of her legs over mine and then taking my other leg and wrapping it gently around to rest at her behind. Scissored together like this, we had much more support than when we’d been in the splits. Body to body still, we began just caressing one another’s hair, arms and back, pressing our foreheads together, trying to compose ourselves. I’d given up on hoping she wouldn’t notice I was wet, which was fine, because I was acutely aware of her pussy being rather sticky too.”One of the stranger workouts I’ve had in my time,” she said finally, sighing and smiling at me. “Worked up a sweat and need a shower now, even though we didn’t do any yoga.””Blonde escorts in London” I quipped, smirking at her and squirming my boobs a little to emphasize my joke. She giggled and nodded. “We’ll try again later, I guess. I’ll shower down here, you can use the upstairs one, right?”I nodded readily, not sure why I felt a tinge of disappointment. I’d showered with mom before, at the gym or in the backyard before swimming. Maybe this was her subtle way of saying some space was required so we could safely extricate ourselves from this situation? I knew she was wet, did she need to masturbate?”Okay, darling, a kiss and then we get up…” she declared, her mind made up. I nodded and pressed my lips to hers without hesitation. She kissed me back, our arms wrapped tight around one another. Our mouths may have opened very slightly, but nothing serious, like tongue or anything. It lasted a good six seconds and she broke the kiss and beamed at me.

Blonde escorts in London

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