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Blonde London escorts

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Blonde London escorts

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When Kate returned after taking Cassie home she found her son Jake kissing Madeleine on the couch in the lounge room. They were in their robes, and two empty coffee mugs were on the occasional table, suggesting they had been up and about for a little while.”I hope you’re not warming him up for another round,” said Kate with a chuckle, as she closed the front door behind her. “Between you and Cassie you’ll wear the poor boy out.””Blonde London escorts” said Madeleine, with a mischievous grin. “He’s only gone all the way with Cassie so far today, and that was hours ago, so I’m sure he’s got plenty left for you, and I know he’s champing at the bit to get started.”Kate looked amazed, and Jake wasn’t sure if it was because what Madeleine said didn’t compute, given that he’d been with both girls today, or because his mother was shocked when Maddy suggested her son was keen to fuck her, so he said:”Maddy told me you had confided in her about us, Mum, and I’m really cool about it. I love you both in different ways, and it was starting to be a bit of a strain keeping our secret. The other thing I hated, mainly out of consideration for you, Mum, was that you and I had to keep our distance when Maddy was here, and that often meant you went without. In recent times is wasn’t as bad because you and Maddy could make love before or after Maddy and I did, but if we were all together, you and I couldn’t touch each other or show affection. I’m really looking forward to being free to do what we like from now on, when we’re all together.””Me too,” agreed Kate, “…but, getting back to what Maddy said,” and then looking at Madeleine, “- I don’t understand the bit about Jake only having sex with Cassie. Before I took Cassie home, we both heard you Maddy, and if that wasn’t an orgasm, then I’ll go he. Also, when we came to your room for her clothes, the two of you were naked in bed in what looked like a state of post-coital bliss to me?”Madeleine laughed at Kate’s confusion and said, “You’re quite right about what you heard, Kate – that was an orgasm, and a big one, but only mine.””Blonde London escorts” agreed Jake. “Bossy boots here said I had to save my sperm count up for you because she didn’t want me to be all shagged out when you and I did it for the first time in a threesome with her. At the same time, she demanded her own rights to an orgasm, especially after hearing Cassie go off earlier on. That’s why you only heard Maddy, and not me – I did all the work and she got all the pleasure.”

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Kate beamed with happiness and went over to sit next to Madeleine. “You two would have to be the most considerate lovers in the world. Thank you,” and she hugged and kissed Madeleine. She couldn’t reach Jake for a kiss and cuddle, so she stretched her arm across Madeleine and patted his thigh lovingly. “Jake, you and Cassie had a really good time, and, Maddy, you’ve had an orgasm at Jake’s hands, which leaves me being the only one who hasn’t enjoyed my son today, so Jake’s not the only one champing at the bit, as you say. Shall we go to my bedroom?”With that they all jumped up and went hand in hand, and hand around shoulder, to Kate’s room. On the way Maddy said to Kate, teasingly, “So, the orgasm you had at my hands didn’t count then, huh?”Kate stopped walking and pulled Madeleine in for a hug. “Oh, Maddy, you know I didn’t mean that. If it hadn’t been for your lovemaking I’d really climbing the walls by now, after sitting through first Cassie, and then you, screaming your heads off. It was wonderful with you, as I told you at the time. What I meant was, you wouldn’t be happy if you couldn’t do it with Jake any more, just with me, would you? I love making love to you, but I need my Jake too, and I’m the only one who hasn’t had him today.””I know,” said Madeleine with a smile, hugging Kate and then lifting her feet off the ground and swinging her around in a circle to her delight, as evidenced by squeals and giggles. “Blonde London escorts” and they all went into Kate’s room.Jake and Madeleine discarded their robes. Kate had one look at Jake and said:”My, my, you are keen… or has Maddy been warming you up before I came home?” Jake had a respectable half-hard erection and his long dick stood out from his body like a banana hanging from a tree.”I was just getting him ready for you, Kate,” chuckled Madeleine. “How about you get undressed while I bring him up to speed?” she said as she knelt in front of Jake and took what she could of his long dick into her mouth, and started fellating him enthusiastically, while using a hand to play with his balls.Kate and Jake smiled at each other as Madeleine worked her oral magic on him, and while Kate undressed. Madeleine was going about halfway down Jake’s shaft with each head bob, and Kate said:”Do you think you can deep throat him, Maddy?”Madeleine changed from sucking him to wanking him with her other hand as she replied: “Don’t know. I’ve never done it, but I’ll have a go,” and she put Jake’s now full erection back into her mouth.Kate and Jake looked on in eager anticipation as Madeleine bobbed a few times and then made a concerted effort to force his cock down her throat. Jake inhaled deeply, closed his eyes, and rolled his head back as he felt the tip of his cock ram into the back of Madeleine’s throat – that, in itself was a turn on, that, and the fact that she was willing to do this for him… and for Kate too. But she couldn’t get it past her gag reflex, and had to pull her mouth of his cock, coughing and spluttering as she did. When she got her breath back, she tried again, but with the same result.

Blonde London escorts

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