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Call girls London

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Call girls London

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It was early October and the color transformation of the fall leaves was in full swing. The smell of wet asphalt filled the air as the rain began to come down ever so slowly. I stood next to my car having just pulled into my parent’s estate driveway. I had made the long 6 hour drive home from school for thanksgiving and I was having mixed feelings about what type of reception I was going to have upon my arrival.My parents were both doctors considered experts in their respective fields. My father was a Rheumatologist and my mother was a Call girls London surgeon. Will & Sara Smithson…thought by themselves to be society’s elite. They lived a lavish lifestyle with a sprawling mansion on a 100 Acre property tucked into the Northern Ontario woods. Throughout my early teen years they were already pushing me and my sister to become doctors. I on the other hand opted to do a double major in business and engineering and follow my dreams that way. I wanted to establish myself by creating my own design and consultation firm. Although I was near the top of my class at one of the Nation’s most credible and research-intensive Universities, they still made me feel that I was not living up to what they called “The Smithson Potential”. If it was up to them they would have me marry a girl(who was also a doctor), take over the family practice and build a house on the same piece of land…not going to happen. As thoughts of incessant droning at the dinner table about what I could ever do with my life came flooding into my head I couldn’t help but smile. Although my parents would be there, so would Cassie.My sister Cassie and I had a very close relationship growing up. Cassie was the best older sister you could ask for. Even though she was two years older than me and finishing up her senior year of her undergrad in Life Science/Medicine (go figure) at a prestigious University, she was still extremely down to earth, protective, loving, and kind. Having been accepted early to Harvard Medical School, Cassie was the perfect combination of brains and beauty. Long flowing blonde hair, bright big sparkling blue eyes that seemed to turn to a light gray when she was upset, a perfect body with curves in all the right places, and gorgeous breasts that fit her body perfectly. She was toned but not muscular, soft but not squishy…all in all perfect. Having played varsity volleyball sure helped to keep her toned figure intact. Boy was I looking forward to seeing her again…whenever our parents made me feel like I was not living up to my “potential” Cassie would be right in there to have my back and stand up for me. Although I didn’t need her to, and was more than capable of fighting my own battles, it still felt nice to have someone in the family on my side. I couldn’t wait to see her and started heading for the front door.

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I put my arm around her neck as she led me toward the house. This was usual behaviour between us. To outsiders, it would probably look like we were dating or in a relationship of some kind. This was just the way we acted… we were very close and that’s just the type of stuff that we did. Growing up, Cassie had been a huge role model for me. Always the most popular girl in school, she never really dated anyone as she was sometimes too focused on her school work. She DID however take a particular interest in who I dated as I was quarterback of the football team back in high school and she never wanted any of those ‘cheerleader skanks to sink their teeth into me’. When I did date girls who she ‘approved’ of, she would always give me pointers on how to treat a girl and well pretty much taught me how to kiss and make out with one too. We never took it any farther than kissing but I think we both kind of had the urge and desire to.”Whose Beamer?” I asked as I nodded toward the shiny yellow car.”Call girls London” Cassie answered. As soon as she mentioned that name, memories came flooding back to me. Rachel and I had made out a few times before we all left for school. We kept in touch a little bit but we each met new people and drifted away more than we would have liked. I last saw Rachel at Christmas last year when she came home and was dating someone. At that point, things weren’t going great for me and I desperately wanted Rachel. It was devastating to know that I couldn’t have her now that she was with someone. Now being almost a year later, I was thrilled to hear she was back for Thanksgiving.”Her parents are out of town on business and she just broke up with her boyfriend a few months ago. She will be here for thanksgiving and staying over for a few nights. I hope that won’t be awkward for the two of you.”I smiled when I heard the news that she would be staying over for a few nights and my smile widened when I realized that she wasn’t seeing anyone…maybe I was going to get my shot with the spectacular Rachel after all.”Not awkward at all Cass. Things were fine between us the last time we saw each other and I think it’ll be great now to have her here for the holidays…especially for a few days.” Call girls London“You better not spend all your time with her when you’re home because your darling sister has needs too you know,” Cassie jabbed as she playfully hit me in the arm. ‘Needs?’ I thought to myself…she has never used that term before and I wasn’t quite sure what she was referring to…I brushed it off thinking it was nothing.

Call girls London

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