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Cheap escort London

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“Yes mommy yes, can we do that please!” she exclaimed so excitedly that she lost control of the dildo and let it slide out of me. Sitting up beside her I said that I would do all this and more for my baby. But I explained that before I introduce her to the world of sucking and fucking a big cock, first I had to teach her about the number 69 in Cheap escort London. She asked what I meant. Pushing her back onto the bed and sitting on her face, I explained that she was to lick my pussy as I licked hers until we both orgasmed. She thought that this was a wonderful idea, and in this pleasant little position together we wasted the afternoon hours away.A few days later Denise and I had the house to ourselves and Tom was due home by noon, so I asked Denise if she still wished to learn more about sex and intercourse, and to have Tom teach her. She was very emphatic that she was, so I told her to meet me on the bed in my bedroom in a few minutes in a sexy little teddy and nothing else. She ran off to her room and soon joined me on the bed. When we heard Tom come home I said “Master Tom, please come up stairs when you are ready, I have a treat for you”.Coming up the stairs a few minutes later Tom found Denise laying on my belly clasping a breast and vigorously suckling a nipple. “My my, now what do we have here?” he inquired with a giant smile appearing across his face.”I am just breast feeding my little girl.” I explained. Sitting beside me he fondled my bare breast with his one hand while stroking Denise’s light short hair with the other as he watched her continue to suckle the other breast. Asking Denise if she like sucking on mommy’s titties she replied that she loved to suckle on her mommy’s nipples whenever she could. I explained that she was starting to grow up now, and I was teaching her about being a woman rather than just a little girl.”In what ways have you been teaching her?” Tom asked.”Well”, I responded as I pulled her nightie up to reveal her bush to Tom’s view, “I have been teaching her about why her pussy gets wet.” I put my hand on her pussy and she immediately spread her legs wide, giving me access to her clit to rub. “I have been teaching her how to rub her own little cunt, and how to finger, lick and dildo fuck mine”.”Well you two certainly have been busy little girls, haven’t you!” he exclaimed, apparently delighted by the view of his sisters cunt spread wide open before him.”Cheap escort London“, I said, “but unfortunately I cannot take her to the next lesson, which she says that she desperately wants to explore.””What is that?” Tom asked inquisitively.Releasing my nipple from her mouth and while squirming her hips upon my fingers on her clit Denise whispered “I want a man to enter my vagina with his penis.” Resuming her sucking I told Tom that she felt she was ready, and had a question to ask Tom, but was too shy to do so.

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Before he could respond I interrupted “Tom, I did explain to her that I would be willing to let you have intercourse with me just this once, on a purely demonstrative level, so that she could watch and learn how it is done and to better prepare herself for it, if it was alright with you”.Tom replied “Well, I suppose. If you were to let me show her intercourse by offering yourself as an example, and if she were still interested afterward, then yes, yes, I suppose it would be best for me to introduce her to intercourse as her loving and trustworthy brother than some young loser off the street.”We both leapt up and started to hug Tom and profusely fill his face with kisses. “Cheap escort London” I said, “you are such a gentleman, a dear, thoughtful and generous man.” “Bless you big brother,” Denise exclaimed “I knew that you loved me, would always protect me and that you would guide me with your strength in becoming a woman.””To begin,” I explained to Denise, “first I must introduce you to a penis.” Explaining as I unbuckled Tom’s pants and stripped him from the waist down I continued “Now this is a particular massive and beautiful example of a penis.” Taking his semi-rigid hard-on in my hand I motioned Denise to the edge of the bed with me so that she could get a good close look. Stroking him and pushing her face to within inches of his dick I explained “A cock can only enter you once it gets rock hard and this happens when you stroke on it, like mommy is doing now. Here darling, you try.” and clasping her tiny little hands I wrapped them around his now fully erect member.”Wow mommy, it is so hard and big!” she yelled.”Yes dear, we are so very fortunate that your brother has such a perfect cock,” I said, then adding “and it has a perfect set of big balls to go with it too.” taking a testicle in each hand and massaged them gently. Then I continued to explain to Denise “But before a hard cock is fully ready to enter a pussy, it needs to be made all wet and juicy, especially such a giant gorgeous dick as this. And the way we get it all lubricated up is by sucking it. Feed mommy his cock so I can show you.”Grasping his cock in both hands she motioned the head toward my face. I began licking and sucking the head of his cock, getting very excited at the thought that this cock would soon be in my wet twat. “It is like a lollipop darling, give it a try”. Denise hesitantly licked the head, then started to explore it with her lips. Removing one of her hands from his cock I pushed her head deeper onto his dick. “Suck on it as deep as you can dear, men love that”.Tom confirmed my statement with a deep moan, “God yes Denise, suck that cock, keep sucking.” She practised her new sucking skills as I tugged on his balls, until her jaw grew tired. Then I took over sucking, letting her watch so that she could better learn the technique. Then she returned to practising her cock-sucking. We shared his cock between us back and forth until he said “OK, I am ready to fuck some cunt now, bend over slut mommy!”Rising up off the bed I stripped naked and got onto all fours at the edge of the bed, thrusting up my ass to reveal my pussy and asshole “As you ordered Sir.” I invitingly responded.Telling Denise to stand beside him as he prepared to fuck me, Tom explained to her as he rubbed my ass and my pussy “Now as you must know from fucking your mommy’s cunt with a dildo, your mommy is a slut, the kind of woman who likes big cocks shoved in and out of her, so my cock will enter her easily. I will not enter your tiny little virgin pussy so easy though”. With that he rammed his manhood fully into me in one big push. I screamed and grunted in pleasure. As he started hammering away at my twat he asked “Do you like Cheap escort London?

Cheap escort London

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