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Weeks went by before Liza called me up asking if I wanted to go out that weekend. She had told me that she and Lynn had finally moved out of their mom’s place. I was kind of relieved knowing my chances of running into Molly had diminished. I wasn’t sure what had happened at that point in time but Molly didn’t want anything to do with me. I told myself I didn’t care. Hell, I had been pulling the “wham bam thank you ma’am” for a while. I guess I was getting a little taste of my own medicine.I felt very conflicted about the thoughts going through my head as I drove to the twin’s new place. For Pete’s sake, I had plowed their little sister in her bedroom just weeks before. I wasn’t even sure that they knew about it. Would they give me shit or assume I was dating her and had just fucking disappeared? My head was swimming with doubt as I pulled up to their townhouse.Liza answered the door looking as cute as could be. She was still getting ready but damn she looked hot in her little black dress. It accentuated every curve of her petite frame. She told me to make myself at home while her and her sister still got ready. She excused herself to her bedroom to finish blow drying her hair. She continued talking as she went to her bedroom. I was having trouble hearing her so I stood up and positioned myself at the corner of the hallway to continue talking to her. As I stood there I could hear the shower running from the bathroom between me and the rest of the bedrooms. We continued talking for about 10 minutes and no mention of what happened between me and Molly had come up. Had Molly not mentioned our sexual adventure to her sisters? It seemed not even Sara had mentioned anything to anyone. I wasn’t sure if I should’ve felt relieved or slighted for not even being mentioned.Lost in my thoughts I hadn’t noticed that the water had stopped in the shower. I continued shouting to Liza over her blow dryer from the corner of the hallway. I sure wasn’t expecting what I saw next. I swear the next few seconds lasted like minutes to my eyes. The door to the bathroom slowing opened. Lynn slowing walked out with nothing on but a towel wrapped like a turban around her head. It was like my eyes were clicking away like the shutter of camera as she sauntered out of the bathroom towards her bedroom. I assumed she didn’t notice me or even know I was there by the way she casually walked out. My eyes practically bugged out of my head at the sight of her naked ass and side boob I caught a glimpse of. Her perfectly round ass was exactly what I thought it would look like. It was like it was in slow motion as I gawked at her plump ass move side to side as she walked down the hallway. I was so close I could see the fine hairs on her ass glisten under the fluorescent light of the hallway. Fucking honey crystals is what I call them I just wanted to run over, kneel down, and run my tongue up her ass crack. Cheap London escort. Like I said I swear it felt like minutes in my head that this beautiful scene was unfolding when in actuality it was only seconds. But what occurred at the end is what really blew my mind. Right before Lynn walked into her bedroom naked as the day she was born, she made a slight head turn and smiled at me.

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Wholly shit, she knew I was there!! Even more incredible was the fact she didn’t even flinch that I saw her in all her naked glory. Now this was my first experience being around girls who were strippers. I had been to strip clubs before and had always figured those girls were fucked up. You know, like they all had daddy Cheap London escort or were on just fucked on drugs or something. But Liza and Lynn didn’t really act that way. True I had not met a dad and knew he wasn’t around the mom at least. Their mom was a single divorced mom.I felt very warm all of a sudden. I had to sit and calm myself. The girls would be out shortly and I didn’t want them seeing me all sweaty and nervous. I made some drinks for us all shortly before Liza made her appearance. She was completely unaware of the peep show her twin had just given me. She came right up to me in the kitchen and planted a very long friendly kiss on my lips. It caught me off guard. We had hugged and pecked before tonight but this seemed more intentional. My emotions were all over the place. I just figured my hormones were racing because of Lynn’s strip tease. Liza and I sat in her kitchen laughing and doing shots while we waited for Lynn to finish getting ready.”Cheap London escort” Liza yelled to the back room.”Damn she takes so long. I don’t know why she even bothers getting dressed. She seems to shed her clothes at the sight of a cute guy.” Lynn said smugly.Being the twins that they are, Lynn appears from the bedroom wearing a similar black cocktail dress as Liza. I’ll tell you I spent a lot of weekends with Liza and Lynn in the coming years and I always felt like a king with those two on my arms. At the time I drove an old beat up Delta 88 clunker. I drove it through high school into college. It got me where I needed to go and always had enough room for friends. I loved that the front seat had a bench seat. The girls were able to sit up front with me and occasionally slide into me on turns. I would find myself taking right turns intentionally so they would slide into me.I had found a decent spot to park downtown but we still had to walk a few blocks. The girls walked a few steps in front of me holding each other as they almost skipped towards the bars. My mind swam with dirty thoughts as I walked behind them. My gaze was totally fixed on the flowing fabric that barely covered their asses as they joyfully walked down the dark street. Every so often one would slightly hop a curb and the bottom of the black dress would reveal just enough ass cheek to make me drool. Oh my, am I gonna have fun tonight!

Cheap London escort

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