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Cheap London escorts

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Cheap London escorts

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And I did. It was a great Saturday filled with booze, dancing, more dancing, more drinking and plenty of laughs. I found myself being protective of the girls. They were flirtatious girls and had plenty of attention when I wasn’t directly with them. That’s kind of how the night went. We would be hanging then one would go dance and the other would stay with me and then switch. I knew around 1 am that I was reaching my limit. I didn’t want to drink and drive, so I cut myself off. Liza had disappeared for quite a while with some frat guy. Lynn had just returned from the bar with 4 shots of tequila.”Drink up, Robert!” she said with an obvious slur in her voice.”Lynn, I’ve had enough. I got to drive you girls home and I don’t need to get pulled over.” I replied”Cheap London escorts” and with that she downed all 4 shots, one right after the other. But her faced turned green after that last shot and I could tell she was about to hurl. Luckily there was a large trashcan next to our table. Unfortunately the bouncer also saw her throwing up and came over to say she had to go. I tried to explain she was fine but he was having none of it. He escorted us out as I helped a very drunk Lynn outside the bar. It didn’t dawn on me that we left Liza until we were outside. Lynn was puking between two cars as I pleaded with the bouncer to let me go in for our third friend who didn’t know we were kicked out. Once again he didn’t care.We must have sat on the curb for half an hour waiting for Liza to appear from the bar. Had she even noticed we weren’t in the bar anymore? Lynn was starting to fall asleep on my lap while we sat on the curb. I figured we might as well just go back to the car and wait for Liza to show. The twins were petite young girls. If I had to guess they weighed between 110-120 pounds. They had the juiciest ass a petite girl could possess. They left a little bit to be desired up top. I wasn’t really a boob guy but I figured they were no bigger than b cups. I scooped up Lynn in my arms in the fetal position.She wasn’t very heavy as I carried her. I was afraid some cop was going to give me shit for carrying an obviously passed out female down the street. But the street was relatively quiet for a Saturday night. It was only 1:40 am at that moment. I knew the bars would be closing within the half hour and Liza would have no choice but to look for us. Lynn looked so angelic gently sleeping in my arms. But her breath kinda smelled like ass. Ha-ha!I kept adjusting my grip so as to not drop her. Each time my right hand would pull her black dress more and more until my grasp was directly on her ass. Cheap London escorts, she wasn’t wearing panties!! My grip became tighter as I grasped more of that luscious ass cheek. Her head was buried in my shoulder and I could see right down into her cleavage. She smelled like a stripper. There is just this universal smell they all have. Of course minus the glitter that usually accompanies them.

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We reached the car and I was able to slide Lynn into the back seat pretty easily. Her black dress had hiked up enough to see that bare snatch. She was completely shaven. I couldn’t tell earlier when she emerged from the shower because she had her back to me. It was so perfectly bald that I was rethinking my whole preference of hairy pussy. I sat in the back seat with her just gazing at her beautiful pussy lips. She was completely passed out and was gently snoring. She was dead to the world. Now remember how I said my Delta 88 was a large car? She was able to sprawl out in the back seat. I sat there with her legs on my lap. I checked my watch and it was only about 10 minutes till all the bars closed and the streets would be flooded with drunks. Liza would be along shortly if she could even remember where we parked.I sat there gently caressing Lynn’s smooth legs. She would frequently adjust herself and moan slightly. I guess she liked the touching. I knew she wouldn’t wake up so I flipped up the bottom portion of her cocktail dress to expose her precious flower. I looked around to see if anyone was around. Then I decided I was going to get down close enough like I was studying some strange new species through a microscope. I leaned in and used my finger to gently split apart her labia. It was as pink as a rose. At the top of her labia was the largest clit I had ever seen. It protruded out like it was looking to be flicked. At my young age I had not yet mastered the art of cunnilingus. I was getting better but I was still awkward and perhaps even a little rough down there for some girls. But Lynn was soundly asleep and she didn’t really flinch at my poking & prodding. As I gently slipped my index finger inside her pink vagina, I became very aware of the outside world. My windows weren’t tinted so one could easily see in and watch what was happening. But at this time no one was stirring on the street just yet.I smoothly removed my finger to see it wet with pussy juice. She may have not realized what was going on but her body sure did. I positioned myself between her legs and deliberately finger fucked her. I was so close to her damp pussy that I was getting droplets splashing on my face. I became bolder and finally buried my face into her wet cunt. I was like a dog going to town on some peanut butter. I could feel her hands come down onto my head, so it seemed like instinct that she’d grab my hair pushing my face harder into her. Do I dare?!?! Am I an asshole for taking advantage of this drunk half naked girl in the backseat of my car?I quickly unzipped my pants and let the beast loose. I was as hard as a rock. I glanced up through the back windows to see no one walking around just yet. I kicked down my pants around my ankles and positioned myself between Lynn’s open thighs. Damn!! What am I doing?!?!?! This girl is passed out and I can’t take advantage of her like this. I hovered above her for what seemed like an eternity just staring at my hard cock waiting to enter her ever so ready pussy. I grabbed the shaft of my dick and started rubbing it between her moist lips trying to muster the courage to ram it in. She began to moan ever so softly. I could feel her hips start to gyrate too. Cheap London escorts!!

Cheap London escorts

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