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Cheap London outcall escorts

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Cheap London outcall escorts

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I clutched the steering wheel hard and tried to focus on the road as Liza expertly pulled out my growing penis. She sat close to me gently stroking my dick up and down. If only she knew that just 30 minutes before my cock was covered in her twin’s pussy juices. It took all my concentration not to close my eyes and enjoy the whack. That’s when I glanced in the rearview mirror to see frat guy with his head leaning back and breathing heavier than normal. What the fuck was going on back there?!?! Liza had her eyes closed leaning on my shoulder. She was just steady stroking my cock thinking of only God knows what.I adjusted the mirror to finally see a patch of brunette hair bobbing up and down in the back seat. Lynn was awake. A feeling of jealousy came over me. What the fuck?!?! Cheap London outcall escorts I look back now and see how super selfish I was. I had already hit it and was getting my cock stroked in the front seat by her twin & I’m complaining? Ha-ha!We arrived at the frat guy’s apartment before I could ejaculate from Liza’s wonderful hand job. I don’t know if Lynn finished off the frat guy but I saw them kiss and exchange numbers. I believe I heard Lynn say thank you for a great time. Could she have been referring to our fuck fest or just his measly blowjob? Did she think that was the guy fucking her earlier? Lynn laid back down in the back seat as we drove away. Liza was dozing off too. My dick was limp by now because Liza had stopped stroking. She laid on my shoulder gently snoring all the way back to their place. I pulled up in their dark driveway. I got out of the car and buttoned up my jeans. As I walked around the other side of the car I could see both girls fast asleep, one in the front and one in the back. I opened the front door and quietly shook Liza to wake up. She rubbed her eyes with the hand minutes before had been wrapped around my dirty dick. She asked if I would bring in Lynn.So I reached in and I pulled Lynn out by her legs. Her black dress hiked up once again to show me what I had been missing while up in the front with Cheap London outcall escorts. Her pink pussy had ceased being swollen and was just as pretty as could be. Once again I picked Lynn up and carried her inside. I placed her onto her messy bed and removed her arms from around my neck. At that moment she tried to kiss me good-bye. I wasn’t having any of that, between the vomiting and having some frat guy’s johnson in her mouth minutes before. I kissed her on her forehead and said goodnight. As I walked out of her bedroom, Liza was in the kitchen drinking a big glass of water. At that moment I figured we were gonna continue what she had started in the front seat of my car. She chugged the glass of water and put the glass in the sink. She slowly walked over and gave me an innocent peck on the cheek.

Cheap London outcall escorts

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