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Cheap outcall escorts London

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Cheap outcall escorts London

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When I got no answer, I dropped my backpack in the living room and continued on into the kitchen. Through the window I could see my dad cutting the grass. It was mid-June, the last day of school, and the heat had been creeping up every day so that it was in the mid-80s and full humidity even at 5 o’clock. Cleaning out my locker and saying goodbye to a lot of my friends for the summer had kept me late, and I was glad to be home in the air conditioning. As I watched my dad push the lawnmower, sweat dripped down his chest and over his abs. I felt a little shiver run through me.I’d been feeling that a lot lately, looking at my dad. He looked pretty good, for Cheap outcall escorts London . Only a little gray in his hair, a few lines on his face, mostly from the sun, and tan skin from working outside so much. His job as a general contractor gave him lots of muscle, and though he ran his own company now, he still had the arm muscles, powerful chest, and flat stomach that came from working construction. None of the skinny guys at school could compare to his full-grown muscles, and the jocks who might look like that were all jerks who just wanted to get laid. I wouldn’t mind getting laid, but I didn’t want to be just another notch on the bedpost for some meathead. I wanted a man. I guess Daddy wasn’t that old. He and my mom had me when they were only 20, so that made him 38, since I turned 18 last week. Mom died of cancer the year I turned nine. With her in-and-out of the hospital, and then her death and funeral, I’d missed a lot of school that year and had to repeat, so though I’m 18 already, I still have one more year of high school left.I poured some iced tea into a glass and went out into the back yard.”Hi, Daddy!” I yelled at him from the deck. He was cutting the grass around our pool now. I waved until he saw me, and when he did, he stopped the mower and came over to me.”Hey, princess,” he said, giving me his big smile. “How’s my little girl?”Cheap outcall escorts London “Good. How you doin’, Daddy? Need a drink?” I handed him the glass of iced tea.

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When I glanced back at him, I could tell he had been watching me walk away, his eyes on my ass, hidden by my uniform skirt. Looks like Daddy had been noticing me, just as much as I was noticing him.I ran upstairs and threw my school uniform into the laundry before taking a shower. I made sure to freshly shave my legs, and then reached down to feel if my pussy needed shaving too. Most girls on the cheer squad only shaved their bikini line, but I shaved the whole thing. I loved the way it looked and felt, all soft and smooth and hair-free. I had just shaved that morning, so I was still good, but feeling myself made me touch my sensitive clit and I started to play a little in the shower, circling it slowly and dipping a finger into my pussy to tease myself. I hadn’t done that much with boys yet, but I had been playing regularly with myself for years. I wished I had time to really masturbate, but with Uncle Johnny coming to dinner, I needed to hurry.Uncle Johnny was Daddy’s younger brother. He was only 30, and just like Daddy, was ripped from working in construction. They owned the business together, and hung out together; they were totally best friends. It was really cute. With Mom gone, I’m glad that Daddy had some family around other than me. I was pretty much raised by both of them, and I sometimes joked with them about having two Daddies.Back in my room, I pulled my long hair up into a tight ponytail to get it off my neck. Cheap outcall escorts London , I wanted as little clothing on as possible. I decided to go with a new bikini I hadn’t worn yet. I got it last week at the mall when I went summer clothes shopping with my friends. It was pale blue and set off my own lightly browned skin perfectly. The top was just two triangles that covered little more than my nipples, with a string tied around my neck and behind my back. The bottoms barely covered my ass and pussy and left my hips bare, with two strings tied into a bow on either side. Over that, I pulled on a short, white tennis skirt that started at my belly button but came to just below my ass, and a sleeveless button up shirt that I didn’t button; instead, I tied it below my breasts, leaving my stomach bare and my cleavage showing, my large breasts pushed together to make a big valley in the opening of the shirt. That left plenty of skin for a breeze to hit – and for my daddy to look at. With that, I ran back downstairs to start getting dinner ready.Hitting the kitchen, I went straight to the refrigerator to see what we had. The cold air from the fridge felt so good, and I stood there a few minutes with the door open, rummaging around. I heard Daddy come into the kitchen and stop short. It wasn’t on purpose, but I couldn’t help but be pleased at the timing. Bent over like this, my skirt had hiked up in back, giving him a peek at my round ass cheeks and light blue bikini-covered pussy. I squirmed a little for his benefit, then grabbed some fresh fish and asparagus and stood up.

Cheap outcall escorts London

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