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Escorts Bayswater

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Escorts Bayswater

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The three women from Escorts Bayswater, even more excited than they were jealous of one another. They had achieved a sort of harmony between the three of them, even if they Sarantuya and Khorijin occasionally still came to blows when no one was looking. It suited them and a rough affection had developed over the course of time, one that Boldbator saw no reason to interfere with. They were all devoted to him and he would have it no other way.Besides, when his bloodlust was up upon returning from battle, it sometimes took all three of them to satiate his desires. The wise ones had not been in best when they predicted that the spirit of Daichin Tengri, the red god of war, resided within him.The three woman all disrobed one another, finally standing naked before the lord of the Tengerr tribe- Sarantuya was the tallest, coming from a family Arslan had allied with to secure his hold over their people. She was fairer-skinned than Khorijin, her build slender and somewhat girlish. Boldbator’s younger sister was more ample, although far from being either fat or solidly built- Khorijin had always wanted to fight as a warrior alongside her brothers, until her star-vision declared that she would be his wife. She often acted as his bahatuur, his bodyguard, if only in an unofficial capacity. Her bust was large, her hips strong and her legs athletic. Her dark hair was offset by her unusually light brown eyes.Mai, or Galina, was the shortest and slightest of build, almost seeming to bend like a reed before the other two. But she was fair-skinned and her raven hair was sumptuous and beautiful, like midnight silk. Her breasts seemed large against her tiny frame and she took especial care of herself to remain Chinese-looking, at her husband’s command. It intrigued him and made her stand out as a great prize.These three now stood before him, naked and waiting. Behind them, near the back of the ger, awaited the kang, the great wooden-framed bed, on which were piled endless furs and silk blankets. Every ger relied on this bed and entire families slept on it together to preserve their body heat against the merciless winters. Below the elevated frame of the kang was a yak-chip fire smouldering and helping to keep everyone warm.Kula’s bed was easily big enough for the four of them. And it had the battle scars to show it.The women approached and began to undress him, removing his undergarments until he too was naked- Galina shivered at the sight of his powerful body. Most of these northern nomads, these Yěmán rén as her people called them, were squat, brutish and ugly, but Boldbator was somehow different. In all his barbaric splendour, he seemed somehow like a dignified warlord rather than a mere uncultured chieftain. She had taught him letters and how to read, something none of his peers could do. He had been smart enough to keep this a secret, however, lest the advantage be lost.

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His body was strong, clean-limbed, with muscles and sinews like ship’s cables. Unlike most of the Tengger men, he was not bow-legged from spending so much time in the saddle and was swift as a deer when he ran. His hair was thick and black as the night, as were his eyes, which glinted like stars in his bronze face. Scars stood out on his skin, like symbols of his valour and fearlessness in the face of death. To have so many scars at so young an age…Then she remembered he had been riding and fighting since before he was fifteen. He was little more than sixteen when the Tengger had come across the Wall and destroyed her town, taking her prisoner. She had been with him for three years now and in spite of how much she hated the Tengger, she had come to appreciate Boldbator and perhaps felt genuine affection for him. She maybe even looked forward to bearing his child one day.They surrounded his body with theirs, pressing against him sensuously. Sarantuya kissed her way along his jaw and nibbled at his ear while Escorts Bayswater caressed his chest and abdomen, tracing her fingers between his rippling muscles. Galina knelt humbly in front of him, kissing his waist and strong hips before pressing her lips to his manhood and slowly taking it inside her mouth. She felt him swell as she slid her tongue around his length and he grew hard, clearly full of ardour. Her dainty hand wrapped around the thickening shaft as her lips formed a seal. She bobbed back and forth slowly, humming gently and feeling him tremble at her touch. She alone of the three women had recieved any training during their youth at being a competent lover and it showed. For all their eagerness, Khorijin and Sarantuya could not match her bedding skills.Khorijin now nudged Galina aside, taking over sucking on her brother’s cock while the Chinese girl snaked herself around behind and kissed and nibbled her way up his back. Boldbator had pulled Sarantuya close, kissing her deeply. She moaned as their tongues explored one another’s mouths and she shuddered as he put a strong hand on her breast and squeezed. His sheer power sometimes cowed her but more often than not enthralled her, she reveled in it.Sarantuya stepped over Khorijin’s kneeling form, planting her legs on either side of her rival-lover. This nestled her already moist womanhood against her husband’s throbbing shaft as his sister sucked ardently on it. She shuddered and moaned as Khorijin’s tongue snaked against her slippery lips and was thankful that Galina had taught them both how to trim or even shave their thick bushes, making the experience more pleasurable for all of them. Galina from Escorts Bayswater was the only one who went completely hairless, as this was apparently an affectation amongst the noble class of her people. The two Tengerr women simply kept their thatches neatly trimmed and managable, which Boldbator liked.Galina bit at his trapezius while reaching around and raking her nails across his chest. One of his arms reached behind and squeezed her cheek while the other hand gripped Sarantuya’s breast, causing her to moan into his mouth in pain and delight.

Escorts Bayswater

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