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Escorts Blackheath

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Escorts Blackheath

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Returning the book to its home on the shelf I slowly turned to face this man who was my Interviewer. “I’m sorry, I don’t know how we should begin, do we exchange names, or is there something in particular you would like me to do?”Even as I asked the question I was becoming more red with my uncertainty. Irene and I hadn’t spoken much about the protocol of my liaisons, merely that I would be given any extra prompting I may need beforehand, but that that would come in time.Again he smiled, an indulgent smile this time. “Well, why don’t you come over here and we’ll see if we can’t figure things out as we go along?”I nodded, took a breath and then walked over to him until I was standing about six inches away from him. Close enough that either of use could easily reach out to the other, but not so close that I felt like I was crowding him, or pushing myself on to him. I’d been focusing on the indent of his throat where his collar bones meet as I walked, and once I was in front of him, I took another breath and looked up to his face.”Escorts Blackheath.” was all he said before he reached up to push my hair behind my ear, and then gently caressed the side of my face, down to my jaw. With two fingers he lifted my face to his and leaned down to kiss me softly, almost chastely on the lips. His lips were so soft, I simply closed my eyes and sighed. This was nice, very nice.He took that as his permission I suppose, because I felt his other arm reach around my waist and pull me into his chest, his hand on my chin moved up to gently but firmly bring my face closer, and then I felt his tongue against my lips. I opened my mouth and felt his tongue swiftly take control. I couldn’t stop myself, even if I had wanted to, from reaching up to hold his biceps, to hang on as he plundered my mouth. I groaned when I felt him rub his lower half against mine. I felt his erection even through his robe and the pants beneath them. He was more well endowed than any man I remembered having been with. I was so excited I arched into him, wanting to feel more of him, meeting his tongue and reaching up to pull his face closer, into an even deeper kiss.His hands were everywhere. Rubbing my back, then lifting the hem of my dressing gown, when he felt that I was wearing nothing beneath he groaned like I’d branded him. He pulled back, only slightly, to look down at me. I opened my eyes, and felt they were droopy with anticipation and endorphins. “Weren’t you supposed to be wearing a night gown or something?” He asked, I wasn’t sure if he was cross or excited.Blinking, trying to think, I licked my lower lip and then looked at him again, “It seemed redundant, I thought this would be more convenient for you.”It was as if I’d let him off some kind of leash, he reached between us to undue the tie in my robe, and then pushed it back off my shoulders in the same motion. I dropped my hands from his shoulders to allow the robe to fall the floor as my Interviewer got his first full look at me.At first I wanted to cover myself with my arms, but just as quickly realized, what would be the point? I was here to be used by this man for sex, the hope was that I would enjoy it as well, but my enjoyment was secondary to this mans enjoyment. And the look in his eye told me that he was enjoying what he saw.As he watched me, he reached for his own robe, untying the knot, then simply letting it fall to the floor behind him, next he pulled the draw string on his pants, and they too fell to the floor. I’d kept my eyes on his face, until I heard the fabric pool on the floor. Only then did I allow myself to look at the rest of him. Oh, but what a sight he was.

The heart of Escorts Blackheath is the village that stands near the rail station.

Lean, this man obviously worked out. He wasn’t a six pack kind of guy, but it was obvious he wasn’t letting himself go to seed. The grays hairs on his head had indicated that he might be older, the salt and pepper hair on his chest told me he was definitely no longer a young man. But the erection he was sporting told me that he was not a man who needed to pay for sex, he could get as much as he liked all by himself, and that lead me to wonder what had caused him to join this club. These, and so many other thoughts whrilled in my head in that moment, and just as quickly fled as I realized that I wanted nothing more than to take his erection into my mouth, not a sensation I usually felt, but this mans cock deserved that extra attention.Intent to act on this thought I moved toward him in order to reach out and feel him; but he stopped me. Instead he reached out, took me by the arms and duck walked me backward towards the bed.Once I felt the mattress against the back of my legs my Interviewer pushed me back farther, obviously intent on me lying down, so I obliged, my eyes still fixed on his crotch. I wanted so badly to feel him, to know if he was as hot to the touch as he looked; or as soft as I hoped.I leaned back against the bed, and tried again to reach for him, but again he stopped me. “I hope you’re ready for me Alice, because I’m ready for you.” was all he said, he reached down to my knees and spread them wide, gently but firmly, running his hands up the inside of my thighs to their apex. I looked up to his face, just as I felt his hand slightly run up the slit of my [there has to be a more delicate way to say what I’m trying to say]. He groaned, again, but louder this time; “Oh yes, you are ready for me, you’re already so wet.”He hadn’t finished his thought before he was climbing on to the bed and between my thighs, he leaned down to suckle my breast as he moved in one swift motion to thrust into my completely. I moaned, and arched, and wrapped my legs and arms around him all at once. “Escorts Blackheath!” This is what sex should be, and yet I had not hoped to find it here, not like this. But it was wonderful.He didn’t wait for any sort of invitation from me, he simply commended fucking me, no concern for my benefit or enjoyment, just riding me hard, then slowing down to soft, intent, focused, thrusts, as if he were deliberately spearing me with force but precision, drawing out his own pleasure.It took me a few rounds to realize that each time he slowed down was just as I was climaxing, arching to pull him in deeper, he would slow down and his wild, jackhammer thrusts would become more intense, forceful even. It was after the third time I nearly climaxed that he stopped lavishing my breasts in order to sit up, pulling my hips off the mattress and holding them in place so he could thrust up, and in, deeper, and with more control. Each stroke bottoming out against my cervix, no man had ever been so deep inside me. He would slowly ride out the pressure of my muscles squeezing down on him until the pressure eased, and then he would piston into me again. My breasts were bouncing down towards my face as I realized that this was almost like a reverse doggy style, he had all the room for the leverage, but he could see everything, could watch himself as he entered and thrust inside of me.I don’t know how long he held me in that position as I thought I was going out of my mind, I could feel his every thrust, controlled, then feral, then controlled again; finally I felt him swelling, he wasabout to cum and decided to take mercy on me. A few flicks of my bud and I flew over the edge into one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever experienced, as he rammed into me like an untamed beast simply rutting to Escorts Blackheath. I felt him cum, buried to the hilt, the sweet sensation of warmth spreading through my whole body, as if he’d not only cum but somehow mixed his cum with a euphoria enduing drug.

Escorts Blackheath

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