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Escorts Bloomsbury

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Escorts Bloomsbury

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The rickety bluestone inn that they booked into had one room left and after dropping off their bags, they went to the tavern for drinks. The tavern was small, dark and had wood panelled walls, tables and chairs. The skies had darkened and the rain had started pelting down moments ago. Annika sat at the stained glass window, watching lights outside smear and glimmer through the rain-flecked glass. She resigned herself to staying in this odd little town for a while longer; the wizened old lady who gave them their key suggested it could be days. She quivered, thinking how the lady, and a gathering crowd, had eyed her, like a piece of meat. She was feeling especially uncomfortable here and wanted to get back on their boat as soon as they could.The town had the same skinny old cobblestone streets that the other towns had and only a few cars, old, small. English was spoken, so there was no need for the little book she carried, or her foolish attempt at Spanish.Chris had some local beers whilst Annika, who didn’t drink alcohol, ordered Pellegrino and lime. She invited the attractive couple at a nearby table to join them. At first, Chris was reserved as he often was, but found he had an interest in robotics in common with Escorts Bloomsbury in was mesmerised by Mia and her large pale green eyes. Mia was pale with glossy brown-black hair, a beautiful heart-shaped face and huge soft pink lips. She was very much an English rose; her mannerisms, her accent, her lovely bone structure. At first, Annika wondered whether she was just hoping that Mia was flirting with her – but as Mia consumed more champagne, it became increasingly obvious – the lingering touches, the innuendo. When Mia snuggled over a little and entwined her bare legs into Annika’s, she complied and pressed herself closer, smelling her lovely hair and sweet perfume. They continued talking about mundane sorts of things – where they last had a satisfying shopping spree, which country had the nicest strong coffee – and whilst this occurred above the table, Annika kicked off a stiletto shoe and slowly stroked her bare foot up Mia’s calf. Mia paused, her gorgeous eyes widening and her breath catching.Annika glanced across at the boys, who were still talking, oblivious. She leaned into Mia and whispered into her ear, “Can you come up to my room and help me fix my bra?” Mia nodded and the girls stood. “We’re going to the room,” Mia said and neither man really took much notice, so the girls smiled at each other, clasping hands as they left the table and weaved through the cramped wooden tables, through the tavern and up the narrow stairs. Behind Mia, Annika stared at her perfect ass, watching it move sensuously under her pale turquoise sundress as she climbed the stairs. She had lovely curves; large soft breasts, big hips, nipped waist – Annika loved feminine beautiful women.They walked through the reception and Annika was relieved that the odd lady was not at the desk. They kept walking to the larger staircase, up to their rooms. “I have our key,” Annika said, thinking Chris didn’t have a key and he probably didn’t have to know about her and Mia. He knew her needs but he could get jealous and possessive. Disappointingly, he never wanted to join in – Annika would have liked to have a threesome – or foursome.

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Mia nodded and Annika unzipped her dress now, grinning. “Escorts Bloomsbury” she added, pulling down the sundress to reveal her nakedness. Mia wasn’t wearing a bra, her large round natural breasts perky and gorgeous, pink nipples sharply aware. Her skin was a lovely pale ivory, her pussy was trimmed, beautiful. Annika’s breath caught as she started to kiss Mia’s neck and her hands softly worked her shoulders. “Lie on the bed,” she said into her ear. “Face down.”Mia followed the orders, stretching out on the small double bed. The room was nothing special, but Annika had forgotten the mildew on the ceiling and the peeling wallpaper as she got the vanilla oil from her overnight bag. Her eyes on Mia’s creamy naked body, she slipped out of her dress, wearing only her lacy underwear set and climbed onto the bed, straddling Mia and sitting on her firm round ass. She squirted some oil on Mia’s bare back and Mia giggled a little at the unexpected squirt of cool fluid. Annika started rubbing and Mia moaned. She rubbed for a while, feeling Mia relax and the tension leave her muscles. Annika let her hands wander around the front, leaning down and kissing Mia’s neck as she fondled Mia’s breasts. Mia started making another kind of moan, her hands finding Annika’s legs and stroking them. Mia rolled over and they faced each other, kissing on the mouth and pressing their bodies together. Annika’s hands travelled over Mia’s breasts, lightly teasing her pert nipples and felt Mia unhook her bra. Mia’s hands felt incredible, women’s caresses were so soft, so lovely – her pussy was so wet, her skin tingly all over. Mia had freed her breasts and now was licking and sucking her breasts, cupping them gently. Annika moaned, throwing her head back in pleasure and tossing her curls out of the way.Annika ran her hands down Mia’s stomach to her pussy, tracing around her labia and Mia stared into her eyes lustily, breathing hard. “Is this OK?” Annika whispered, stroking and Mia nodded, biting her lip and then Annika softly stroked the outside lips of Mia’s velvety pussy. Mia responded, opening her legs and kissing Annika’s neck, as she gently inserted her finger into Mia’s pussy, finding her clit and making small circles. Mia sighed, arching her back and pressing her hips into Annika, her hands still on her breasts. Annika kissed her hungrily and then made her way down her neck, down her breasts and kissed a trail down her stomach to her pussy. Still rubbing her clit, she started to kiss her inner thighs and then, removed her fingers and put her tongue in her pussy. Mia let out a cry of pleasure and squirmed, opening her legs wide. Annika held her legs apart as she licked her, travelling around her hole and vulva and then focusing ruthlessly on her clit until Mia screamed out as she came, bucking against Annika.Panting, Mia crawled down to the end of the bed, pinning Annika to the bed and kissing her deeply, tasting her own pussy as she circled down tongue into Annika’s mouth. Mia’s hand ran down Annika’s stomach and down into her lace underwear, finding her dripping wet pussy, she ran her fingers up and down the slit, teasing. Annika quivered, grinding into her fingers, wanting more. Mia stopped to smile at her. “That was the best orgasm I have ever had,” she said. “Let me return the favour.”

Escorts Bloomsbury

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