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Escorts Bow

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Escorts Bow

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Dr. King is my dermatologist. With my pale white skin and history of sunburns in Escorts Bow, I’ve been getting a full screening with her once a year for the last three years. She’d been recommended by a female coworker and she seemed to be very highly rated. I knew I shouldn’t have been, but I felt a little naughty picking a female dermatologist.Patrice King has that sexy bookish kind of beauty. The first time I went she’d had on glasses, a hair bun and a somewhat reserved manner. And of course, a lab coat hiding her body. In truth, I was instantly attracted to her. She’s smart and witty, and I just enjoy talking with her. She even has a sexy voice. We always have a good visit, and I always keep her and her staff cracking up so even though I only see them once a year, they remember me. Interestingly, this last visit she had her hair down, which only made her prettier, and she wasn’t wearing glasses.Because the exam requires looking at my skin, it is kind of weird being so nearly naked in front of a woman that’s not my wife. Well, actually two. During the examination she always comes in with an assistant, I guess to prevent any problems. I have to strip down to my underwear and let her look over me. I ask if I should take them off too. Interestingly on the first visit she said no, but on the second visit she wasn’t so quick to say no. My boxers don’t close well in the front so although I try not to, I inevitably flash a little bit. On my latest visit I wore something a bit more interesting, still boxer type but more colorful. That made for some fun.I’m always worried I’m going to get an erection during the examination. I really want to ask her if that ever happens but it seems so unprofessional to ask. The examination requires that she touch me in a lot of places, which is more than I get from my wife. While face down on the second visit, she said, “I need to check here real quickly,” as she pulled my boxers up to look at my butt cheeks. I could definitely feel a stirring but luckily I wasn’t hard enough to show! On the last visit she checked from the bottom up, then grasped the waistband and basically pulled my boxers down – I definitely started firming up that time! I rolled over and she did some thorough checking in the front. I’m pretty sure she got a look at everything this time. Lucky I kept my erection down but I must have looked a bit swollen up during the examination.Anyway, she continued with the telephone conversation. “There’s nothing to worry about, but I was looking at some new research and I, well, found information about a rare form of melanoma that patients with your characteristics may have. I didn’t know about it earlier so I didn’t look for it, but I’d like to, well, get a second look – I mean, to check specifically for it. I don’t think you have it but I’d like to be sure.Escorts Bow, OK. I know it’s hard to schedule an appointment since you’re usually booked months in advance. Can you schedule me or should I talk to your staff?” I asked.”Well, it’s hard to say this. I should have read the paper before you were here but I got behind in keeping up with my professional reading. This is embarrassing, actually, but, well, I don’t want to let my staff know I missed something. You’re actually my only patient with the genetic disposition toward the condition and I’d make a special accommodation just for you. If possible I’d like to see you outside the normal hours, after the office closes.

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OK, this seems so awkward for me. It must be awkward for you too. We’ll get through it. I really appreciate that you came in so quickly.” She was talking so rapidly it was almost hard to catch it all! OK, well, it was awkward for both of us.She resumed her examination, running her hands over my thighs, pushing and squeezing. She may have been looking for cancer but it felt really, really good. She slowly moved up, and she hesitated slightly before moving above my thighs.The whole time I knew I was getting more and more erect, and was getting uncomfortable lying on my dick. Dr. King’s chatter became hesitant and broken as her hands roamed around my rear, pushing and squeezing. Soon she was grabbing two handfuls, squeezing and rubbing. This couldn’t be part of the exam, but I sure did like it!After a few moments she had only one hand on me, and I could hear that rhythmic swishing sound again. Her breathing was ragged as she continued to feel me. Her hand moved up my back, quickly now, not a doctor but more like a lover. Was this my doctor fantasy coming true? I was afraid to ask. What if she really was just doing the exam? I wanted to so badly, but I just couldn’t.I heard her gasp slightly, then she abruptly pulled away her hand. She had trouble speaking, but said, “I, I’ve finished. With your back. It’s all clear.” Then she hesitated, catching her breath and said “I’ll check, the front, now.”Now it was my turn to be nervous. “Dr. King, I, um, I mean, I know it’s, um …” I wasn’t sure how to say this. “OK, this is really embarrassing but I kind of have an erection. Don’t be alarmed or anything, it’ll go back down, but this has never happened before and I’m really, really embarrassed. Does this ever happen during your examinations?” I asked.She hesitated again. “That sometimes happens. I, well, just ignore it.” Then she hesitated again, and in a tiny voice said “If you’re, well, too uncomfortable to continue, we can stop and I can leave so you can get dressed. We’ve, ah, done that for patients before.”It was now or never. I took a deep breath and said “I guess if you’re OK with it, we can just get the examination over with. I mean, you’re a doctor and everything so I guess you’ve, well, you know, seen stuff like this.” This was so awkward! “Escorts Bow, I guess this needs to be done so I’m going to turn over, but this is really embarrassing.”I rolled over, thankful to get the weight off my erection. It instantly sprang up and stood up rigidly at an angle. I glanced at Dr. King before trying to look elsewhere, but was shocked to see her reaction. She simply stared at my cock!”Are, are you sure you’re OK with this Dr. King?” I asked. “Oh my,” she spit out, then caught herself. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. Yes, I’m OK.”I was still looking away when I felt her fingers touch the head of my penis. In surprise I immediately turned toward Dr. King. She was there standing next to the table, one hand just touching me and the other beneath her lab coat.

Escorts Bow

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