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Then she stopped for a second in Escorts Brent, and a look of panic crossed her face. Before I could speak she continued. “My husband isn’t interested in me anymore.” Then, in a very low voice, she said “Maybe, maybe you’re not either. Carl, Mr. Martin, I, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have done this. This isn’t proper or appropriate for a doctor to put her patients in such a position.” She hung her head down after speaking.I reached up and, pulling her hands away, gently touched her face. “Dr. King, sorry, Patrice, I’ve felt the same about you. I just enjoy talking to you and, I really think you’re pretty.” Now I started talking fast, trying to get it all out before I lost my nerve. “I’ve had fantasies about this since I first saw you three years ago. I’ve been fighting this,” I said, pointing at my erection, “all day. I was afraid to act on that, but, you’re so beautiful. I can’t help myself.”She looked up with her grey eyes and just said, “Thank you. My husband never tells me I’m pretty anymore. He never really even talks to me. That’s why I like seeing you.”We were silent for a moment. I was still touching her, still not believing that I was actually doing it. “Patrice, your touch feels so good, I’m so glad to finally touch you. Your skin is so soft,” I told her as I stroked her cheek and neck. She shivered under my touch and looked away.I reached down with my other hand and, gently grasped her hand, moved it to my penis. She looked up at me as her hand made contact, but the touch sent shivers through me and I involuntarily shut my eyes and gasped. I opened my eyes again to see her looking at me, a fragile smile on her beautiful face.”I, I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she said, as she began stroking my cock. Her other hand had never left from beneath her lab coat, in the area between her legs, and I could see her hand moving in circles.Hesitantly she said, “Escorts Brent?” I didn’t get it for a second, then I said “Oh yes, I’d like that.”She leaned down, then stopped and said “I’ve never done this before and I’m not really sure what to do. Can you help me?””I’m not really sure what to do either. My wife never does that. I think just put your lips on me, then slide it in. I’m sure anything you do will be incredible.” I couldn’t believe this was happening!She looked down, then bent over and gingerly touched my penis head with her lips. My erection twitched and strained even further. With a start she popped up, eyes wide with surprise. “Oh my!” she exclaimed.I looked into her beautiful, wide open grey eyes. “I’m sorry, it’s involuntary. I told you anything you do will be amazing.””No, I’m sorry, I was just startled. I’m going to do it again. Oh god, I feel so – naughty. I can’t believe I’m doing this!”I watched as she bent over, her red lips touching my straining manhood. In a second, she’d parted her lips and slid over me, my cock entering her mouth. I couldn’t help but shiver and moan. In seconds she’d figured it out, using her tongue to stroke me as she bobbed up and down.I reached out and touched her hip. “Can you move a little closer to me?” I asked. Although this hid the magnificent view of her face, I was now able to reach her.Touching her rear through her clothes, I was surprised to find that she appeared to only be wearing her lab coat from the waist down.Understanding what I was doing, she pulled her lab coat above her waist, revealing her body to me. I gazed on her as I touched her. Her cheeks were narrow, as I expected, but well shaped and firm. Her legs were thin in keeping with the tall, thin figure I had correctly guessed was beneath her lab coat.

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I gently touched her lower back and hips, then traced downward to her thighs. Teasing, I ran my hand just under her cheeks before dropping down again. When I finally touched her cheeks she quivered and moaned. She was overwhelming me, everything I’d fantasized about!Her oral sex skills rapidly improved as I moved my hand along the cleft of her cheeks and between her thighs. She fairly jumped as my hand reached the lowest part of her labia. She stretched closer to me and parted her legs to give me more access as my fingers explored her most private parts. It didn’t take long before her labia swelled.I penetrated further and could feel how moist she already was, the hot slickness of her vulva and the heat boiling from within. With one finger I gently slid further into her, entering her vagina. She started bucking as my finger moved inside her wet, hot slit, working it back and forth across her g-spot. The wet slurping noise of my exploration now joined the wet noises from her lips as she continued to bob up and down on my rock hard penis.I had an idea, so I slipped off my glasses and threw them somewhere on the table above my head. “Patrice,” I whispered urgently, “swing your legs on the table and straddle my head. I want to pleasure you like you’re pleasuring me.” She got my meaning immediately, and with clumsy urgency she popped up on the table, her left knee bashing my face in her haste. Helping her I was able to position my face between her thighs. We were a perfect fit, almost the same body length. The whole time she never stopped sucking my penis. I was soon rewarded with a beautiful site – her moist slit nestled between her thighs and covered by a thick matt of Escorts Brent.

Escorts Brent

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