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Escorts Brentford

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Escorts Brentford

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My mother use to tell me that when you meet the girl that’s right for you, you’re going to know it immediately. That’s exactly how I felt when I saw Danielle. She was nothing like I have ever seen before. Most of the girls around here are so damn skinny, and I am a country man after all. We want something to hold on to at night and let me tell you, Danielle had a few things I wish I could hold on to.When I first heard about Lisa finding her long lost niece I really didn’t know what to think. It really wasn’t a surprise considering Glenda and her had been looking for Danielle since the accident. When she asked me to pick them up at the airport I almost said no. I was supposed to be hanging out with Wendy today. But then something in my head told me not to decline Lisa. God am I so glad I didn’t. Danielle is so damn beautiful. The best part is she has no idea how beautiful she is. I couldn’t help but look at her the whole ride home.The fact that she didn’t want to talk to anyone was killing me. I just wanted to hear Escorts Brentford. She looked like she was someone who had a sexy angelic voice. I can tell she is hurting, I knew it the minute I saw her. I don’t know why but I have this feeling in me that I have to make her feel better. I have to make her see that things aren’t as bad as she thinks.When I saw her with Princess I almost shit myself. That horse is seriously like the devil. She never lets people touch her, not even people who raised her. But this girl is here for less then a day and Princess has already taken a liking to her. I couldn’t really blame Princess though, because she had me trapped to.She had me wrapped around her finger already. I don’t even know her and she has me under her spell. Even now as I am here in bed, trying to sleep, she’s running throw my mind. I can’t believe it’s one in the morning and I am still up. I have to be up in a few more hours to help with the animals. And yet I can’t fall asleep, God why won’t she leave my head already?I laid down trying to get Danielle out of my head, and hopefully a few hours of sleep. After a few minutes of me trying to sleep I got a text. I picked up my phone and it was from Wendy.Wendy: I missed you today Lukey. I know it’s late but I wish we could have gotten a chance to hangout. I had a few bikinis I wanted you to see me in, and without!;)Usually I would respond to these kind of messages. But I was a one woman kind of man. Even though Danielle wasn’t mine, if I was ever going to work my way into her heart I definitely couldn’t be talking to Wendy. I know it sounds crazy but I have this feeling that Danielle and I were supposed to be something. Call it fate or whatever but I just have this feeling, and I’m not going to ignore it in Escorts Brentford.

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Instead of responding I just put my phone down on the stand beside me. It’s not like her and I were in a relationship. It truly was a friends with benefits type things. I know most of the time those things don’t work out. But I wasn’t really a player and liked knowing that we had each other to satisfy our needs. She and I both knew that what we had would end soon. I couldn’t deal with how needy she was acting. And she didn’t like that i didn’t spent every waking moment with her, or thinking about her. Especially since I knew she was sleeping with other guys. She acted like I was stupid and didn’t know about all the other guys she had sex with. But I did know about them, and that was the main reason why we could never be more than just friends. If she wasn’t, I might have considered taking the relationship to another level, but she needed the attention of all those guys and I didn’t like to share.Not only that but she is one of my old best friends, I honestly didn’t want to lose her as a friend. Wendy’s been there for me at my darkest moments, she truly was a great friend. But this little thing we had going on needed to end, Danielle was the perfect excuse.My mind wondered back to Escorts Brentford. I wonder if she is sleeping or not. I decided to go and check on her before I fell asleep. I got out of my bed and walked out of my room and into the hall way. I walked over and opened her door and looked in. She was on her stomach and knocked out. She looked so peaceful sleeping there. I walked over to the bed and I got her the blanket from the end of the bed and cover her with it, then for some reason I can’t explain I kissed her on the for head.My actions freaked me out some. I couldn’t believe I felt so attracted to her so quickly. I moved away from her bed and sped over to her door. As I left her room all I could think was, what the fuck was this girl doing to me.Danielle’s prov:I woke up hoping that everything that had happened this past week was just a horrible nightmare. But as looked around at the room I realized it wasn’t a dream, shit. I moved to sit up and that’s when I noticed that I was covered in a blanket. I don’t remember grabbing a blanket before bed. Who knows maybe I did. I was so tired last night I vaguely remember anything that happened. I picked up my phone and looked to see it was already nine in the morning. Wow I must have really needed some sleep. I was just about to go shower when I heard a knock at my door.”Danielle sweetheart are you awake?” Instead of saying yes I just opened the door to find my grandmother standing there. “Oh good you are awake. I made some pancakes, I was wondering if you wanted someone?” She asked me. I mean was she kidding who doesn’t love pancakes. I nodded my head and followed her down the stairs. I noticed my aunt and a bunch of other people already outside working on many different things.

Escorts Brentford

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