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Escorts Camden Town

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Escorts Camden Town

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Drawing her hand through the aquamarine water, she sighed. Next to the ribbon of blue water was her favorite place to vist Escorts Camden Town. Snaking through the garden, the gentle river wound around the base of a tall hill. Over the hill, all the tropical vegetation that had ever been imagined lay draped. Colors so vibrant and varied it looked more fantasy than fact. Looking at the trail winding over the hill, she wondered what to do. Bored with everything known, she longed to see what lay on the other side.She could have been anywhere between eighteen and thirty. She was the epitome of feminine beauty, her caramel eyes reflected innocence and purity that has never been seen since. Standing and stretching in the golden glow of the morning, her honey colored hair fell to her waist. Nude, but unaware of her own exposure she looked around and saw nothing new. Creatures of every sort played and frolicked as far as her eyes could see. And just like the creatures her, she was a perfect specimen. Firm ample breasts with reddish nipples, softly rounded belly and curved muscular hips completed this demonstration of female brilliance. As far as the eye could see, the lushness of her curves were echoed in the surrounding backdrop.Further down the stream, she could see her only friend playing with the animals. Turning from him to the hill, she made her decision. Once more looking over her shoulder she waited. When her friend turned away, she hurried towards the trail that disappeared as it crested the hill. A small smile appeared on her face as she executed her first act of defiance.The Voice had warned her about the trail, it told her the trail lead to a tree filled with knowledge both abysmal and awe-inspiring. Understanding of these words was not enough to hold her back. With no other experience other than love and security, the unknown remained captivating.The morning sun felt warm on her skin but didn’t burn. Other than the showers that misted the garden at night, the sky was always clear. The breeze was always soft and comforting and the ground a kaleidoscope of swirling shades of greens. As she crested the hill, the sky turned to a dark gray. Seeing the sky change colors would have made most pause but her steps didn’t even slow. Looking down the hill into the mysterious she increased her pace.

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Roots and small stones started to replace the green moss between her feet. Stumbling and cutting her foot on a rock she screamed out in confusion. As her foot began to drip small droplets of blood, a little fear made its way inside her. Fear felt strange and uncomfortable so she rejected it and looked further down the path. It continued to wind into a harsh and unwelcoming terrain. She knew she should turn back, but a distant image of the giant tree lifting into the air made it impossible.Nursing her foot and with a more cautious gait, she continued. No matter how long she walked, the tree remained on the horizon. It felt as if the tree both compelled her forward and warned her back. It was fascination with the forbidden that kept her going despite the increasingly difficult path. Not only were the rocks feeling sharper, branches were now breaching the path and scratching her arms and legs. Wrapping her arms around herself and shivering, she tried to hurry. A cold wind began to swirl around her. Eve could no longer see the path. Kneeling down, she continued on hands and knees.The man was hanging from a thick black branch near the top of the tree and he was bored to tears. Needing something to do, he exercised. It was a pointless pursuit. He never ran out of energy and his body had been created to attract. Thick black hair fell to his shoulders. A naturally dark complexion highlighted the blue of his eyes and the whiteness of his smile. Broad shoulders, and a perfectly muscled body made him appear flawless.After an eternity hanging from the tree, he felt punished. Though they didn’t threaten him, every pest known, made the tree appear to breathe. They scurried and flew and slithered around every branch. Their movements gave life to branches which appeared dead at first sight. No one ever came to the tree and nothing ever left. He had just been put here to wait in Escorts Camden Town. No one had bothered to tell him what he was waiting for. So, he waited. The longer he waited, the more anger bristled under his skin. He was not a man who knew how to be patient.Eve’s determination renewed as the tree came closer, she continued to crawl. The closer she got, the stronger the wind blew, cold and unrelenting on her flesh. Unable to see the direction of her path, she surrendered. Sitting there, goosebumps covering her nude body, Eve futilely pulled her knees to her chest and tried to warm herself. All she could do was wait.Back and forth, back and forth, he swung by his knees. Looking in every direction he searched for an answer to his existence. Why be created with the burning desire to conquer flowing through your veins and then be flung into a tree with pestilence. The sparkle in his blue eyes flared briefly as his gaze fell on the nude form within his reach. The stirring in his cock told him she was the “Escorts Camden Town” he had been sent here to endlessly wait. Muscles barely straining, he lowered himself to the ground.

Escorts Camden Town

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