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Escorts Canning Town

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Escorts Canning Town

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He carefully made his way towards the shivering woman. The slope of her back ending in the curvature of her hips left no doubt that this was definitely a woman. A woman that would be overjoyed by the appearance of a kindly stranger. Like a lion approaching a lone gazelle, he licked his full lips. Anticipation at the thought of laying claim to her body, urged his silent footsteps forward. The wind barely touched him and his feet were impervious to the sharp rocks beneath them. Looking down at the shivering flesh, he gently touched her arms. Startled, she replied with a gasp, “Who?”Escorts Canning Town“A new friend” he assured her. “Let me help you.” His voice unlike anything she had heard, it was impossibly low and rough. His face had taken on a countenance of concern, and loving intention poured from his eyes. Seeing his concern, she relaxed as gratitude reached her heart. Unaware of nudity, she lifted her arms to him. Seeing the innocence in her eyes, he chuckled inside. His possession of her felt inevitable.Taking her into his arms he was deceptively tender. His every touch was carefully designed to evoke assurance. Controlling the rising force inside, he carried her to the tree and sought shelter under its teeming branches. Carefully placing her onto her feet and unwrapping his arms from around her, he peered into her warm unquestioning eyes. Only trust shone back. Briefly a cruel smile touched his lips. Quickly covered, his face returned to that of a friend.His strong hand stroked her hair and ran a finger down her cheek. “You are so beautiful.” Slipping from his lips, his statement was said with complete honesty. He had never seen anything so beautiful before and his every cell cried to crush the light emanating from her. Once the secrets of her body were revealed, he knew innocence would give way to earthly desire. He just had to be cautious and not alert her to the education she was facing.”I’m cold…I don’t like it.” Her voice carried a trace of petulance. Not accustomed to discomfort she waited for him.”Let me hold you…I’m warm, very warm.” He purred as his inner core warmed.He waited, not moving. She slipped next to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. Laying her head on his muscular chest, she shivered. Savoring the feel of her nakedness pressed against him, he felt his cock ignore him and spring to attention.

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With no trace of self-awareness, she took him in her hand. Marveling at the size of this protrusion, she continued to handle him. He successfully beat down his desire and gently took her hand. Turning it over, he kissed the inside of her wrist.A small giggle escaped her as she felt the tingling between her legs. Not understanding the heat or the prickling of her nipples, she blushed. Continuing to hold her hand he walked her further into the trees embrace.”Escorts Canning Town” he murmured near her ear. Breathing in the scent of her, he was overcome. Honey mixed with a slight musk assaulted his senses. His mouth watered with need. He longed to taste her and his body struggled to be patient. Having never seen beauty, he looked around at his dwelling, scowling. Anger rose at the ugliness to which he had been sentenced. He longed to own her and to keep her secreted away. Beauty to be played with at his whim
Drawing her further under the tree he took her face into his strong hands, constraining himself he remained gentle. Still shivering, her caramel eyes gazed at him with unwavering trust. Lightly stroking her hair, he led her further into his sleeping lair. Looking up at the slithering creatures above her head, she felt a small shudder course through her body. Returning her eyes to his, all thoughts of her surroundings were silenced.”Do you know why you were made,” he asked smiling at her. Shaking her head delicately she awaited his answer. “To be loved by men; you were designed to give us pleasure, nothing less, nothing more.””Pleasure” she inquired, still gazing at his perfectly sculptured face. High cheekbones, a dark complexion and bright blue eyes ensnared her. Continuing to hold her tightly, he assured her “Yes, I was put here to teach you.” The feel of his broad hands tracing the curvature of her body replaced all thoughts from her mind. Perplexing sensations began swirling through her body, leaving her helpless”Escorts Canning Town?” Her parted lips shook with cold, as she tightly grasped him and snuggled into the heat that radiated from his body. Standing only to his chest, she appeared dwarfed by his looming presence.”You’ll understand, soon. I promise.” His hand moved to the lines of her back, marveling as each movement revealed treasures exquisitely designed. No inch of her fell short of perfection. Remaining unhurried in his approach, he gently lifted her face and pressed his lips on hers. A small burst of sparks began in her lips and ran the course of her body. With a soft purr she increased the pressure between their mouths and slowly opened hers.

Escorts Canning Town

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