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Escorts Charing Cross

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Escorts Charing Cross

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His tongue invaded, while hers retreated, the kisses sweet and searching. As his mouth continued to explore hers, one hand cradled her head while the other held her small waist. His hand continued down the slope of her hips. Trails of desire were left wherever he touched her golden skin. As his hand descended, Eve continued to press closer. Her mouth opening further gave him encouragement and his kisses grew even bolder. Removing his other hand from her hair, he soon had two hands lightly stroking the swell of her hips. Small moans escaped her lips as her nipples tightened and she felt moisture building between her legs.Seeing, feeling, and smelling her arousal, the tall, dark haired man separated from her mouth and hesitantly began to trail kisses down her neck. As hands regretfully released her hips he whispered, “You are mine,” and cupped both firm breasts in his hands.”I am?” She whispered back.Lowering his mouth to her nipple he replied, “Escorts Charing Cross“Holding his dark head to her breasts, Eve arched her back and again was swept away with the responses he provoked. As he drew her nipple further into his mouth, an aching need for the unknown slowly built. Cold soon was replaced by heat, as he continued to stoke the fire building in her. Sucking in her breath, confusion filled her eyes and she hesitated.Feeling her reservations, the man increased the speed of his tongue on her nipples. Continuing to lavish attention on her full breasts he sought to further confuse her. Between licks and nibbles, he would lift his head and coo words of reassurance to her. The only sound beneath the tree were those of kisses and moans accompanied by a background of rustling creatures.Continuing his kisses between her breasts and then descending lower, he slid quietly to his knees. Placing his hands on both sides of her hips, he looked up towards her lowered eyes. His need to conquer and her instinctive need to submit meeting in agreement. Smiling a little more wickedly, he leaned forward and inhaled. The scent coming from between her legs enveloped him and drew him forward. Taking in the golden curls that stood between his ecstasy, his tongue flickered out. Small licks between her lips encouraged his hunger as the taste of woman filled his mouth. A strange desire to possess rather than destroy crossed his thoughts. He wasn’t sure he could release her, ever.Still moving as cautiously as he could, his licks became deeper. As her juices began to flow, her hand grabbed the muscles of his shoulders, steadying herself. Slipping a finger into her folds, he inched his way to her entrance. Wiggling just the tip of his smallest finger in her, he continued his loving assault. The resistance of her untouched pussy to invasion slowed him. Not wanting to scare her, he slowed in his movements. As he delayed, moisture assaulted his hand. Emboldened he continued, slipping another finger into her. Moving only to the point of her hymen, he continued to slide his fingers in and out of her.

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Assuring himself that she was asleep, he slipped away. Leaping into the air, his hands caught a branch of the tree. Muscles bulging, he held on, as the tree pulled him into her depths. Blue eyes that didn’t need to blink shone in the dark as he peered down on Eve’s sleeping form. Taking in her nudity, he licked his lips. Gold hair hung down her back and ended just above the curves of her ass cheeks. The line between her cheeks called to him, as he imagined running the roughness of his tongue along her deepest recesses. Slowly, images of her in various positions flickered through his mind.Later, as her golden lashes began to flutter, he fell to her side. His blue eyes were smiling warmly at Eve, when she opened her smiling eyes. She awakened fully as he rained down words of love. Stretching her muscular body, a small feline like smile settled on her face. As her stretch lessened, the man took her hand and stood pulling her to her feet. The smokey scent of him engulfed her further.”Escorts Charing Cross” He growled as he lowered his head to hers. This time his long, deep kisses returned the fire to her belly. Eager, her tongue invaded his mouth, eliciting a chuckle from him as once more his mouth dominated hers.”Tell me…tell me please, what else I was designed to do,” she asked between thrusts of his tongue. Taking her shoulders in both hands he guided her to her knees. As she slid down, her eyes followed the dark hair that trailed from his belly button to what lay between his legs. Eve’s eyes widened as she watched his cock harden. As the foreskin pulled back, an angry purple nob extended towards her. Taking her hand, the Man brought it to his shaft and in a low voice told her what to do.Opening her full lips, she slipped him into her mouth. Her tongue instinctively circling and caressing his cock, as he sought out the deepest recesses of her mouth. Tasting the musty flavor of him, her purpose, filled her with contentment. As the childish innocence faded from her eyes, a knowing more womanly light appeared.Seeing the shift in her eyes, the man grabbed the back of her head and started pumping more rapidly in and out of her mouth. Eve desperately gasped for air, every time his cock left her throat. Knowing this was the true nature of things, she loosened the muscles of her throat and allowed him to pound her face. And he did. Finally letting go of his self-restraint, the man moaned every time he plunged his large veiny cock between her lips. As his hips began to pump furiously, Eve was held in place by his firm grip. With determination she rode out the waves of his orgasm. He paused, deep in her throat as his seed was released.Something between a moan and a howl ripped from his throat as the last of his load found its way down her throat. Stroking her on the head and telling her how happy she made him, he finally withdrew his still rigid cock from her mouth. Her lips puffy from the assault, she looked up at him. Her eyes did not waiver when they met his. Eyebrows arched, she smiled with satisfaction at the cries she had pulled from him. Escorts Charing Cross.The man glowing in the aftermath of his orgasm, slid down, joining Eve on her knees. Grabbing her not so gently by the hair, he pulled her into a deep kiss. Tasting himself in her mouth, he began to suck at her lips, while his tongue continued its exploration. Her body immediately relaxed into his. The warmth of his skin against hers was powerful. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she disappeared into his kisses.The exploration of her mouth carried on, until Eve could take no more. Pressing her body against him, she felt his rigid cock push into her softly rounded belly. Needing, but not knowing for what, she excitedly waited, trembling in his arms.Realizing he was losing his control he moved on. Now bites down her neck made her wiggle further into him. Pleasure and pain entwined in her throat. Her childlike glee filling the air ignited a flash of emotion in the man. The joy within Eve only served to highlight the ugliness of his realm. Bitterness coiled in his belly.Wrapping his muscular arms around her, the man pulled Eve further into his embrace. “I need you,” he crooned. “I’m here,” was all she replied. New emotions assaulted him as he brought his lips to her throat. Placing his face between her breasts, he listened to her heartbeat. Her beats became his. Desire replaced reason, as he stood and lifted her without exertion. Carrying her even deeper into the tree’s darkness, all light ceased. Without a word, he leaned her against the trunk of the large tree. No longer practicing caution and with a growl. He began squeezing and fondling her exquisite breasts with abandon. Each tug and twist of her nipples elicited sound of pleasure.

Escorts Charing Cross

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