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Escorts Charlton

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Escorts Charlton

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Energy returning to Escorts Charlton, Eve stirred slightly against him and began to wiggle. Lifting her head, she looked into his eyes. The womanly pleasure radiating from her assured the man. Knowing she was ready, he released his hold on her. And as his cock slid from her body, she was startled by the sudden emptiness that assailed her. Wanting more she looked at him and raised her eyebrows. Placing her arms around his neck, she kissed him sweetly. Her eyes widened with anticipation as she felt him pushing her to the ground.On her knees, she looked up the length of his body. Despite the darkness, his presence appeared darker. Now conscious of her vulnerability, his strength both exhilarated and subdued. Pleasure of obedience filled Eve, as his voice coached her. Moving on to her hands and knees, she felt the now familiar tightening of her nipples. As he stroked her head and back, juices again pooled between her legs.Looking down with eyes that needed no light, he admired her flawlessness. Her position, hips up and head down accentuated all the places he would go. Smiling, he stroked her hair, as if she were a favored pet. Moving without any noise, he fell to his knees. Kneeling behind her, he marveled at the amusements presented to him. His head descended.”Yes…please,” slipped from her mouth, as she felt the roughness of his tongue begin to slowly move down the split between her cheeks. His tongue repeatedly stroked her ass cleavage. Slowing at her puckered nub in back, he teased her. Moans and yelps carried through the dark as he held one cheek in each hand and continued to feast.Slipping two fingers into her folds, he felt her readiness. Swirling his fingers in her juices, he moved his fingers further back. One finger slid into Eve’s puckered backdoor opening and she yelped. Surprised at feeling his fingers pushing into her darkest recess, she whimpered again. Rearing back on his knee and removing his fingers from her, he placed his cock next to her impossibly tight opening. Her breath rushed from her body as just the tip of his head demanded entrance. Steeling herself for what was about to happen, Eve remained still. The only movement was her lips as she asked, “Escorts Charlton“Because all of you is meant to be used.” And he thrust. Eve screamed in pain as he hit bottom, his balls slapping against her. Not moving, he waited for her cries to cease, content to bask in his complete domination, he pushed her onto her belly.Pinned, humbled and whimpering, Eve begged, “Please, stop.” The sensations in her changed from promise to threat. Her absolute helplessness in his hands reinforced his message. She was his pet, placed on Earth to please him. “Ok,” she whispered in the absolute blackness as she relented to the inevitable. Charmed by her collapse before him, he began to move in and out deliberately. Each thrust brought a yelp from beneath him. Her cries lifted and pleased him. He began to move with increased forcefulness. Time ceased to exist, as he lost himself in her pain.Grunting with each thrust he made, Eve began to relax into his rhythm. As the pain receded, she experienced a trickling of shame. Pleasure gained from this invasion seemed unnatural. Despite her feelings of shame, fire began to coil in her belly. Enjoying her debasement, Eve began to purr.”This is what you are…this is all you are,” harsh words entered her reality. His voice held anger. Confused, she offered loved. His unkind words were met with words of devotion. Marveling at her response he pounded harder. Head thrown back, he howled as his assault on her delicate flesh continued unrelenting. After much time had passed, he wrenched himself from her and took aim at her womb. With one violent plunge, he filled her again. The rough ground battered Eve, as the man’s weight collapsed on her, not moving. Eve now knew humiliation.Minutes swirled into hours and hours stretched into days. Every act in every position was explored. Never tiring the man continued to pour seed into Eve. Finally collapsing with exhaustion and hunger, she seized the tree as she slid to the ground. Breath releasing, her eyes closed. Awkwardly reclined on the tree, all of Eve remained open to his sight and smell. Pleased, he looked at what remained of perfection. Scratches covering her body, lips above and below swollen and reeking of his scent making her even more exquisite to him. A woman debased was his original goal.

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Remaining deep inside her and without moving, the man awaited her body’s signal. As her whimpers ceased and a sigh came from her, he began to move slowly. Holding her without the slightest effort, he gently lifted her and lowered her on his cock. Each thrust became slightly harder.Moans replaced whimpers as she felt him sliding in and out of her body. Wholeness settled on Eve as his pace increased and he again sought her lips. His full lips met hers and their bodies melded into one withering mound of flesh. Sounds of his body striking hers filled the blackness. The sweetness of her musk combined with the smokiness of his scent and filled the air. The odor and sounds of their coupling rose into the trees. As their intensity increased, so did the movements in the branches above.Needing no renewal in his body, the man released his seed in her and continued his thrusts. Grinding his lower body against Eve’s, he growled even louder. The roughness of his voice and the circular motions of his hips compelled her to push back. Matching him move for move, her hips circled. Screams ripped through her, as he pressed her into the rough bark of the tree. Unaware of the tree’s undulating against her, wave after wave of juice ran from her. Hearing her screams, the man again shot his seed deep within her. Escorts Charlton with the cries of their orgasms, you could hear the creatures voices rise in exultation.Sweat shone on Eve’s face and a red glow settled on her skin as she lay her head on the man’s shoulder. Small, childlike kisses pressed on his neck, followed by the slightest of whispers, “I love you…”Hearing the childlike quality in her voice and the sincerity of her words, another unusual emotion settled deep within his chest. With no definition for the sinking ache within him, he felt apprehensive. “You’re mine.” Was his only response.As she rested in his arm, the rustling around them settled back into a slow hum. Her long golden brown lashes closed as she held him. Filled with love and longing for this man, she again waited. The muscles of his arms felt no exhaustion as he held her, cock still rigid. Eve now knew satisfaction.

Escorts Charlton

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