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Escorts Chelsea

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Escorts Chelsea

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Well, it’s back to the interrupted thread. We live ourselves on private quarters, three rooms on the cross. The first week we are there alone. But on Friday returned a couple Hungarians. Boy and girl, something about the trzydziechę. Well, this routine greetings at the dinner, but then on Saturday we met them on the beach. Dude, look, such a cake that immediately made me somehow so soft. Muscled like a young Adonis, already slightly tanned, has his arms tattoos … Well what are you laughing? Okay, you’re right, the dash is started watching it, but I’m telling you, he had a brilliant flames on his hands done in kolorku … And by the way, did you see my Escorts Chelsea? Beautiful, is not it? Half of her pretzel cieniował, but each łuseczka is … artist he is, not what. Well, this girl also had a tattoo, a small rosette on the left chest. Nothing special. In general it was she that was “nothing special”. Or some incredibly slim, face the sort of what happened in five minutes forgets perfect Miss Nobody. The only thing in the eyes cast is beautifully done claws. In all so manicured hands as she was, I do not even immediately after the exit of Agatha from the living room.Okay, pour over yet. It may be pink.And, as the healthy type? Well, also on the bare tans. Spread apart from pecs also had a pretty good deal. And that his woman found out as she took off her clothes on the beach, that was pregnant. Not just any particularly advanced in about fourth, maybe fifth month. Oh, just she started her rounded tummy, but I already had breasts that specific, pregnancy appearance. As they saw us on the beach, after a few words somehow so they sat. You know that neighbors together at headquarters … We talked about the weather, bullshit, ass Marynia so-called.They have something there that surroundings nice that and explore is what … It Kama it to discover she so not really, because he has every day a mill that leave is most often does nothing … That there fucking cat … Himself This saying from word to word goes, and here I am, mean that the Kama mouth shut and just Draw your yourself, cuts both from top to bottom. That girl – no wonder. Well the fact, as if not beautiful, but she had such a thing in itself, which riveted attention. A Kama Draw your yourself, it’s her, that’s for Imre. Well, what, hell, kaman? Okay – Imre is a cake, but it should be against me his zajebistość work. We talk ourselves at some point went into German, because his Hochdeutsch was much, much better than my węgierszczyzna, and that nothing but stare. And at one time, and the second in a moment.So as soon as you połapał to in the subject, I lose and I say, after Polish precaution that probably did not notice, but she has a husband. And she to me like, “Okay, you can have, and what? And not what I meant … “Well, I for her, I’m sorry, but what? And Kama that I should not worry and allow her to be a cookie began to marinate. She told me so. Well, I already did not know what to do. You see, Kama has a specific ability to catch people who somehow share her tastes. No sixth sense, radar, devil knows what. How I got this text, it immediately occurred to me that something wyniuchała, you may want to pass the truck. All in all I would not have it too despised, I tell you. Well, but what do I tell this guy her that my friend took desire for his wife? And what? And you know that Kama is crazy and can brandish such numbers that some of the thought slippers with legs fall.

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You know, on the beach when the wind saved the situation. Wind blew, something fell over, something spilled, chemistry went, after the competition. Almost. A “cookie began to marinate.” Sharp got the evening. We ate some dinner, we talked, I sip wine, Kama, not to pronounce abdominal pain. The two sitting in the living room and some news on TV watching. No. It was I quietly sat down on the couch, read a book, and this to them walks in and starts a Bajer. Rybcia, let them talk. I have a book, moreover, nothing I especially do not want. This whole Maja went into the room, bringing some papers, photos, I look at the moment, and that it shows the ultrasound. Well, shit, I understand, but boast a foreign total of girl your pregnancy in Escorts Chelsea? Well, anyway, not my circus, not my monkey. I do not know what else nagadała them there, but the fifth through tenth anything about the evening swim in the pool. Well, the pool was too much said – just the larger tub in one corner any, Jacuzzi, or what. They are something that not first, but eventually agreed. Kama, of course, pulls me too. I finished my wine, which my dinner was and go after them.I then I knew how she combines a number, and after what I said to her I am … In life I to the bathtub not climbed up. Well, but that already in his head slightly buzzed, then I threw a towel and potupałam there with them.We are sitting. The water in the total heat bubbles bubbling. I Imre sączymy. He browarka, I still wine. We talk about the ass and the pole. All politely. That is, without clothes sit, but this is like a continuation of the beach. We talk. At the end of this May we ask if we’re a couple, I mean with Kamila. Well, I started to laugh a little, because you know itself as it is. And here Kama as not pierdolnie that can pair a slight exaggeration and identified by it as a “friends with benefits” – so said, damn, of English she wanted fack in Escorts Chelsea. No ass with her legs covered.That if we are so permanently? Sure! And this, be careful continue flying with nawijka that in total it really is a matter a bit more, because sometimes each of us has an independent adventure, some smaller or larger affairs … so that I then knew what she was up to, it normally would with the water came out, and even still gave her mouth. But once – I did not know, and two – no sober I certainly was not. I think that was another scorching Kama, you know, the kind of “but that the Taliban had kidnapped the president that you read?” And make the best of a bad game. And this, Draw your itself, is in full swing. That we are at all such a relationship open, sometimes even as it is with someone permanently, this little thing on the side, with no obligation, is very refreshing … She, you know, crying my sleeve all night, because she found out that her was let go of her for a month Kant.Well, yes, it was so. About six months before departure. I howled all night, what she is unhappy, what is Agnes was vile that she was engaged, and this only thought about sex, not about her … Well, what are you doing these eyes? What that such Kama do not know? And do you see?Well, that photocopying of a cat, and listen further.It’s now see. The situation is such that the Kama flies with bajerką already on the whole. He screwed that girl, Imre if they did not. It winds its hard that sometimes you have fresh air, and so on. Best of all Escorts Chelsea, Imre did not seem to hear. Full, stone gravity. Then I thought, that is so faithful to a girl. In total, he had the basics – pregnant with him was. But I see Maja hears this and something begins to take it. Okay, cool, I’m thinking, Kama chat up a girl. I was there for her conquests do not have anything. And this, like the others at the moment something there between them lay down, pounding me in Polish that, czaisz base, it will issue Maja me and I have to wrap it here, I mean from the hot tub. Well, I, you know, laugh to it, because in all this is nice, but bang, kiego me a matchmaker? And the one that came up with the idea of ​​me to try another piczki. There, I said.Damn, well, then I drank this wine is not enough, you probably would not go for it. And that I still pouring, and my free hand on the thigh begins smyrać. Well, I like those her small fingers, then I got real power on his knees. No cholernica know how my kneading. Okay, I think to myself, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I look at what the Kama doing. And that listen, bald on durable begins to persuade. In the end, a professional, a girl that worked out in five minutes. But Pat did it beautifully. Something was beginning to talk that the pregnancy that her sister also already has dzieciaczka that lovely, so sweet, so that women from this done, yadda yadda. And then collapses that his sister is pregnant only complained that her back hurt, because the total was slim, and here and a big belly and breasts grew … And central to her tits wgapia. And I have a second finger pushes between her legs. And further wound. It is best like a good massage.

Escorts Chelsea

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