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Escorts Clapham junction

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Escorts Clapham junction

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The voice came from behind him was a woman’s and was familiar. Turning around, Mark saw a blonde blur before he was almost bowled over by a person about a head shorter than he was. He felt slim but strong arms wrap around his chest and smelled a familiar scent of strawberries. Liz. There was a great sense of calm that Mark felt at his sister’s arms around him. He had been away at college for a full 8 months without coming home and didn’t realize how much he missed his family until then. Mark glanced down to confirm his suspicions and indeed saw a blonde head resting against his chest. With a smile, Mark took Liz by the shoulders and pushed her back to examine her.Mark opened his mouth to speak, but was momentarily lost for words. It wasn’t the hair that struck him dumb, but his sister herself. When he had left for college in September, Liz had been growing into womanhood, still awkwardly trying to find herself. Yet over the last few months, she had grown into an amazing woman, he was speechless. Gone were the braces and glasses with scraggly hair and instead was a perfect smile of soft smooth skin. Her now blonde hair fell gracefully onto her shoulders, resting on the blue tank top she wore. The fabric hugged her body in Escorts Clapham junction, her breasts perfectly round and pushing on the straps. Her legs were bare, her hips and ass tucked into a pair of jean shorts that left little to the imagination. Mark’s breath was taken away by the woman before him. Liz smiled and gave him another big hug. “I’m glad you’re home. I’ve really missed you.” As she turned and walked away, Mark couldn’t help but watch the gentle sway of Liz’s ass as she walked off. He was distracted enough that he stood there for a few minutes after, painfully aware of how hard his cock had gotten looking at his sister.

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Liz got off the couch and made her way outside, shaking her hips for Mark’s viewing as she walked away. The fabric barely covered her brown circles on tits and offered a magnificent view of her breasts and ass. Liz’s bronze body had seen a lot of sunlight and she kept it in great shape. Almost instantly, the erection Mark had been supporting off was at full salute as Liz splashed into the pool, Mark made his way upstairs to his room, closing the door he pulled his cock from his pants, taking all seven inches of meat n his hand, he frantically and almost desperately started to stroke it. Mark tried to think of various possibilities that he would fuck but his mind went back to Liz over and over again. He imagined her soft lips pressed against his, imagined her tight pussy wrapped around his shaft, imagined her moans of pleasure as they fucked. It didn’t’ take long for him to finish, coming into a sock like he used to back in high school days.His orgasm was intense, and it left him flushed and breathing hard. Mark cleaned himself up then collapsed in bed. He told himself that all he needed was a nap; that he was horny after not getting laid for almost a month and this was just a manifestation of that. He even told himself he didn’t want to fuck his little sister, but in the back of his mind he knew it wasn’t the truth. Mark pulled off the remainder of his clothes and lay on top of the sheets in his boxers. His mind wandered, but it wasn’t long before he fell asleep.Mark was awakened by a bouncing sensation and awoke with a start to see Liz straddling him, bouncing both of them up and down on the bed.”Escorts Clapham junction” She shouted, her damp hair falling like a curtain around them. It took Markt a few seconds to fully awaken but the realization of circumstance didn’t take long to register. Every time Liz bounced, she was landing her still wet bikini clad pussy right on top of Mark’s boxers and his growing erection.”Come on,” Liz repeated. “Get up!””I, just give me a sec sis.””What is wrong with you?” she asked, increasing the speed of her bouncing.”Fuck, ” Matt said quickly, “Escorts Clapham Junction“Liz stopped bouncing for a minute and leaned in, bringing her face right to Mark’s. With a grin, Mark rolled over, pinning her underneath him. They had played this game for years as children, even though Mark had always been the stronger of the two but with age she had become stronger too, and now she was wrestling Mark and giving him a run for his money. The two of them rolled around on the bed, trying to get the upper hand on the other. Liz squealed as they rolled around until she grabbed a pillow and hit him over the head with it. In defeat, Mark lay down on the bed as though he’d been knocked out, supine and at her mercy. Liz straddled him and raised her arms in victory, but instead of a smile, her face took a more serious look as Mark caught his breath and realized in the struggle he had become fully erect and Liz was sitting right on it. She seemed transfixed, her chest heaving as she caught her breath. Mark was aware of her warm crotch pressed up against his. He tried to shift himself, but only managed to rub his hard cock right over Liz’s pussy. Her breath caught in her throat, but she didn’t try to move away. Mark propped himself up and looked at her.

Clapham junction

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