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That evening when Marie arrived home, she greeted Josh and Angie warmly, and told them she was going to change and would be right back down for dinner. She took a good look at Angie, and she noticed that the lower button of her blouse was not fastened. It also just occurred to her that Angie almost always wore a blouse- was that so she could quickly cover up if she had to? Josh was also stirring around in the kitchen, although he wasn’t really doing anything. Had she just walked into more afternoon play? After watching the video, she couldn’t be sure of anything anymore, no matter how innocent they looked.Marie was very conflicted. Obviously what Angie and Josh were doing was unacceptable, although it was also consensual and it didn’t involve anyone else. She also didn’t know why she wasn’t angrier or disgusted. In fact, it was quite the opposite, since she was already thinking about grabbing the vibrator when she got upstairs. As she opened the door, she saw that it was right where she left it, although now she wished she had noted the exact position so she could tell if Angie had been in her room since noon today.Marie removed her clothes, having already decided to take a quick shower. Sighing, she grabbed the vibrator and set it to a very low hum, and let it caress her inner thighs while waiting for the water to become warm. She stood in front of her mirror, and noted that she still looked pretty good. She had a flat stomach, and although her breasts were not very large, they still held their shape with only a slight sag, and the nipples pointed slightly upwards. She turned sideways, and also saw that her curves were as good as ever. Facing towards the mirror again, she looked at the black silky hair between her legs, and then lifted one leg up on the counter so she could see her swollen pussy lips.She then stepped inside the shower, and leaned back with her legs slightly parted, and closed her eyes. She couldn’t help thinking about the video, and was jealous in a way. She turned up the vibrator a little more, and thought about the first scene where Angie had Chris’ cock in her mouth. She remembered how his cock pushed outwards on her cheek as she sucked, and wished she had a cock to suck on right now. She placed the vibrator in her mouth, but sadly it just wasn’t the same, although she got some mild satisfaction from tasting her own pussy. That had always excited her, and she quickly brought the vibrator back down between her legs and let it slide through her wetness. Despite the hot water flowing over her body, her nipples became hard and she brought herself to the brink of orgasm before stopping. She liked to tease herself like this, and liked it even more if someone else did it. She decided to finish herself off later, and jumped out of the shower and got dressed.

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During dinner, Marie tried to get a little more information about Chris. Angie seemed a little annoyed and wondered why her mother suddenly cared about him, but just attributed it to small talk. Still, Marie managed to learn that he was working at the local Home Depot during the afternoon, and decided to pay him a little visit.The next day, Marie put on a tight little blue dress and heels, and did her base to appear as the helpless little housewife going to the hardware store. Going into Home Depot, Marie strolled around the store until she finally ran into Chris. He had no idea of course that she had seen Angie sucking his cock, and he was very polite and formal as always.”Hi Chris, I didn’t know you worked here! How are you? Angie and Josh told me that you had been over to help them with video editing or something.”Chris was confused, but just didn’t press the issue. He explained that this was just a summer job and he was working afternoons and evenings.Marie smiled, also seeing that he was confused about her comment, and it confirmed that he didn’t know he had been taped. She asked him, “Do you think you can do me a favor? I have a smoke alarm that has a low battery, and I thought it would be a good idea to change them all. Is there one battery that works with all of them?”Escorts Covent Garden“I don’t know Miss Gayle, I can ask my supervisor. Do you know the brand of smoke alarms you have?”Escorts Covent Garden“No, I’m afraid not. But I have a better idea. Why don’t you stop by and take a look yourself, and then you could get the batteries and come back and replace them. I’ll pay you for your time. I know I could ask Josh, but he is already working a lot and you are right here anyway.”Chris hesitated, afraid of how he would react if Angie happened to be in the house at the same time, but finally said, “Ok, I guess that would work. When would be a good time? I work afternoons, so any time before then is ok.””How about tomorrow at noon? I can stop by from work at lunchtime, and we can take care of it then, ok?”Escorts Covent Garden“That would be fine Miss Gayle. And you don’t have to pay me. I drive that way anyway, and I’m glad to help.””I’m sure we’ll work out something, Chris. Now you get back to work, and I’ll see you tomorrow.”Marie walked out, feeling her hard nipples pushing against her bra, knowing that her pussy was very ready for some playtime as soon as she got home. She knew what she was planning was wrong, but on the other hand she knew Josh and Angie were having their share of fun, so why shouldn’t she? She was tired of just being the good girl all the time.On Monday, she went through the normal ritual of sending Josh off to work with a lunch she had packed, and then chatted with Angie to see what her plans were.”I’m heading to the mall around ten to interview for a waitress position. It’s just a chain restaurant, but I’ll make decent money. I’m pretty sure I’ll be hired.”Marie thought to herself, “Oh, how so? Are you going to suck the cock of the guy giving the interview? That has always worked for me!” But instead, she just kissed her on the cheek and told her it would be good to get out and do something even if she didn’t make a lot of money. She told Angie she was taking a vacation day and would just lounge around for the most part, and would have dinner ready when she got home.

Escorts Covent Garden

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