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Escorts Dagenham

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Escorts Dagenham

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The moment that Angie walked out the door, Marie shuddered with excitement even though Chris wouldn’t be here for three hours. She didn’t even know for sure what she would do. Would she just flirt with him and tease him? Seduce him? Let him seduce her? All she knew at the moment that she was going to play a little bit with her toys just to take the edge off, and then get ready for him later. She went to her room where the covers to her bed were still pushed back, with the vibrator laying next to her pillow. She pulled her clothes off and laid back and decided to just tease herself for a while by thinking of the different possible fantasies that might come true later. Her hands glided down the sides of her thighs and up across her body, finally cupping her breasts, and she pushed them upwards where she admired for herself how sensual her nipples looked.”It’s funny how my nipples always got a lot of attention”, she thought. They were very sensitive and became hard if she even thought about someone looking at her breasts, no matter where she was. She always let her lovers play with them and told them exactly what to do.She got up on her hands and knees on the bed and faced the mirror above her dresser, and admired how they hung down while maintaining their shape. She also fantasized how nice it would be to have a woman laying on the bed at this very moment reaching up to play with her nipples. Sighing, she jumped off the bed, and got ready for Chris’ arrival.Marie had chosen a white button up dress with a green bra and no panties. She often went without panties anyway, but today she wanted to be ready for anything. She sat on the sofa with a book, and soon she heard the doorbell ring. She took one last look in the mirror, and decided to unbutton one more button so that he would be more likely to see “Escorts Dagenham“.Opening the door, she saw Chris standing there as innocent as ever (although she knew he wasn’t really that innocent after all).

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Josh started to protest, but Angie elbowed him and told him to just chill and let mom have a relaxing evening for once. Marie flipped through the channels, and settled on something on Showtime that was just starting, and although it looked like it was by chance, she had this planned. It was a film about a girl who was curious about exploring her bisexuality, and she had seen it before. The film had some hot scenes where the girl observes two women in a lesbian tryst, and then culminates with her own scene with a woman who she had thought was her aunt all along but turned out to just be a family friend.A few minutes into the movie, the plot became obvious, and Marie noticed that Josh and Amy had their eyes glued to the screen. Marie was becoming restless, knowing that the scene with the two lesbians was coming up. She wanted to see just how far she could push this, and moved to the next part of her plan. She hooked one leg over the arm of the chair, and leaned back and positioned herself so she could see the Escorts Dagenham and still see Angie and Josh from the corner of her eye.As the movie progressed, Marie couldn’t take it anymore, and let one hand slide into her pajamas and into her panties. She placed her index and middle finger on her clitoris and started rubbing it in a slow, circular motion. Anyone in the room would be able to tell what she was doing although her lower half was hidden, but she maintained her composure to make it appear that she thought she was doing this unnoticed. She then took it a step further and let her fingers slide up through her wetness. She still showed no facial expressions that would indicate what she was doing, although her nipples were now pushing hard through the silky fabric of her camisole.Josh whispered to Angie to look at their mom, and she could see the slight motion of her mom’s hand that gave away what she was up to. The action on the screen got more explicit, and Josh’s cock started pushing upwards. He made no attempt to hide it, and in fact gripped his cock through the fabric of his gym shorts, although he didn’t yet have the nerve to go further. Angie changed her position and sat cross-legged so she could discretely slide one hand along the inside of her thigh and rest a finger on her pussy lips.The movie got to the point where the younger girl started making out with the older family friend. Marie moved her hand a little faster, and soon, the inevitable orgasm gripped her body, and it was all she could do to suppress a groan. Angie and Josh were looking at her from the corner of their eyes, but Marie pretended not to notice. Her hand came to an abrupt stop, and her body went rigid. After the orgasm faded, Marie settled into the chair again and waited for her breathing to become normal again.Angie’s fingers were flicking her own clit, although she didn’t yet have the nerve to move her hand in circles like her mom did. Josh wasn’t stroking his cock, but was gripping and releasing it through his boxers, hoping that he could make himself cum that way. Luckily though, they knew they would soon be able to satisfy themselves when they heard their mom say, “You guys will have to finish this yourselves. I’ve got to get up early for work. We’ll have to rent a movie and start earlier if we want to do this again. Escorts Dagenham

Escorts Dagenham

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