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Escorts Docklands

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Escorts Docklands

Escorts Docklands is the name of an area within the boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Newham and Greenwich and Southwark.

As mentioned in a previous letter, I am having sex now with my 18 year old step-son Matt on a regular basis. He can never seem to get enough of what he calls “quickies”, periods of brief intense intercourse lasting only minutes at a time, which we squeeze in whatever moments we can find alone in the house together. I have taken to wearing below the knee loose fitting skirts with no panties to give me good coverage but provide him quick access. When left alone for a while he will raise my skirt over my hips and bend me over a chair or sit me on a couch or lay me on a bed and goes at my vagina hot and heavy for a few minutes until he cums inside me. I don’t get an orgasm from this as he does, but it certainly keeps me excited and anticipating the next “quickie”!Also as previously mentioned, I had sex with his older brother Tom once as well. I was drunk, and pretended not to recall the incident. However, Tom has a much bigger cock than Matt, and I figure that he has the maturity and experience to make sex last longer than Matt. So I sought opportunities to re-open the door to Tom to have sex with me further. Tom is a hulk of a man, 23 years old, back for the summer from college where he plays football, Escorts Docklands, over 300 pounds, and with certainly the largest penis I have ever seen, though I must admit that this has not been many. All week I have been behaving both submissively and obediently toward him, as I promised I would the last time he had sex with me when I was barely conscious. I would fetch him drinks or snacks when he so ordered, and ask him what I should wear, and if he thought I was pretty in various outfits. I wanted him to know that on some level he still had the control over me that he so evidently wanted.Last night everyone was out of the house except myself and Tom. I suggested that we spend another night getting to know each other better while chatting over drinks, and he eagerly accepted my invitation. We sat on a sofa while listening to the radio and sipping our drinks, talking a little about how his day was and what he had planned for next year at college. I reminded him again to not let me too many drinks, as they tend to make me both sleepy and forgetful of the nights events. After we had had a few drinks and I was feeling very light headed and suggested I stop drinking he said nonsense and told me to get up and fetch us another round. Obediently I got up and proceeded to do as he ordered.As I was leaving to fetch the drinks he added “And go get into something a little more comfortable.” I asked what he thought might be suitable and he replied “Oh, just what I noticed you prefer as evening wear, a small teddy and your highest heels”. I acted shocked at his statement and asked when he had ever seen me dressed as he described. “Last time we were together and you got drunk” he explained. I said that I had not recalled doing so and I apologized for having behaved in such a way in front of him. Tom accepted my apology graciously and commanded “Now that is how I am used to having you dressed when we are drinking together, so go change as I ordered! “

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Lowering my head I responded meekly, “Escorts Docklands“, and went off to do as told submissively. I went upstairs and stripping naked put on only the little black teddy I wore the last time we were drinking, without panties or bra. I also slipped on my 5” spike heels, let my long black hair hang its full length to below my shoulder blades, and applied deep red lipstick. On returning to the room with the drinks I stood immediately before him and asked if the teddy was suitable. The nightie just covered to below my bum and left little to the imagination when covering my breasts. He said that I looked beautiful and pulling me onto his lap gave me a little kiss on the cheek.He asked if I remembered anything from the last night we spent together while drinking when I was wearing this same naughty little outfit. I apologize for having dressed in such a manner before my son and said that I didn’t remember anything from that night, and that I just recalled waking up the next day. He asked if I was naked when I awoke and I said yes and that I assumed that I had undressed before going to sleep. He just nodded and with an expression of finality he said, “Tonight, I will remind you of what happened that night, and the promises that you made to me! ” And with that he took his drink, motioned me to sit on the couch beside him, and nothing more was said for some time.After a while we started to chat again. I leaned against him saying that the booze was making me dizzy and he placed a solid arm around my waist. At only just over 100 pounds myself, the power of his massive 300 pound frame engulfing me made me feel dominated by his pure masculinity and under his complete control. After a while a song came on that I liked and I started to sway a bit to the music in his arms. He asked if I liked this song and when I responded that I did he said, “Escorts Docklands” I looked at him and said submissively that I didn’t know whether his father would agree to me dancing in a nightie and heels before his son. Tom bellowed “I don’t care what you think mother, you have no opinions. I am strong and you are weak. I command and you obey. Without question. Never question me again. Now get up and dance!”Meekly I stood and began to sway. “Dance sexier bitch!”, he ordered. I complied, swinging my hips and letting my chest sway. Rising from the couch he approached me. Even in my 5″ heels he absolutely dwarfed me. I felt like a child when he took me in his arms. Swaying with me he firmly stated “I expect total obedience from you from now on mother. When you approach me, I demand that are approach submissively, like a sexy bitch completely under my command and control. Tell me now that you understand.”

Escorts Docklands

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