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Escorts Dollis Hill

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Escorts Dollis Hill

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Do you know why I am telling you this mother dearest?” he inquired. I shook my head, meekly staring at the floor. “Because of what happened the other night when you blacked out. Let me tell you what happened. You were drunk, and you seduced me, mother dearest. You stripped and while I was asleep you pulled out my cock and sucked it. When I woke I found you sucking on my cock. Then you laid on the couch and begged for me to fuck you. Begged you did. I did fuck you, mother dearest, as you had given me a raging hard-on, and while I fucked you, you swore that you would always be my obedient and submissive slut. Well I am holding you to that mother. I either tell dad what you did, or you obey my every command. Do you understand me now – slut?”Of course his story wasn’t exactly true, but I loved the dominance and control he exhibited. Looking up at him, I answered “yes Sir, I did not know this happened, but please do not tell your father. I agree to do anything you order.”At this he returned to his seated position and told me to continue dancing. He commanded me to lift the skirt portion of my teddy and twirl so that he could see my bush and ass. I complied without question, letting him explore my legs, bum and bush with his eyes. Motioning me close I stood before him, holding up the edge of my nightie. Rubbing his hand through my trimmed bush he told me to lower the shoulder straps and show him my tits. Without hesitation I obediently exposed my breasts to him. “Lift your tits and feed them to me slut.” he ordered. I cupped my breasts and he sucked, bit, kissed and licked each one. He was very rough, biting at my nipples, and he tried to suck each breast fully into his mouth, which hurt painfully but also filled me with pleasure.His fingers slipped into my vagina and he commented “Oh yes, you are the same slut you were the other night. Cunt already wet and horny. Isn’t that right mother dearest?”Still cupping my breasts in my hands, watching him bite on my nipples, I responded in a weak voice “Yes Sir.”Escorts Dollis Hill“Yes Sir what, bitch, you are a horny slut?” Escorts Dollis Hill“Yes Sir, I am your horny slut, Sir” I meekly replied.”Turn around and bend over slut!” he demanded. Bending over before him as he sat on the couch he inserted a finger into my exposed vagina, and then rammed the wet finger inside my bum hole. I yelped and tried to stand up but a firm hand came across my ass cheek and his strong voice commanded “Stay where you are bitch. I’ll ass fuck my whore with my finger if I so choose.”I coyly said “But I’ve never had anything in my bum before Sir.”To which he coldly responded “That may be, but as of now your asshole is under my control just as much as your tits, cunt and slut little mouth, understand me bitch. I will stick anything I want into that tight little hole”.Bent over with his finger still deep in my ass I said “Yes sir, your slut understands sir.”

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Standing up behind me he began to spank each exposed ass cheek hard, making them sting. I started to protest and yell, to which he simply said “Shut up and just take it bitch”. With me still bend over, ass stuck up and breasts hanging down, he moved around to stand beside me and grabbed my hair, pulling my head up. I stared up at him as his massive frame glared back down at me. Clutching a hanging breast in his free large meaty hand, he began to squeeze and crush my tit hard, over and over. I moaned deeply from the combination of pain and pleasure. Looking me in the eyes he said “I like milking the udders of this prize cow.” Then slapping the breast back and forth playfully he added “Escorts Dollis Hill.”With my hair still in his hand and bent over, I remained under the complete control of this massive man. Then I felt a sharp sting to my face as he slapped one cheek. And then the other. “I’m your fuck slut.” he said as he slapped my face. Tell me that over and over again mother. As he continued to slap my face and spank my hanging breasts I repeated over and over and over “I’m your fuck slut, I’m your fuck slut, I’m your fuck slut, I’m your fuck slut, I’m your fuck slut, I’m your fuck slut.”When he was satisfied that I was completely under his control he let me stand and told me to strip but leave on the heels. There I stood completely naked in the middle of the room before Tom, my face, ass and breasts burning from the spankings they received. Tom approached and he also stripped, revealing his solid frame and massive hard cock. Clasping my tiny hands he placed them around his shaft. “Do you like my cock?” he inquired.

Escorts Dollis Hill

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