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Escorts Ealing

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Escorts Ealing

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Foxy Lady and the grand finale of the 15th annual Miss Nipple Pageant! I’m your host, D.J. Thick, and tonight we are down to the final five contestants. Before we bring the ladies out again let me introduce you to our judges. First we have the owner of the Foxy Lady, Rick Sander. Rick has been hosting the pageant at his club for the past eight years now. Next we have Jim Burns from Channel 7 News. ‘If it’s not on 7, it’s not news!’ Last but not least we have reality TV star Blake Towers in Escorts Ealing.””Now for the final five contestants. These five ladies will be competing in four categories tonight in lifestyle, evening wear, talent, and a question and answer session.”Jade, Tiffany, Crystal, Lola, and Dakota.The lifestyle portion included judging the women on their level of fitness and was essentially a swimsuit competition, bottoms only of course. The first contestant up was Jade, a beautiful young black woman with an absolutely stunning body, and a firm and full d-cup. Her nipples and aureola were on the smaller side but that only added to her girl next door image. She was slim but soft, not muscular at all.D.J. Thick announced her, “Here’s one of the crowds favorites, Jade! Jade is a 26 year old chemistry student at our local state college. When she’s not in school she enjoys volunteering at an animal shelter. She credits her beautiful figure to long bike rides and a healthy, vegan diet.”Jade beamed at the crowd as she turned and posed, showing off her flawless brown skin and beautiful smile. She certainly had been a crowd favorite since the beginning of the pageant and always got a huge applause. She sashayed slowly down the runway as Tiffany took the stage.”Tiffany is our youngest contestant at 23. Tiffany is a waitress who just moved here from Oklahoma. She is a pageant pro though, and has been competing in various pageants since she was two.” Tiffany certainly looked the part of a pageant girl from the OK state. She was 5’6 with beautiful blonde hair and grey eyes. Her perfect tan accentuated her toned body and her close to a d-cup tits with perfect pink nipples. She walked with a bounce in her step which caused her breasts to bounce playfully. She batted her eyelashes and giggled demurely as she glanced at the audience. She really knew how to win over a crowd.”Tiffany is a retired cheerleader who now keeps in shape by teaching dance. She can be a dirty girl though, she loves the outdoors and goes four wheeling every weekend.”Tiffany threw up her arms and did a little shake for the crowd before exiting the stage. Cheers and whistles exploded from the audience.”Next up is our very own Crystal! Crystal is 31 and has been stripping at the Foxy Lady for two years now. She is one of our house favorites and it’s no secret how she stays so smoking hot, she can work that poll like the pro she is! Crystal also weight trains 5 days a week. Keep it up Crystal!”

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The poll dancing and weight lifting really showed. Crystal was tanned and totally toned with a well defined six pack. Her perfect c-cups were obviously professionally done and drove the audience wild. Her long, platinum hair reached down to her small pink nipples and her dark, smokey eyes gave off a fierce, piercing look. She strode purposefully down the runway in her six inch clear stilettos. When she reached the end she jumped on the poll and swung around, making the crowd go wild. She blew the judges a kiss and tweaked her nipples erect before exiting.”Give it up for Crystal everyone! Damn, do we need a quick break after that or what?” Escorts Ealing. Thick laughed at his own joke as Lola waltzed on to the stage. It was obvious she had a lot of natural talent and a flair for the dramatic. She had long, wavy dark red hair with huge f-cup breasts that seemed to defy gravity. She twirled and posed and batted her long eyelashes. She was the only girl to wear black, with her tiny black thong bikini and black stilettos that laced up to her knees.”Oh lala Lola! Lola, originally from Brazil, is 27 and works as an art model. In her spare time she also directs her own independent films and hopes to one day make a career of it. Lola stays in shape by doing hot yoga, nude of course, and also meditates at least a half hour a day.” Lola also went straight for the poll and did a couple of moves, nothing as fancy as Crystal but it still got the audience excited.”Estes são reais!” Lola said as she twirled around the poll. “They are all real and fabulous, baby!” She was swinging her huge tits back and forth as the audience went wild.Escorts Ealing. Thick took the center stage again. “Sexy Lola, representing Brazil! Wow! And now, ladies and gentleman, last but not least is the smoking hot Dakota. Dakota is 30 and if you think you know her, you do! She’s a porn star who’s starred in over forty movies.”Dakota had an obviously professional body, perfect silicon breasts with perfect brownish-pink nipples, perfectly tanned and waxed, perfect makeup that looked professionally done. She sauntered across the stage like Marilyn Monroe, blowing kisses and posing. Dakota was hot but rather typical, she looked like your average porn star with big generic fake tits and a slim body. She really knew how to work the crowd.The lifestyle section was really just to let the girls show off the goods, show off how sexy and fit they were. When Dakota was done all the girls quickly left the stage to get ready for the talent competition.

Escorts Ealing

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