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Escorts East End

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Escorts East End

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First up in our talent portion is the lovely Jade who will show us how she orgasms just from nipple play,” Escorts East End. The crowd was cheering as Jade took the stage, she was naked except for a thin, cutoff white tee-shirt barely containing her big breasts. She began to slowly walk up and down the stage while lifting up her shirt. She began to caress her breasts, cupping them and circling around her areolas. Her dark nipples became erect and pointed straight at the audience.Next she began to gently run her finger tips over her tight nipples. She put two fingers in her mouth and sucked them a bit before using them to lubricate her nipples, which now glistened under the stage lights. The audience was getting as worked up as Jade was. She was beginning to pant and sweat as she got on her knees before the judges and lay on her back, still tugging and twisting her nipples. She was beginning to move her hips around in an unmistakable fashion as she started to audibly moan. The judges were hypnotized by her moist cunt being thrust their way. Jade let out a loud moan and started a squirting orgasm, her cunt shooting ropes of fluids at the judges and audience as her tits shook and bounced around. Everyone was cheering and begging for more as Jade sat up and took a couple of deep breaths.”And a grand finale to Jade’s routine everyone!” D.J. Thick announced. We’ll give her a couple of minutes to rest up back stage while we have our next contestant Lola. Lola will be showing off one of her secret talents, which, here’s a hint, also involves squirting.”Lola pranced up to the stage totally naked and did a couple of turns, her huge breast swaying. She stroked her breast for a couple seconds then lifted one of her tits to her mouth and began playing with her long, thick pink nipples with her tongue, flicking it back and forth. Her nipples were huge to begin with but now they were over an inch long. She began sucking on it hard and then let it plop out of her mouth. As it did it sprayed a stream of milk across the stage as the audience clapped and shouted for more. Lola jumped up and down as her nipple sprayed out more milk with each bounce. She walked over to a table and dumped the patrons drink out and whispered something into his ear. He laughed and nodded and as she leaned over his table he grabbed her nipples and began to milk her. With each excited tug more milk filled the glass and in no time at all. After a couple minutes Lola got up and walked over to another table. Cupping the man’s face she guided his mouth to her nipple and let him suck. When he had gotten a taste she passed on to the next and let everyone who wanted.

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Escorts East End” D.J. Thick began to announce the next act, “Next up we have something a little different from Tiffany. If you all turn your attentions to the back of the room you’ll see Tiffany showing us some skills she picked up in the O.K. State!” The audience looked around to the back of the room as Tiffany mounted the clubs mechanical bull. She was wearing a tiny plaid shirt tied in the front, barely containing her huge double d’s. As the bull started to buck Tiffany began to roll her hips with it as her breasts bounced and jiggled. The audience cheered as Tiffany’s tit’s broke free of her tiny shirt and began to bounce around. It wasn’t just her chest though, but the way she moved her hips and thighs and how everyone in the club could picture her grinding up against them.After several more minutes her music died down and the bull slowed to a stop. Tiffany had managed to stay on during some rough riding and her legs wobbled a little as she curtsied and exited.”Tiffany, I think I speak for everyone in the club when I say I have never envied a piece of machinery before seeing you ride that bull, am I right!?” The crowd was loving the talent portion so far. Next up was the lovely and powerful Crystal who was doing a pole dance for her portion. Crystal’s sleek, toned body twirling around the pole was getting everyone worked up. Crystal had a ton of talent and was a total professional. She danced around and stripped off her top before she wrapped her legs around the pole and leaned back till her hair touched the floor and then she began grinding up and down the pole. Once she built up momentum she began to spin herself around it, showing off her tits hanging upside down to everyone in the crowd. Then she grabbed the pole and spun around in a full spilt, her tiny thong barely covering her wet slit. The crowd went crazy when she did a back flip off the top of the pole and finished with a full spilt on stage in front of the judges. So far hers was obviously the most practiced and talented of the routines.Escorts East End. Thick hopped back up on stage and began to cheer, “Give it up for our very own Crystal everyone! And remember, she here at The Foxy Lady every weekend! Last but certainly not least, we have Dakota and a special guest, showing you some moves you may or may not be able to do at home!”Dakota sauntered to the middle of the stage wearing a very revealing skin colored body suit. She had and equally tan and chiseled man with her wearing only a tight pair of black boxer shorts. The audience waited quietly to see what she would do. Dakota jumped up into her partners arms and wrapped her legs around his waist. She leaned back and began to slowly grind up against him before switching positions to be face down, his hands groping her ass. Without letting go the guy managed to lean back into a table position with both hands and feet on the floor and Dakota still up against his cock, this time sitting in his lap. They were acting out positions from the Karma Sutra, being impressively versatile and never having to break the contact between her cunt and his cock.

Escorts East End

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