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Escorts Fullwell Cross

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Escorts Fullwell Cross

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The final preliminary match up had now ended; and the crowd was red hot! They all knew in just a matter of moments, history would be made! Every man and woman in the arena had a prediction. Some were obviously right. The rest were, obviously, wrong—but that night, the crowd was split Escorts Fullwell Cross, in hopes that their choice in contender would be the one to take the fight!The mere thought of Baron Buff getting his just revenge; destroying his enemy in the ring, had many women cringing, stirring in their seats! While others got a little hot and bothered with the thought of Johnny Angel humiliating the champion for a second time, only now taking what should have been his to begin with! To say their own boyfriends or husbands were growing ever jealous, would be an understatement!Arena staff came out to clean the ring canvas; as blood had been spilled in the last contest; and to do whatever other duties they could, to ensure a safe and fair fighting environment. Neither boxer, nor committee wanted any excuses. There was going to be a clear winner that night!Soon the referee made Escorts Fullwell Cross way to ringside. At Johnny’s request, the traditional image of an older gentleman zebra was now replaced with an exotic, younger and sexy lioness. Her skin was tanned lightly olive and unflawed; her black hair was long and untamed; her lips, perfect with pout. She would have to, eventually, count one of these men out; and if that man had been lucky enough to still see, at least gazing at her undeniable beauty was the reward for losing.Their wasn’t one hint of silence throughout the building. Only cheers. Only hollers. Only screams. But only one man didn’t hear it…The World Heavyweight Champion, the “Big Dick Hunk” Baron Buff, had cut out all the noise and racket from his space; from his mind. The sometimes humble champion, even to the end, had been preparing, training and working his body and spirit to the limit. He knew that even though his opponent was arrogant and cocky in the ring, he could back it up. He would be no easy victory. To win this match, Baron Buff had to be at his all time best! And so, without needing any more reason, he continued to lift his weights; lifting them high into the air, as if they weighed nothing!

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The champion stopped dead in his massive tracks; accepting her touch on his biceps; contemplating what might happen at that moment. It was true: He naturally did have many feelings for this amazing woman, who had been his best friend, for now over three years; but could he be as low as Johnny Angel turned out to be? He thought as fast as he could and offered:”Oh, that? I just got caught up in the moment! I just wanted to hurt Johnny real bad, you know? I didn’t mean to disrespect you in any way or put you in the middle of things. But don’t worry: I wouldn’t disrespect you like that. You are not some prize to me- Escorts Fullwell Cross -like you are to Johnny!”.Mina now pressed her body up against Baron’s; her large breasts smashed against his chiseled chest; her fingers were playfully dancing up and down his frame; to his neck, to his chest and to his stomach. She slowly kissed his lips and admitted:”Maybe I want to be your prize…”She had kissed his lips again; this time with a little more force; a little more passion. Letting Baron know she was serious and showing him how willing she would be, to be all his! And now the champ wanted so badly for that to be so! But his conscience called foul though…”Mina, that was the greatest kiss of my lifetime. I’ve always wanted your kiss so bad—but just not like this! And maybe you’re right: The real prize tonight isn’t the title: It’s you. So if I have to earn and fight for you, your love; for your loyalty and for your body tonight, then that’s what I’m going to do! But I promise you this: I’m going to take you from him tonight, and if I can’t—if I lose–then I don’t deserve you…”The World Heavyweight Champion then stormed out of the room. Now more than ever, he was eager to start this fight and have the girl of his dreams at his side after it…

Escorts Fullwell Cross

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