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Escorts Greenwich

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Escorts Greenwich

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Dick couldn’t believe it. He just couldn’t believe it. He’d known Donna was an Amazon, and even heard what the Amazons were like from reliable sources. Donna had actually warned him what becoming an Amazon, even an honorary Amazon, would be like. But actually experiencing it—seeing what sweet, innocent, sisterly Donna was capable of Escorts Greenwich… He was more aroused than he could ever remember.Thank God for the toga—or Zeus, he supposed. Maybe even Hera. If he moved fast enough, the sway of the native clothing he’d worn in deference to Themyscira’s skilled seamstresses more than hid his erection. From the ceremonial standing stones, he hurried back to Paradise Island’s embassy—an intimidatingly beautiful building built for visitors from Man’s World, its interior almost mockingly insular. The exterior was much the same classical architecture as the rest of the island, not at all spoiling the skyline or view, but inside it was a cloistered, modern environment.Dick felt as if he were traveling through time, stepping out from the balmy tropical weather to the air conditioned interior of carpeting, paneled walls, and office furniture. Even though the Amazons had spared no expense in recreating the environs of a plush hotel, it was still a bit idiosyncratic, gathering elements from glimpses of the outside world that the little-traveled Amazons had studied. A seating arrangement could’ve come from a McDonald’s, or windows done in the stained glass style of a Greek Orthodox church. It was all woven with a careful eye, though, even if it couldn’t compare to the neoclassical medium that the Amazons preferred their work in.Though the embassy was spacious, it was sparsely populated. The Amazons had little contact with the outside world, usually on their terms, and the people who most used the embassy were invited guests who were there to learn the Amazons’ history and culture respectfully. When Dick came through the lobby, it was deserted but for a reformed foe of Wonder Woman’s—a Baroness of some sort—who was penitently manning the front desk. She buzzed him through without word, and he quickly preceded to his room on the first floor.

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He undressed her as they kissed again, clever hands puzzling out her strange garment fast, learning exactly where to untangle or unclasp to free her body. Kory found herself short of breath as she saw Donna’s body joining Dick’s in nudity. Her powerful body, tall and smooth, flowing from beauty to muscle without interruption. Soft, supple limbs with neat lines of muscular definition, hard abs below soft breasts, powerful thighs above clean, delicate calves. Kory loved her own body, its excesses, its voluptuousness, but she loved the variety as well—the classical magnificence, the unadorned beauty of Donna’s slenderness and elegance.And Dick—it was no wonder she loved both of them. His beauty was of a kind with Escorts Greenwich, gentle and artistic, a warrior’s body so well-designed as to be a work of sculpture. Kory adored watching Donna’s hands lave over it, enjoying it as much as she had, but the two hadn’t embraced for long before they had slipped to the ground, their robes underneath them, in wild disarray around their lithe young bodies.Kory’s breath came in a heavy pant, matching Donna’s as Dick mounted her. The light was dim now, the flame of a brazier and the moonlight reflected off the standing stones doing little to part the darkness. But Kory could see well enough, and the dimness made their naked flesh stand out in brighter contrast, dark and supple as a painting in shades of black.She stepped closer to them as they devoured each other, not sure who she envied more. A patch of dew-wet grass was trampled under her bare feet, pointedly reminding her of the wetness gathering at her sex. Kory’s hands shook slightly. She did not know if she could continue to take the temptation of seeing them together. She didn’t feel any jealousy, any resentment of them together—only the fondest wish to join in, to make them even happier by caressing them as she knew both of them desired.For a minute, Kory closed her eyes and just listened. Dick’s impassioned grunts were unmistakable, revealing what the sight of him could not. His powerful manhood was no longer between their bodies, but inside Donna, pleasing her in long, well-trained strokes. Donna’s soft sighs showed she was receiving him as well as she ever had Kory’s fingers or tongues. Kory’s honed ears could ever make out the soft liquid whisper of Dick’s phallus going into Donna’s gently flowing sex. Kory’s hands clenched into fists at her sides in Escorts Greenwich. Tonight, the powerful embrace of sweat-drenched bodies wasn’t for her.Dick’s grunts deepened. She heard the sharp slap of their bodies meeting, the pat of Donna’s body being rocked against their discarded clothing. And the soft husk of Dick whispering in Donna’s ear, the same growl he used to intimidate criminals and keep team members in line pitched low, almost demanding that his lover feel pleasure.

Escorts Greenwich

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