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Escorts Hammersmith

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Escorts Hammersmith

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Behind the glass glare. Although this maybe my oversensitive eyes so responsive, and the window actually is dark, because again raging blizzard? I do not know. I should stand up and tilt the blinds to see. But, all in all, for what? What’s the difference, what’s the weather outside? And if I have the misfortune to be beautiful sun shining? I again smite me, this frightful brightness, enhanced infinite number of times, as reflected in a billion backlog world snowflakes? Better not risk it. Shall fall some more, grit my eyes, maybe I’ll quit. Maybe I fall asleep? No, that’s impossible.Two exhausting weeks and no respite. The doctor just smiled good-naturedly – fucking quack – and said:Twelve days? – I was with him the day before. I guess. – That’s nothing, Mr. Szulc. You will come to me at the end of January. Then you can say it is more serious. Today, I suggest you relax and you should be fine.They had to force me to pull from that idiot. In the three. Two weeks is nothing? Try it yourself, asshole. Fourteen minutes the night without sleep. Try it yourself in Escorts Hammersmith.The last time I slept on the second of January. It’s a fact. A condition in which I find myself is called insomnia. Insomnia. Seemingly small thing, right? Sen. Is there or it is not, almost do not notice its presence. Each of us sometimes zarwie a few hours, even overnight. Alone or with someone. Over the vodka or a book. Nothing big.But after a few days the problem starts. You do not know what you have to do with themselves. You do not have the strength to go anywhere, fades desire to perform the simplest tasks. I stopped going to work after five days. And so it did not make sense – the whole time I was sitting behind his desk, staring with a terrible headache at the computer screen. I could not write a single email. So I stayed at home. After this weekend called boss. Dude, what’s wrong with you? You’re not in the office, not in a call. Are you sick?Somewhat. I can not sleep. Whatever. Do not overdo it. Hit his two vodka, fall asleep right away. Come tomorrow to work.I replied simply:No. – I hung up the phone. And then I stopped taking phone calls. Besides, official mobile phones already on the same day I dropped into the toilet. In any case, that does not bother me. A personal phone took out a card and put some old pre-paid. Not just to call – I do not have to whom. I use it sometimes to indulge in a game of sudoku. Killing time.For the first week I fought, and how. First – I got drunk as a pig. And nothing! Only Sleepless hangover, which for more oduczył me reaching for alcohol.Then there were the pills – mirtazapine, trazodone. I took so much that on the fourth day I asked them unless twenty. End of Escorts Hammersmith.

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In turn, this leads to a different nagging circumstances. My eyes started to hurt after a few days. I could not use the main lights in the house. Carefully I hid all the windows. The smallest gap, permeable even a little daylight evoked at once enormous burning eyes, headaches and fits of rage. I stopped going out. Nay, I stopped even looking out the window. For what? To check whether the world still exist? There, if I look at him or not.But sometimes you have to go somewhere.Bread drive if I. Pizza drive if I. Drive if I even toilet paper. But the garbage for you, do not throw away. And this implies the establishment of warm jackets – in the end we have in January. For this cap and darkest sunglasses, I have found in the house. Terribly wieśniackie model probably 10 years ago, but I do not care.But even they do not help. Winter is a fact. Very beautiful I like. Everywhere are huge snowdrifts sparkling, deafening white snow. In the sky, not a cloud, the sun hangs carelessly and maliciously pounding light in the eye. Or in the snow underfoot, and the equally mischievous, it is bieluteńki like milk – and strikes reflected, reinforced glow so that I cease to think rationally. At each exit die.I should go to a shop and buy a decent trekking, climbing goggles, dunnage, closely adjacent to the face. But this expedition is impossible for me to accomplish. That store I would find probably the nearest mall. For me, I might as well be on the moon.I can not endure physical and psychological torture flooding the photons me long enough to dig the car out of the snow. Napadało so that it is covered with the mirror. Frightening.Even though it’s not about that I would swing a shovel. There is simply no way I took up the challenge. I can not bring myself to take this effort.I’ll die of it all.Already two weeks, and not a minute of sleep. At the beginning I could still see the glowing computer screen. Then I found information that should appear shortly visual hallucinations. Beautiful.Now you are not using it. It hurts too much. Worse, I do not know what will be the next stage, that I could not decipher.Hell, the damn order the glasses for allegro. I clench my teeth, run the laptop, and then with a curse snap a finger on the switch. Again, this monstrous headache for which no pills do not help. For this screeching noises, disintegrating drums. Escorts Hammersmith.

Escorts Hammersmith

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