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Escorts Haringey

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Escorts Haringey

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Michael had glanced in the rearview mirror for a moment, almost colliding with the black Ford that abruptly swung out in front of him. He screamed and shook his fist, something out of character for a nice guy like him! He was on his way home and in a hurry, he had been invited to dinner at a neighbor’s house and he was already lateMichael was the headmaster of the high school in Greenvile, a highly regarded school for teenagers. Despite the school’s fine reputation, he found his job was sucking the life out of him. The end of the school year was approaching and the air was filled with both the pupil’s and the teacher’s talk. Some students were dissatisfied with the results of their final exams; others were so disgruntled they didn’t bother to show up at school in the last week.”If only we could re introduce corporal punishment,” he muttered to himself in frustration.His thoughts wandered as he envisioned a naked teenage girl bent over his desk, her ass cheeks exposed. He pictured himself spanking her cheeks, alternating left and right until they were bright red and tears were running down her pretty face. It would be a fitting punishment he thought, smiling to himself. Who would the butt belong to? Whose tears would he enjoy seeing shed?Would it be Ann? Her name and phone number were scrawled in many of the school’s restroom stalls, along with the words fuck and whore. Escorts Haringey? She also had a reputation as a little nymphomaniac, judging by the wall inscriptions. Susan? She seemed to always have a skirt that was two inches shorter than the minimum length permitted by the school’s dress code.Michael felt he had a good handle on his female students’ reputations. Naughty girls, most of them. Not that he ever would dream of admitting his thoughts about the school’s pupils to anyone. He had been a respected teacher at the school for many years, finally earning the esteemed position of headmaster. If people actually knew what was going on in his head, he’d have to resign in disgrace!

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Despite the risk his forbidden thoughts posed, Michael’s thoughts would not leave the fantasy of the sweet young naked bottom over the desk. What if the bottom belonged to Sarah? He momentarily savored the thought but immediately dismissed it from his mind.Ah, sweet and innocent Sarah. She was his neighbor’s daughter and clearly forbidden fruit. Plus, she was a nice girl with a good reputation. Michael wondered if she would be joining them for dinner, then shook his head to get rid of the thought. He was close to the whole family, had known them since they moved in ten years earlier. He had seen Sarah grow up from a pretty little girl to a lovely young woman.She was only 18 years old with blonde hair and extremely sexy home in Escorts Haringey. Michael used to secretly watch when she was out on the porch, getting a tan in her small bikini. Her small breasts rose just under the top and sweat beaded up on her flat belly. He savored the sight of her blond hair that lay like a halo around her head, her small lips slightly parted. The small lips around his big cock. No! He was ashamed of his thoughts.His frantic driving pace had paid off, he was only seven minutes late. Parking the car in his driveway, he walked across the street to the neighbor’s house and knocked. The door swung open, and Sarah’s mother Mary welcomed him.

Escorts Haringey

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