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Escorts Harlesden

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Escorts Harlesden

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Michael was distinctly aware of Sarah’s presence. The image of her small lips around his big dick flashed through his head; but he forced it away. The reality show was still on but his thoughts had gone on an entirely different direction. Sarah was sitting right next to him and he caught the soft scent of her perfume.He pretended to watch television but was concentrating on her loveliness from the corner of his eye. He decided to change the channel to something more interesting but inadvertently changed the program to an erotic thriller, in the middle of an intense love scene. He was embarrassed and was about to change when Sarah spoke up.”Escorts Harlesden. Don’t change it. If my parents were home they wouldn’t allow me to watch this and I want to see.”He looked at her in surprise but she didn’t notice him. Her eyes were glued to the television screen. Michael couldn’t help himself and he could feel the erection forming in his pants. Sweet innocent little Sarah was an enrapt in the passionate action unfolding in front of her.Michael noticed the rising and falling of her breasts, combined with her breathing becoming more ragged as she began to internalize the passion displayed on the screen. She was so intensely focused it was as if she was completely unaware of him, the tent pole forming in his pants went unnoticed.As Sarah’s passion seemed to grow, so did Michael’s. The scent of her perfume invaded his nostrils, he could no longer control his own carnal thoughts. He pictured taking Sarah’s hand and holding it against his growing penis.A last minute effort by his rational mind to stop himself went unheeded. Slowly, he soundlessly lowered his zipper, his hardness firm against his underwear. Taking the soft hand closest to him, he guided it to the cloth covering his ever hardening manhood.Sarah gasped as her fingers made contact with the bulge of his member, no longer focused on the staged passion on television. Her eyes were wide in surprise now that she was experiencing the real thing.

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Murmuring soft words of encouragement, Michael reached his free hand towards her and placed it between her knees, gently spreading them apart. For the first time, he caught the delicate scent of her womanly juices coming from beneath the thin panty material between her legs.Sarah’s eyes widened and a small gasp left her lips but her hand remained on top of his dick and to Michael’s surprise her grip on his member through the underwear became firmer. Taking it a step further, she started to gently move her hand lightly up and down over his straining penis.Sighing loudly, he leaned his head back and closed his eyes as his innocent angel pleasured him. Michael thought that it must be a dream. He opened his eyes and met Sarah’s gaze. She looked into his eyes before she shyly looked down towards her hand and its wonderful activity. Her grip on his cock became stronger as she massaged it.”Escorts Harlesden” he sighed.He heard how the young girl giggled. Suddenly, the reality of the situation crossed Michael’s mind. What the hell was he doing and why did she call him uncle? Here he sat, a man close to forty years old, a respectable headmaster and leader in the academic community and he was about to throw it all away in exchange for the pleasure of little Sarah’s hand manipulating his manhood through his undergarment.”Sarah. No, this is not possible. Escorts Harlesden“He groaned, trying to recover his wits and his dignity.”No, I won’t stop. I want to do this. I want to learn. Mummy and daddy think I’m too young to know about these things but I’m not,” she replied defiantly.

Escorts Harlesden

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