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Escorts High Barnet

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Escorts High Barnet

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After she called that out Paige grinned. She wasn’t sure which was more amusing, Beth Phoenix scrambling to obey her and stuff Emma’s cock into her mouth or Kaitlyn continuing to obey her by bobbing her head up and down on her strap-on. God, it was great being a WWE diva. What other job could lead to her bossing bigger and stronger women around like this?Not that this was officially part of her job, more like a very enjoyable secret benefit. Ironically these two former divas were supposed to be off-limits. AJ Lee’s exclusive property. However if she was going to beat AJ and take her place at the top of the food chain, it was clear now that Paige was going to have to break the rules.So far that had worked out pretty well for her, she and her girlfriend having double teamed the once mighty Beth Phoenix and now it seemed AJ’s secret wife Kaitlyn would be just as eager to help Paige screw with/get revenge on her rival.Or maybe AJ had just trained Kaitlyn to be a total whore for ass to mouth, the more tanned brunette greedily stuffing every single inch of Paige’s dildo down her throat with clearly practised ease and then after she had sucked every drop of ass cream off that cock she just continued the long, drawn-out blow job, clearly trying to please her unexpected houseguest.It worked, Paige gleefully stroking Kaitlyn’s hair and offering up some encouragement, “Yeah bitch, suck my cock! Escorts High Barnet, suck it clean of all of Beth Phoenix’s arse juice you filthy little whore! Ohhhhhhhh yeah, I heard you were a total whore for ass to mouth, and it’s nice to see the stories about you aren’t exaggerated. You see Kaitlyn, you may have had hopes and dreams when you came to the WWE, but as far as backstage is concerned, everybody just remembers you as AJ’s personal fuck hole. Oh yeah, I heard you were nothing but a submissive lesbian slut, and now I’m going to put you to the test. And so far, it seems AJ trained you well.”

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Some girls took offence to words like that. Even some former and current WWE divas didn’t like their girlfriends/wives being mentioned. But Kaitlyn, she just looked up eagerly at Paige and even grinned as she was verbally humiliated and then she sucked Paige’s cock with even more enthusiasm.Even when Paige tightened her grip in Kaitlyn’s hair and began lazily fucking the other girl’s mouth Kaitlyn just relaxed and allowed Paige to use her as a face pussy, which made Paige think, wow, AJ must have really done a number on this girl. Not that should really be a surprise, given one glance told Paige that the terrifying Beth Phoenix was deep throating Emma’s cock, and Emma was one of the most naturally submissive divas on the roster.Which gave Paige an idea, “Hey Emma! Escorts High Barnet! Throat fuck the bitch! Mmmmmmmm oh yeah, I want you to treat Beth Phoenix’s mouth like a cunt, or an arse hole, and fuck it! Come on, fuck it! Harder! Harder than that, come on girl, we both know Beth is nothing but a total bottom now, so I want you to really go for it.”Bless her heart, Emma tried. And to her credit Emma did literally fuck Beth’s mouth, which would still be humiliating for the once mighty Glamazon, and Paige fillling with the twisted delight/pride as she watched her submissive girlfriend pump Beth’s throat.Unfortunately no matter how much she encouraged her Emma was gentle with the other blonde, either because she was worried about hurting the slut or she just didn’t have it in her to do anything so top-ish.Either way when it was clear Emma was a little uncomfortable with this latest development Paige quipped trying to force it and went back to encouraging Kaitlyn to suck her strap-on, allowing Emma quietly to stop fucking Beth’s mouth and let the bigger blonde takeover the blow job again.Of course by now Paige’s cock was thoroughly cleaned, so after a few moments of getting a passionate BJ she roughly pulled the dildo out of Kaitlyn’s throat, lent down and grabbed the other girls cheeks to make sure she was looking directly into her face as she asked, “So, fancy being MY submissive lesbian slut for the night?””God yes.” Kaitlyn grinned, her voice clearly a bit horse from the throat fucking as she added, “Please fuck me like you fucked Beth. Escorts High Barnet fuck me anywhere you want, I love taking it in all my holes, but especially my ass. Oh please Paige, fuck my big fat ass.”

Escorts High Barnet

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