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Escorts Highbury

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Escorts Highbury

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Kaitlyn really couldn’t. She just loved pussy too much, her time in the Escorts Highbury turning her into a complete pussy addict, unable and unwilling to go to long without burying her face in between another woman’s legs.For way too long she’d only had Beth’s pussy to munch, and honestly even the combination of AJ and Beth wasn’t quite enough for her, so to have some fresh cunt around had made her mouth instantly water.So naturally as soon as Paige had pulled down that harness she had dived in between the other brunette’s thighs and started frantically lapping away at the tasty treat which had found its way into her home.Luckily Paige didn’t seem to mind her enthusiasm. That was the normal response from tops, although a few of them had taken their yummy pussies away and spanked her before giving her what she so desperately wanted again.Of course Kaitlyn didn’t mind so much when the spanking came afterwards, but one she had started eating pussy she really, really hated to be interrupted, Kaitlyn actually hoping AJ wouldn’t catch them not because she was worried about her wife seeing her cheat on her but that it would cause a momentary distraction, which just showed what a perverted situation Kaitlyn had found herself in
To be fair AJ was off fucking her bitches so it wasn’t exactly like they had a monogamous relationship, but it was still kind of weird. Weird, and very hot, Kaitlyn more than happy right now because it meant she got to eat Paige’s pussy with no guilt.Especially since Escorts Highbury just bragged about taking Paige’s anal cherry, so really this was just Kaitlyn’s turn to fuck this hot slut, except instead of topping her like AJ had Kaitlyn would be very much bottoming for this pale beauty who tasted so, so good. Not as good as AJ, but then no one did, one of the many reasons Kaitlyn remained AJ’s bitch wife.

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As Paige pointed to her first Beth was quick to move behind Paige so she could obey. She just about stayed long enough on her feet to see Paige pointing at Emma and then Kaitlyn, the latter of whom was already in place to obey so it was no surprise she achieved her goal first. Or at least Beth assumed given the way Paige cried out in pleasure.Then again knowing Kaitlyn she wouldn’t pass up the chance to show her tongue deep inside another woman’s pussy. Beth certainly wouldn’t, and once she was in place she dropped to her knees and shoved her tongue deep inside another hole she very much like to worship.Just before that she watched Emma move in close and press her lips to those belonging to Paige, the submissive visitor muffling the cries of the dominant visitor, much to their mutual delight. As they embraced Beth was reminded of AJ and Kaitlyn, Emma and Paige obviously as crazy about each other as Beth’s owners.It warmed her heart and even made her feel a little jealous, but the moment quickly passed as she felt to her knees and came face to face with Paige’s glorious ass, Beth staring lustfully at the beautiful pale globes for a few long seconds before she pulled them apart and began eagerly lapping at Paige’s butt hole.”Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, eat my arse Beth. Eat it!” Paige moaned as she reached back with one hand to pull Beth’s face deeper into her butt crack, “Mmmmmmmm, get your fucking face deep in my ass crack so you can tongue that hole good! Ooooooooooh yesssssssssss, I love having two talented little dyke tongues licking my pussy and arse at the same time.”Beth certainly used to love that back when she had been the Alpha female of the Escorts Highbury. She even had AJ and Kaitlyn do it, one of their pretty little faces buried in her cunt while the other was so far in between her meaty cheeks that the poor girl could barely breathe.Of course she didn’t make them always double-team her like that. No, most of times it was just one licking her pussy or ass hole, except that was something which still regularly happened, Beth just wasn’t in control over it. What Paige was now experiencing was something Beth hadn’t had since she was Alpha female, and The Glamazon missed it.Although as much as she missed having two lesbian sluts to eat her pussy and ass in the same time it was thrilling to be on the other side of things, one of the sluts licking the dominant woman’s ass hole while another slut licked the dominant woman’s pussy, Beth feeling jealous because as much as she loved rimming ass, and Paige’s behind was tasty, it couldn’t compete with the taste of pussy cream and girl cum.

Escorts Highbury

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