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Escorts Highgate

Escorts Highgate girls are so much entertaining that time spend with them seems always to be too short. They are so much beauty and smart girls that there is never shortage of ideas how to use the opportunity meeting a gentleman like you. Escorts Highgate girls are very well trained to give our dearest customers the best pleasure they could think of and this is secrets.

Escorts Highgate

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The next morning I wake up, with a huge headache, I drank way too much last night. While Susan and I were out last night she told me to speak to the history teacher where I failed my exam. You might think that a history teacher is a really boring or nerdy person but my teacher is definitely not like that. He goes by the name of John Woods and he is 36 years old. He is quite young but the best part of him is that he’s also quite handsome. He usually wears a tight sweater in which you can see that he works out. You can imagine that he is popular under the schoolgirls.During the clubbing last night with Susan I said to Susan that I’ll have to fuck the teacher if I have to. Of course that was meant as a joke, but I wish I could think of anything else more realistic that might persuade him. Escorts Highgate is definitely not an option, unless real life was like a porn movie.Nonetheless I want to make an impression on my teacher, so I decide to wear something innocent but sexy at the same time. I have to try anything that could help right? I decide on a short pink flared pleated mini skirt, and a cute tight white lacey blouse with half sleeves to my elbow and a black lacey bra and panties. For shoes I decide on 3 inch white heels. I’m putting on some makeup but not too heavy to give me that sexy sweet look while still having this innocence about me. My eyes need to stand out so I go with thin black eyeliner, very little of pink eye shadow and soft pink lipstick. I’m done pretty fast which gives me enough time to check myself in the mirror. Looking at myself I see a smile sneak up on my face because I can see that it is perfect , I look innocent but at the same time it just screams SEXY in a classy way.A little nervous I walk into the classroom. Right there I see teacher Woods sitting on the front desk. He turns to me which makes me realize that I am staring at him. Even though he is looking at me I can’t stop staring for a second and catch myself smiling back at him. I see his eyes looking into mine and for a bit I think I could see lust in his eyes. I turn away after feeling embarrassed at myself but also worked up somehow. But why am I still smiling in Escorts Highgate? I wonder if mister Woods thinks of me in a sexual way. For the entire duration of history class I was just gazing at teacher Woods, thinking about his lustful stare when he looked at me and about the conversation I want to have with him in order to fix my grade. I don’t think I’ve learned a single thing today in class beside the fact that I think the teacher is really attractive. Now that class is over I have to find the courage and talk to him.

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Teacher Woods keeps brushing my hair, but at the same time he seems to try to push my head closer to his cock. I know what he wants me to do but if I do this I know there’s no turning back. However, all I’m doing is waiting for the inevitable. Just looking at his cock makes my mouth water with saliva as if on cue my body knows what to do and expect.I let myself reach closer to his cock and give the head of his cock a lick with the tip of my tongue. The smell and taste of it is making my body shiver in excitement. I plunge myself on his cock and wrap my lips around the shaft of my teacher. I start to suck and lick my tongue all over his cock, trying to be the best girl for my teacher. I hear him moan a little over my sucking sounds and it gives me a happy tingle around my belly.With one hand I start touching his balls, feeling the soft and elastic meat flow through my fingers. With my other hand I help myself by guiding his cock into my mouth. Every time I take his cock out of my mouth I see my saliva dripping from my teacher’s cock, and every time I try to lick it up.”You’re so wonderful Sophie, you’re such a beautiful slut.” Mister Woods tells me after I kept sucking his cock and bobbing up and down on it for 5 minutes long in silence with only hearing his soft moaning and my somewhat louder sucking sounds.”shankyuu miisther Woodzz.” I say with his cock in my mouth.Teacher Woods pushes me back, making me release his hot throbbing fully erect cock, completely wet with my saliva.My teacher pulls me up, back on my legs. Right then I start wondering if he wants to quit and I feel nervous because he might just change his mind knowing that he’s making a mistake. Instead he turns around and grabs me at my shoulder to turn me around and push my chest over the desk.”Now be a good little slut for me Sophie and bend over the desk.” Escorts Highgate. I know it’s wrong but I also feel happy that he is not done with me yet. I eagerly do what mister Woods tells me to do and I bend over the desk. The teacher pushes my skirt up and pulls my panties down. By the feeling of my lacey panties alongside my legs I can feel that they are drenched in my juices. Next I feel his fingers trace along my thighs and then over my pussy.”Look how wet and horny you are Sophie, you’re really one horny slut are you?” He tells me while showing his wet sticky fingers, dripping in front of me with a sweet smell. Mister Woods puts his finger into my mouth, making me taste my own juices which tastes a little like strawberries.

Escorts Highgate

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