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Escorts Holborn

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Escorts Holborn

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You have removed all my clothes — and are playing with me. Running your hands across my skin — licking, biting and nipping anywhere you think may be fun. I realize you are fully dressed yet, but when I try and take your shirt off you remove my hands and say not yet…You have me lay on the bed spread eagle and bind my hands and feet to the corners. Now I’m fully displayed and fully at your mercy. You bite and pinch my nipples until they are hard and standing fully upright Escorts Holborn I’m surprised you don’t put the clamps on them as you usually do. You move down my body until your head is between my thighs. You begin nibbling and licking — closer and closer to my clit without actually touching it. You slide a finger into my pussy to gauge its wetness, but you remove it — torturing me. I buck my hips — trying to bring you into contact with my clit but you move away.You walk to the table where the toys have been spread out. You take your time, picking up one, looking at another, debating what you will choose. You pick up the blindfold and put it on my eyes — ensuring I can see nothing. Now while I can hear you moving about the room, I have no idea what you are doing. Are you undressing? Finding another toy? What..I’m startled to hear the door to the room open — and hear you greet someone. I start struggling against my restraints, but you’ve done too good of a job. I am going no-where.I feel my entire body flushing — some stranger can see everything. And I have no idea who it is. Babe? I ask tentatively — wanting desperately to hear you reassure me — but you don’t. You calmly explain you’ve been wanting to watch me with another man, but I was resistant so you took matters into your own hands.You walk the man over to the table and show him the toys — anything you want to play with is up to you she loves them all.I hear you move a chair to near the bed, and know you must be preparing for a good show. I feel the mattress dip with the weight of someone sitting on the side of the bed. I flinch when I feel an unfamiliar hand running across my nipples. They are still rock hard and aching. He gently rolls my left nipple between his thumb and finger — leaning down to take it in his mouth.

Escorts Holborn will make her magic, look deeply into your eyes so that you will forget about reality.

He works his way down my body — exploring, touching, tasting. When he finally touches my pussy, he is amazed at the wetness already there. He slides a finger into me — testing for size and wetness. Oh my god she’s tight he breathes…He stands and removes his clothing — walking over to the toy table to examine his options. He chooses a set of nipple clamps and puts them on me — pulling the chain up, up, up, until my back is arching off the bed to follow. He slides a finger into my pussy and repeats the pulling up of the chain — just to feel my response and how the treatment makes me even wetter. He moves down my body to between my legs — putting my knees over his shoulders. I am restrained a little too tightly for this, and this stretches me out and holds me that way — completely open to him. He dives in and begins playing with my clit while finger fucking me. He adds a second finger to my pussy — and I moan.Between what he is doing to me, and knowing you are watching, I’m being brought very close to the edge. He moves his fingers and tongue faster, deeper Escorts Holborn surprised at the reaction he gets when I finally cum. He doesn’t stop until I’m practically crying for him to – trying to move away but held in place.He finally gives me a break and walks to the table to pick up a vibrating dildo. He puts lube on it, and begins driving it into my ass. He’s not terribly gentle, but that seems to turn me on even more Escorts Holborn I can feel my body starting to respond again. Once it’s buried in me, he straddles my face and feeds me his dick. Tied as I am, I’m at his mercy. He starts slowly, but is soon ramming it in and out of my mouth, ignoring my gagging and attempts to breathe. He doesn’t keep this up long — he knows he doesn’t want to cum yet — because that was the deal. He gets to cum once and only once unless I ask him to continue.He turns the vibrator on and moves the dildo in and out of my ass — I’m wiggling around — wishing he would rub my clit at the same time. He asks me if I want him to fuck me — and to my surprise I say yes — fuck me. I can feel him climb between my legs and feel the head of his dick at the entrance of my pussy — where he stops. Beg he orders. Beg for my dick in you. Even though I know you are sitting right there — I do. Please Please Please — I want your dick in me.

Escorts Holborn

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