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Escorts Holland Park

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Escorts Holland Park

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I suddenly remember we aren’t alone –Escorts Holland Park– the unknown person is still there. I feel him watching us — sitting in the same chair you were earlier — recovering.You take my nipples in your fingers and begin working them the way I love — pinching, pulling, biting. You pick the vibrator up and slide it across my clit — making me jerk in response. You hold it there as you pump in and out — looking down to watch yourself fucking my ass.After watching me serviced by another man, and then fucking my ass you don’t last long — but neither do I. Knowing I’m being watched but not knowing who it is brings me over the edge. I clamp down on your dick when I cum, and that signals you to pump me full.If I untie you will you be good and leave the mask in place you ask? I agree, and finally feel my restraints being removed. You lay on the bed next to me and gather me in your arms –Escorts Holland Park– and I reach out to pull the other man in with us.He lays on the other side of me, both of you playing with my nipples and tits, each of you mimicking what the other is doing until I can no longer tell which mouth or fingers are whose.I reach down, and grasp a dick in each hand. Both are getting hard again — and I dip the tips of my fingers into my pussy to get them wet and slippery. I’m stroking both of you, while you are nipping and biting my tits and neck.You pull me over on top of you, sliding your dick up inside me. You latch your mouth onto my nipple and I yelp in pleasure. I can suddenly feel the other man’s dick lining up on my asshole where yours was so recently. I lean onto your chest to allow him better access while gripping your nipple with my teeth and pulling up. I feel the second dick slowing entering me — you are staying completely still but I can feel your dick throbbing inside me. Soon I am totally full — having two dicks buried inside me.You both begin moving in tandem, pulling out of me and ramming back into me at the same time. He buries his hand in my hair and pulls my head back — arching my chest into you and giving you even better access to my nipples. He take his other hand and begins slapping my ass in time with your thrusts. You latch your mouth onto my nipple and bite — pulling it towards you — while I moan in delight.

Escorts Holland Park

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