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Escorts Hounslow

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Escorts Hounslow

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It was late and I was alone. I thought many times about breaking free from the chesterfields frame and the handcuffs that bound me, but the true strength of my bonds were in the humility of the video my blackmailer had of me. With each passing hour I was wondering if there was a chance he would walk in alone and admit defeat, but with the rising of the sun through the window it would look more like he would return with another story.My legs were the only thing asleep when I heard the door begin to budge. As the footsteps made their way closer to the room I heard him clear his throat. “Did you know or did she tell you,” was his first question.”Know what?”Escorts Hounslow“That she was going to be that easy for me to seduce. I felt more like it was her seducing me,” he said with a mocking voice that still seemed wanting.”Did you do it; did she let you touch her? Why do you need the part of her that made her mine alone, is it that important to you to have me suffer the shame of being your cuckold?” I lashed.”You promised to help me cuckold you and I am afraid you didn’t exactly help as promised. I think you knew she wanted to fuck me, and had the option to watch if you wanted too. You got scared and tried to stop it,” he said with perfect clarity of what I attempted to do.”I was scared you were going to go too far with this and try to take her from me, and we both know you won’t be happy unless you fuck her unprotected. I wanted to stop the train wreck before it happened. I love my wife and knew how far you both would go,” I admitted. I never told him about my wife’s crush, because the fear of their mutual attraction was going to leave me powerless.”Escorts Hounslow” he said with a pause. “I won’t be telling you more than that, but if your wife is willing to fill in the blanks it’s up to her. After all I am not supposed to know that you’re aware of me being her back door man, and I’ll be back for more.” He continued with a warning that I better not prevent future visits or I would be sorry, and since I attempted to thwart him being with her it will cost me somehow.

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He explained that he doesn’t at the moment have the desire to see my wife in that way. It was all about making her his, and taking her with my knowledge. He explained how my lack of submission and her sheds of guilt left in her eyes have him wanting more. “This will be over when you’re both mine.”We didn’t say much after that. He unlocked me and helped me to my feet. He had the smell of a well sexed man. He said he would offer me a drive home, but he thought it was best to call a cab to maintain the misdirection of me not being at his home.As the cab pulled into my drive way I noticed the car was missing. I walked into the home and checked the rooms, but the house was empty. I found last night’s dinner still on the table with empty wine bottles accompanying it. I tried to imagine how they must have tried to both pretend to be just friends while setting the mood for the other to be seduced. My imagination met reality when I found my wife’s dress lying on the floor at the end of the table. As I inspected the dress and the table around it I found fragments of a torn condom package. It would appear he took her here on the table that I set to serve them on. “They didn’t even finish dinner before there urges to be together would overtake them,” I thought.I went through the house and found her bra in the computer room, and the bedroom properly soiled from there play. The mattress and bed board might have had a story to tell; Escorts Hounslow. The smell of their sex lingered in the room. As I peered beyond the bed that my wife betrayed me in; I saw a glimmer of hope. There in the garbage was the condom.I stood overlooking the garbage and looked down at the condom. I saw other condom packages in the garbage with the condom. I had to know. I inspected the packages to get a count on how many times he might have fucked her, but the packages were all sealed. I checked each package and each of them remained unopened.

Escorts Hounslow

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