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A week passed. He started the next. Stride Jens resumed, but with a much earlier time. Spring in the park blossomed fully, which forced laborers hired to work a lot harder. Alleys in the immediate vicinity of the palace sprinkled with new gravel, trimmed maze and shrubs have become clear, sharp shapes, and przyozdobiły lawns freshly planted flowers. However, neither the awakened nature, nor the effects of the treatments gardeners, or running not improved the mood Drazen.The prisoner spent his nights at the computer, the day he tried to rest, but I never fell into a deeper sleep. Most often lay staring at the ceiling, clutching in his hand the keys. He thought of their owner. In my imagination he ran with a woman long conversations. Mainly he talked about himself; He puts in the mouth of the girl questions about the details, motivations misdeeds of the past; He explained why it failed; sometimes he shared with his mistress plans for the future. He imagined usually the woman lying next door, as the last common morning at home Escorts Kensington. Only then was even a moment of peace.He fumbled regularly in the network for officially available information on the chief of police spec-group. Life official went on ordinary rhythm. He finished to assemble a team. He built a unit to measure the funds committed. Every now and then arrested hurdles. It seemed that John was not fired its news.The body returning to health. Zbledły and bruises are gone, the ribs no longer hurt. A hacker began to gain strength. He enforces on Jensie increasingly rapid pace. Running added strength training.Gradually ended complement the briefcase, but until they presented the results of the work, not to visit him too Hasmik.He waited, trying not to arouse suspicion and not go crazy.Do not make a Escorts Kensington woman his queen before it will not happen.

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And why would you move? All the guys here will be to rid the paparazzi and so on. Every year, one tries to jump over the fence and stuff. And you have to keep an eye on guests not to rozłazili too much on the ground.Message aroused excitement. The adoption was associated with a big commotion, a lot of strangers in the residence. Fire certainly turn off some security, such as motion sensors. Drazan knew that no problem will cope with the lock in the door of the cottage. His only fear was if he could quietly get through the fence, which with its headquarters had little more than ten meters. Enhanced protection greatly complicate the task. Probably not avoid a clash with one of the guards, but not free after all every day practicing. Hunchback gave no sign of life. Who knows when Escorts Kensington will be another such opportunity.They came to the headquarters of the hacker. Drazan went inside deep in thought. By downloading shirt, he started as usual in the shower. To the surprise of the Croatian Jens she went away, but stood in the doorway, hands on his doorjamb. Its flat face took on a strange expression. Wiping the sweat clothes, prisoner looked at the bodyguard, who looked tense.I thought it through. You know, I wanted to invite Judith next week to the cinema – a security guard finally stammered out.Well, finally – hacker praised the decision, which pushed Jens long time. Slowly it began to bother listening to idle sighs guard at the maid.I was not sure if it was a good time.Why?You see, this shoulder. I was at the doctor. He came up with some kind of therapy. He says that it takes. A limestone [and] or something. Foolishly so to wince in pain.Jens, but you yourself can make life difficult. But you can use it to your advantage. Tell her what was the matter, as soon as you hurt. Women are by nature caring, soon you will want to massage. Then you have her closer. It’s also a sign that you can go further.You think? – Bruiser looked with hope.Sure! Heat, green, spring. The girl will be in a good mood. Let me know how it goes.

Escorts Kensington

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