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Escorts Lambeth

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Escorts Lambeth

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I have to find it. The ritual jar. I have to bring it back for Jinx. But where is it? The path vanished from beneath Cocoy’s feet. The trees became a solid wall. The balete he was looking at, so distinct just moment before, faded into a copse of other balete and rubber trees.He tripped over something solid, something that totally wrecked the toe he’d stubbed against it and he looked down, curses at the ready on his lips. It was a squat, unglazed clay pot, its shape reminiscent of a Catholic censer pot, its wide rim emblazoned with black squiggles of Baybayin and another script that could have been even older than the recognizable writing of his ancients.Cocoy knelt and reached out with his free hand to touch the pot. Is this the ritual jar? Escorts Lambeth? I can’t believe they put the petitions for the gods in this.Yet so many things that carry power look deceptively ordinary, he reminded himself. So many things that one would miss in one’s search for the remarkable are, in fact, magical.So he touched the pot-bellied jar, so similar yet so different from the ordinary cooking palayok of yesteryear. He grasped it from bottom to just under its lip with his hand and felt a surge of divine power throb through the clay and up his fingers, course through vein and nerve and over his skin until his body hummed like a too-tight guitar string plucked by a tone deaf player.Holding the pot securely in hand, he reached for the opening of the bag of red and black tubao fabric and fine abaca weaving slung across his body. Then he looked around for a way out.Ye gods, I could use a Tikbalang just about now, Cocoy thought in dismay as he found that there was no longer any forest around him, nor ground beneath his feet.

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Kidlat’s body twitched in sleep and Jinx watched him clench and unclench his quadriceps and triceps, his biceps and the muscles running from the small of his back to his deltoids. I wonder what dreams come to sleeping Tikbalangs, she thought on a smile, holding her self-pitying tears back with a bit of humor. She brushed a curl that strayed to Kidlat’s forehead and he frowned.Where on this gods-forsaken plane is Cocoy? Kidlat could feel the thunder under his hooves as he galloped in full roan warhorse form across the strange, changing forest with its precarious dips and rises. The terrain was rough, unfamiliar and totally hostile to him.He slowed to a stop at the foot of a hillock of bare earth and called softly out to the Nuno within. “I need help, friend Nuno, I ask of you a boon.” If his Inay had it right, the earth-dwelling Nuno would know how to find any being that touched the ground. Cocoy had feet. He was probably touching the ground right now.Out came the Nuno, from the top of his punso. He folded his long angular, earth-brown body into an open-legged squat upon the hillock peak and looked down at the Tikbalang prince. “What help is it you need, Son of Ulap? Escorts Lambeth?” His catlike eyes glowed hot and icy, unearthly blue on green as he uttered his questions with deliberate caution. The Nuno cupped his pointy chin in a long, leathery hand as he awaited Kidlat’s answer.”I seek the whereabouts of a Bayot,” Kidlat said simply, keeping his eyes level with the Nuno’s chest as was proper. “I can sense him close by, yet I cannot see him. I offer a boon of service to you, to be fulfilled after I find the Bayot I seek.”Escorts Lambeth“Ah, yes, the boon of service. I accept this, then. Know I will summon you when the time comes.” The Nuno raised a long index finger and wagged it from side to side. His narrow face was intent, his wide, thick lips pursed sternly and his pointy chin jutted out in slight challenge. “Know that I, Bagtas, will have my due when I call you.””Within the laws of the Tikbalang, honored Bagtas. Within the laws of Lupa and this world. Within my capabilities and as the SkyFather and EarthMother permit, yes, I will give you my service for a task that is important to you. This is my word and I give it freely.” Kidlat answered with measured words. He remembered his father cautioning him to be mindful of each word spoken before and to a Nuno, for they were wont to hold people to the exact words they spoke, intents and all.

Escorts Lambeth

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