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Escorts Lewisham

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Escorts Lewisham

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“Then I will tell you this,” the Nuno said as he laid a hand on his bare chest. “You need to look with more than your eyes. The Bayot seeks a precious thing, something that once was common and is now rare. He will find it and be lost. He will be lost forever unless you can find him with your eyes closed. You must find him not in this form, but in your most vulnerable form. Then you will find him and bring him home to Lupa.”With that, the Nuno bowed his head and arose just long enough to re-enter his punso, leaving a disgruntled Kidlat hanging his head.”Anak ng patola naman,” Kidlat uttered, (despite the fact that the fruiting vine that bore such gourds could not possibly bear progeny as sentient beings define the term). “I can’t believe I have to do this buck-naked. Fuckitall.”The Tikbalang willed himself back into his human form and closed his eyes. “Escorts Lewisham” he muttered to himself as he tried not to feel the soft, cool wind on his gonads and sex. Focus on Cocoy, you jackass, not your cooling family jewels. He called the image of Cocoy’s face to mind and let the energies of his Bayot guide him.When he felt the slightest tug, almost like a whispered “where the shit am I?” query in Cocoy’s panicked voice, he followed it, his eyes still shut as he let his feet and his innately phenomenal sense of direction guide him. No distractions, Kidlat. Just follow the pull. So he did just that, walking in measured steps for what felt like forever until he heard Cocoy calling his name like a mantra in that gorgeous baritone voice of his.He found Cocoy crouched into a ball, his toes clenching and unclenching as if he were seeking ground to anchor himself to. Mindful of the Bayot, the Tikbalang spoke softly before touching his shoulder.”Cocoy, you called me,” Kidlat said. “I’m here.””Escorts Lewisham” Cocoy gasped in a rush, as if he’d been holding his breath way too long. “Thank goodness you’re there. Where in the world are we and can you take this craptastic feather and bead beanie off me? As if being lost wasn’t bad enough, I had to get lost in this and a fucking tapis skirt. Dammit. It’s enough to make a grown man cry.”

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“Not just a dream, Cocoy,” Kidlat countered as evenly as he could while he took Jinx into a hug, perched his chin on her bare shoulder and leaned toward his other lover. “It was a dreamwalk. What were you thinking as you fell asleep? You have to know that Babaylan and Bayot dream true when they manifest what they want before falling asleep. We damn nearly lost you in that dream.””Hey, I’m new to all this, Kid,” Cocoy took hold of the anger that did not fade with wakefulness and which lent sarcastic sharpness to his words. “I have about zero knowledge of what the pagan priests and priestesses of old did, okay? I was raised Catholic.””Well now you know. So deal with it.” Kidlat’s words were no less cutting, his earlier panic also flowing out into the words he spoke as his eyes flashed dark sparks at the man he’d so recently ridden to a screaming orgasm.Putting her hands and body between the two males, Jinx felt an inexplicable surge of heat—not the sexual kind, rats—rise up like billowing steam and hot ash through her body. “Escorts Lewisham“Jinx’s voice came out in multiple tones—mezzo, alto and contralto—like several people were all speaking the same words in a synchronized speech choir kind of way. Her skin began to glow again and the bedding began to smoke under her splendidly rounded hindquarters.Thinking quickly, Kidlat scooped Jinx up and set her on her feet on the cool terracotta tile beside the bed before her body’s rapidly-rising temperature flayed the hide from his flesh.”Speak to me, Cocoy,” Jinx demanded as she glowed anew with intense white light pouring out of her mouth, eyes and ears. “Answer Kidlat’s question before I lose patience with you both.”Cocoy’s mouth worked open and closed repeatedly, but no words came out. He cleared his throat, closed his eyes and took a deep breath before he found the words to answer his lovers.”Okay, I was dreaming,” he started, giving both the changeling and the Tikbalang the details he remembered of the dream. “But it was a dream, okay? We all know dreams can be strange, but that they really aren’t anything to worry or get upset about. I was thinking of a ritual jar before I fell asleep. About how great it would be to have a direct line to the heavens. How much it would help you, Jinx.”

Escorts Lewisham

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