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Escorts Mayfair

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Escorts Mayfair

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The recurring fantasy of having another man with us kept coming up. I have been excited by the idea and the vision for a long time. Since before and I ever talked about it. We talked more on our way home about what I would want to see happen and she told me that she would do anything for me to turn me on. She told me that if she sees me becoming hot and very aroused then she becomes the same way. We had a great time talking about it and how she wanted to have another woman join us so that the other woman and she could give me all the attention.We made it to Springfield Missouri and decided we didn’t want our vacation to end. We got a hotel room right off the highway and decided we would have one more day of vacation. Soon she was changing into her new bikini and I was putting on my trunks. She is gorgeous and very sexy. She has light blonde hair, a nice tan and a great smile. Her stomach is flat with a faint six pack. She has a great ass, and a perfectly shaped chest. She obviously gets plenty of stares and looks, from other guys.I don’t enjoy that very much, but unless I want to be married to a fat ugly woman I will just deal with it. After changing we went to the indoor pool and hot tub. We had a good time the two of us hanging out, relaxing and talking. We had made some mixed drinks in large cups and had them with us. We stayed at the hot tub and the outside balcony for quite a while then decided to go change and find something more exciting to do.We showered and changed. We drove around and found a decent bar to hang out in for a while. We soon became a little drunk crazy and began looking around the bar at the patrons, particularly the males.We started playing a sort of game of talking to each other about some of the men. We talked about how some wouldn’t have a chance of touching my wife and how some might fit the bill. This whole conversation was exciting but neither of us planned on going any further. We sat and talked and drank more alcohol, laughing and having a great time. Before either of us realized it the bar was closing and we had to go back to our hotel room.We arrived at the hotel and entered the lobby where we met the hotel clerk working the night shift. He was tall and slim, kind of scraggly, about twenty years old named Michael I believe. He noticed my wife immediately then tried to hide the fact that he was staring. I said hello to him and had a short joking conversation while my wife waited a few feet away for me.I told my wife that I wanted to go back in the hot tub and she thought it sounded great. I asked Michael and he told us it was after hours and we could not go in there. My wife and I accepted his answer and went to our room. I told my wife it would be hot if she put on her bikini and went back and talked to Michael, flirted with him and got him to let us in the Escorts Mayfair.My wife did as I suggested and that poor guy was falling all over himself. He agreed quickly to let us use the hot tub and it was all fun to watch. We hung out for a little while until our drinks ran dry. My wife made her way to me in the hot tub and wrapped her legs around my waist. We kissed for several minutes. I noticed there were several surveillance cameras in this area and her and I decided to put on a little show. We were sure Michael was watching on a monitor. My wife rubbed against me, kissing my neck and chest. I pulled her part way out of the water so her nice ass was above the water level. While kissing her I put my hands on her ass and pulled her bottoms up snugly so it appeared she had on a thong. We made out heavily and really got excited. As we got out she grabbed my hard cock thru my trunks and ran her hand up and down it a few times. She told me she was going to suck me then fuck me hard when we got to the room.

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As we approached Michael at the counter it was easy to tell he had been watching and was aroused by us. I whispered to my wife that I was going to invite Michael to our room. She told me no in a stunned voice and told me even if we did act on our fantasies it would have to be with someone better looking than him. I told her this was what I really wanted and I said I wanted it so bad I couldn’t stand it. She thought about it for a few minutes than told me ok but don’t talk to him until after I am out of sight. I waited for my wife to get out of eye sight as she went to the room. I went to the counter and asked Michael if he thought my wife looked good. He had a worried look but said oh yes, she is gorgeous.I told him this was my wife’s birthday and I wanted him to come to our room and help me give her a present. Michael from Escorts Mayfair was immediately stumbling on his words but agreed without even knowing what I had in mind. I went on to tell him I wanted him to wait ten minutes then come to our room. I told him that when I let him in we were going to use him as a sex toy for her. I told him he would need to do what I told him and he quickly agreed.I went to our room and my wife was visibly nervous but when she saw how excited I was she calmed down and became willing. I took off her top and bottoms, put her on her back on the bed and pulled her legs apart. I went down on her licking and sucking her clit until she was moaning involuntarily. The knock on the door in Escorts Mayfair caused my arousal to go way beyond high and I quickly went and opened the hotel room door. It was Michael of course and I told him to come in. I told Michael to stand next to the bed and I could see he had a raging, rather large hard on in his pants. I went down on my wife again, licking and sucking. I continued what I was doing and slid my finger into her. She let out a moan and I knew she was in the moment.I told Michael to take off his pants so my wife could suck our cocks. He hurriedly slid them off and exposed a long hard cock. It wasn’t as big around as mine but it was about a half inch longer. I told my wife to get on her hands and knees and suck both our cocks. It was like a real life porno. She sucked me first very hard, she has never been able to completely get my whole cock in her mouth but she was trying. I gently pushed her head off of me and guided her onto his cock. He put his head back and moaned loudly. I told her she couldn’t stop sucking his cock until I said so. She sucked him for about five or six minutes while I went down on her again this time from behind. I told Michael I wanted him to come all over her while I fucked her.I got up on my knees behind her and shoved my cock into her wet slit. I went as deep as I could and she gasped. I fucked my wife fast and hard while she sucked his cock.I asked Michael if he was ready to cum and he told me he has a very hard time cumming from a blow job.I said ok and told Michael to trade me places. I told Michael to put on the condom next to the television. I could tell my wife was confused by this because she had no idea that I had brought a condom with me.Michael put the condom on and got on the bed behind my wife’s bare tanned ass. I watched him slide his skinny long cock into her all the way up to his balls. I got a towel and wiped off then went in front of my wife’s head. She was still on her hands and knees when I put my hand on her head and told her to suck me hard. She wrapped her lips around my cock and I loved the sight I was seeingThis stranger was fucking my wife from behind as hard as he could while she was sucking my cock. I could hear his hips slapping against her perfect ass and she was jolted forward onto my cock with every thrust from Michael. Poor Michael couldn’t take the perfect view he was seeing and filled the condom with his cum while inside my wife’s pussy.

Escorts Mayfair

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