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Escorts Mill Hill

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Escorts Mill Hill

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The city is amazing and full of life and bustle. We have a great hotel, right by a pedestrian mall, which is filled with stores. I finally have a day to myself so I went for a yummy breakfast and a manicure. I am writing now because I have an incredible adventure to share with you.When we got here, two days ago, there was the cutest shoe shine boy sitting at the foot of the pedestrian mall near our hotel. He spoke to me and called me ‘sexy lady’. It was charming and he had the biggest smile I have ever seen. I have seen him half a dozen times since then and he always says hello and asks me how I am. Yesterday he asked if I needed anything and he smiled. Last night he asked again. He talked loudly as I walked by and said that ‘the sexy lady has sexy legs’. I was a little embarrassed because ‘you know who’ was with me. (I don’t want to use names in here because you never know who sees what). I will just refer to him as Escorts Mill Hill.YKW laughed and said I had a new admirer and I guess I did. So, anyway this morning, after my manicure I decided to go for a walk and do a little shopping. Sure enough the shoe shine kid was there. BTW he is about the age of your office floor, give or take one up or down. I was wearing a short white skirt, about 4 inches above my knee and a navy Escorts Mill Hill, a bit tighter than it should be. It is the one you bought for yourself last year and never wore, remember?It’s too bad we can’t chat from here, because this would be so much more fun in real time, but oh well.So anyway, I walked past my little friend and again he smiled. He complimented my legs and I saw him eyeing them as he spoke. I stopped, because it was the first time I had been alone, and asked him how much a shine was. He said for me it would be $3 American dollars. I said maybe later when I came back. I was wearing slip-ons, so the money would be wasted. I was quite flattered because he blatantly stared at my chest while I talked with him. Of course I held my shoulders back to make sure nothing was missed.

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I walked a while and did some shopping, but kept thinking about the kid. It made me a bit amorous (Escorts Mill Hill). I decided it was time for a little fun. I had a tea on an outdoor cafe and while I was waiting for the waiter to bring it I went to the toilet and removed my undies and stuck them in my purse. I returned to the patio and sat down to enjoy my tea.I got many glances from passersby and one man began to talk to me. He asked where I was from and was I alone. It was flattering, but certainly not the kind of conversation I wanted to get into. A minute after he left another man, this one reeked of money, walked by. He looked and smiled and his gaze fell to my boobs. Then he looked at my face and asked how much? I was stunned and told him I was a tourist. He smiled and asked if that meant it would be cheaper?. I told him he couldn’t afford me and he smiled and said I would be surprised. Then he added that now it was just a matter of price.I ignored him and he said that it was too bad, because I seemed to have a ‘lovely set of tits’ (his words), which he would love to inspect. When I turned my head he said goodbye and walked on. Deep down I was quite flattered, but my heart was racing. I you never know what you get into in different places. I stayed a few minutes longer; while I finished my tea, and made sure I uncrossed and crossed my legs a few times as people walked by. I was neat, as I had a wax the day before we left home.I strolled back, taking in the shops and feeling pretty good about myself and finally neared the hotel and the shoe shine kid. He saw me and smiled and said hello and said he had a special on shines today. I smiled back, walked over and said Ok. He motioned me to stand in a certain spot and put my foot on the shoe-shaped foot rest on his wooden shoe box. I did so and I saw him staring along my leg. He worked hard and asked where I was from. We talked a little and when I finally changed feet. I made sure he could see between my thighs. He looked and then he stared at me.

Escorts Mill Hill

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