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Escorts New Malden

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Escorts New Malden

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He began to rub it and it grew. It was quite small, but cute and very lovable. I trembled as he walked closer and put his hands on each side of my face (I was sitting in the only chair in the room). He held me tight and pushed my head closer toward him and all I could do was to open my mouth when he pulled my face against him. I felt his penis enter between my lips and push into my mouth. I began to suck and could feel his skin slide back. It was so yummy. (Escorts New Malden).This continued for a few minutes until he stopped, pulled out and asked if he could see my ‘tits’. I just sat there and slowly took my Tee off, over my head. I wasn’t wearing a bra so my girls were exposed and he stared at them and said they were beautiful. I felt him fondle them and squeeze them and I was getting so turned on. I played with his penis and moved it between my hand and my mouth.He talked about my breasts and my legs and then he stood straight up in front of me. He pushed me back in the chair and parted my legs. He was standing between them and he looked down and saw my bald pussy. I opened my legs and he moved closer. He was short so his penis was at the right level. I couldn’t stop because I was soaked and a minute later I felt him enter me. I opened as wide as I could allowing him in as far as he could go and he began to push harder. It did not take long until he was fucking me with all his might.I started to moan, which developed into a few loud screams. I was holding his bum cheeks and pulling him closer and harder into me. I came but didn’t want to stop. He continued a few more minutes until I knew he was ready to cum. I pushed him out and moved forward grabbing his penis and jerking it on my breasts. I felt him shake and he came. He had his hands on my nipples and I thought he was going to pull them off. When he finished he stood there and I just sat there. I stared at his tiny penis and began to finger myself. It did not take long for me to orgasm and as soon as I was finished I dressed and left. I gave him the money and returned to my hotel for a long shower and a few more fingering sessions.

Escorts New Malden

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