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Escorts North Sheen

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Escorts North Sheen

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In 1970 the company decided to move its administrative offices to the Midwest. This included the data center and the IT organization. Many of the staff elected to stay behind in New York and find jobs with other firms. I decided to give the Midwest a try. I knew that I would miss the East Coast at first but when looking at the cost of living it was worth exploring. Right off the bat I sold my townhome in New Jersey for twice what I paid for one in the Midwest. The new one was also twice as big and was situated in a nice community with a pool, fitness center, tennis courts and lots of single people.I learned one thing very quickly and that was there was plenty of sex to be had. It seemed that there were always parties and get-togethers and there was always someone to hook up with for the night. One of the other guys Al who moved too said it was the best kept secret in the country. It also didn’t bother people to be sleeping with co-workers and in the first year I had sex with five young women at our company. There was a nearby watering hole where we were always stopping for drinks after work and hooking up.I had seen Charlotte around but had not been out with her or had sex with her. One Thursday afternoon I went to the pub for lunch and I saw Martin with his squeeze Gail at a table. Charlotte was with them and Martin waved me over to join them for lunch. The four of us had lunch and then Gail said she was horny and wanted to go home for a quickie. I sat there in amazement that she would say that in front of Charlotte and me.Martin then looked at me and asked, “Are you up for it Walt? Want to join us?”At first I thought he meant a threesome but then I realized that Charlotte would be going along. “Sure, I’m game. Are you good with this?” I asked Charlotte.”Definitely, I could use some loving too.”Charlotte was a 28 year old brunette with brown eyes, about Escorts North Sheen. She was not the prettiest of girls but she wasn’t ugly either and no stranger to brief encounters. Charlotte rode with me and I followed them to their place. Within minutes we were in separate bedrooms fucking like rabbits. I learned that Charlotte with the right guy preferred anal sex. That afternoon I was the right guy. Her favorite position was the spoon position. She liked lying on her side with my cock in her ass as I fingered her pussy and fondled her tits. It was also one of my favorite positions as well. After several hours we cleaned up and went back to the office. I ended up working late that night to make up for the time missed.

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The next time I saw Charlotte was at a party on Friday night. A guy named Russ and his girl Terry had a bunch of people over. Some came as couples and others single like me. Charlotte was there and she was bummed out as this guy Rick was supposed to meet her there but he showed up with someone else. I was talking with this blonde cutie named Donna when Charlotte asked if she could speak to me for a minute.”Escorts North Sheen” she asked.I told her I would but I noticed that she had been drinking, probably because she was pissed at Rick. I went down the stairs a few moments after her and she ushered me into the garage through the entry on the lower level. Charlotte closed the door and told me to get in the van with her. There was a van in addition to a sports car in the garage. We got in the back of the van and she turned her back toward me and pulled down her shorts. She was not wearing any panties under her shorts. It was a new style outfit with matching tops and bottoms that were held in place by elastic. Charlotte had elected not to wear panties under her bottoms and as I found out shortly she passed on the bra too.”I need you to fuck my ass before you head out with Donna,” Charlotte requested slurring her words a little.Not knowing if I would get laid that night, I honored her request. I dropped my pants and underwear and I pushed my fingers in Charlotte’s pussy. I moved my fingers from her pussy to her asshole for several minutes gathering her pussy juice and lubing her asshole. We moved into the spoon position and I pushed my cock in her pussy and got it good and wet before I eased it into her ass in Escorts North Sheen. Charlotte grunted as my cock hit home and slid into her ass. We both fucked rapidly as I pushed her top up over her tits and played with her tits and nipples. I reached with one hand for her pussy and plunged two then three fingers into her quim. Charlotte went wild with the double penetration and the manipulation of her tits. She soaked my fingers with her female juice as she had a string of orgasms.

Escorts North Sheen

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