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Escorts Paddington

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Kava sat in Escorts Paddington for a moment, savoring the memory. As Administrator of the project and one of the leading members of a powerful Sahakaran family, he didn’t lack opportunities for sexual release. But he missed Vaasa, and right now his manhood was painfully erect inside his trousers. Suddenly, outside the open door of his office, the strident voice of his personal secretary, Ms. Kunti rose.She was a sharp-tongued woman who took great pleasure in the importance of her position; she was one of the most feared women on Tarak station because Kava Shakuntala trusted her to arrange his schedule. As such, it fell to her to weed out the many Project staff who sought the Administrators’ attention for their pet projects and requests. Fortunately, she was very good at it and took tremendous pleasure in wielding the authority of her position to deter those whom she deemed unworthy of an appointment.”I have told you now three times that your request for an appointment to see the Administrator is denied sir, and if you do not leave now I will have station security remove you!” Ms. Kunti’s voice, already harsh, took on an almost vicious tone. “After that, I will speak to the Science Director, who you seem to have forgotten supervises your department, and ask him why a member of his staff is seeking to bother the Administrator with useless prattle!”Kava half-heard the stammered reply of whoever it was in the outer office as he (the voice sounded masculine, if scared) apologized and made a hasty retreat. The outer office door whooshed open then shut behind the fleeing scientist. Kava wouldn’t put it past Ms. Kunti to send an extremely nasty note to the Science Director anyway, despite that fact that the poor fellow had given up on trying to see him.With a slight movement of one finger Kava locked the outer office door and activated the blue light outside, indicating that the Administrators’ Office was closed. Then he turned off the audio cancelling field around his desk that kept sounds at the desk from being heard outside of it. He cleared his throat and spoke aloud; “Ms. Kunti, would you please come in Escorts Paddington and speak to me in my office? Thank you.”Ms. Kunti was a moderately-tall, severe-looking woman of fifty-two; her family had been in service to Shakuntala for nearly a thousand years and the importance of her job earned her the same anti-aging treatments each year that kept Kava himself looking like a man of thirty, rather than his actual eighty-one. She wore a tight-fitting knee-length black skirt banded in Shakuntala colors at the waist and hem, with a brilliant white form-fitting blouse that stood out against her dark olive skin and accentuated her narrow waist and generous breasts. As usual, Ms. Kunti had her long black hair bound in a tight bun atop her head, with one long strand falling almost to the black-rimmed glasses that perched atop her long, slender nose.She walked with short, confident strides to the front of Kavas’ desk, arms at her sides, with a small data slate in one hand. Through the slate she could access the simple VI program that helped administer Kavas’ schedule and personal affairs on the station. “Yes sir?””I have closed this office so that we can have a discussion about how you comport yourself Ms. Kunti” said Kava, steepling his fingers and leaning back as he looked into her face. He thought he saw just a hint of a smile play across her lips and her chest heaved just slightly as she took in a deep breath. Ms. Kunti had been his personal secretary for thirty years; she knew and enjoyed the game.Putting a little bit of sternness in his voice, Kava continued. “You must understand that at times I am deeply disappointed by the way you speak to the scientists and crew of this Project. Your harsh and cruel tone casts the Office of the Administrator in a negative light and creates hurt feelings among the very staff I am responsible to administer. To lead is to serve Ms. Kunti, and through you, I have given poor service to those in my charge!””Sir, please accept my apologies” breathed Ms. Kunti. Her normally-harsh voice melted into a breathy, pleading tone. “You know that I only wish to serve you and the project well – please, I know how to serve!”With that, she set the data slate on his desk, then hurried around to the side of his chair, kneeling and reaching for one of his hands with a pleading look. “Please sir, let me serve, I will not disappoint you again!”Kava kept his face stern, looking down at her eyes and inhaling the faint spicy scent of her perfume, then pulled his hand free from hers. “Very well then, show me your service so that I can decide whether you deserve another chance.”Ms. Kuntis’ face fairly glowed as she eagerly turned his chair to face where she knelt, then she crawled forward between his knees, gently bumping them farther apart. “Thank you sir, thank you” she breathed, as her fingers moved to the sealstrip of his trousers, quickly opening them from his waist all the way down. Her thin lips smiled wide as Kavas’ fully-erect penis sprang free of the restraining trousers, the flushed head pointing almost straight to the ceiling as he scooted his hips forward slightly in the chair.Without hesitation, Ms. Kunti leaned in close, turning her head to the side and bringing her mouth to his balls, gently laving them with her tongue. She licked and kissed and slurped wetly at the soft, hairless skin of his heavy ballsack, with the rigid shaft of his cock slapping gently at the side of her face as she worked.Kava groaned and tipped his head back to look up at the ceiling at first, then turned his gaze back down to watch Ms. Kunti, as her tongue slithered underneath his balls, delicately licking and fluttering at the sensitive flesh below. She reached up with her right hand, taking his equipment in a delicate grip and tugging it up and out of the way as she craned her neck to press her face deeper between his thighs. His swollen cock and balls came to rest almost on Ms. Kuntis’ ear as her questing lips and tongue strained farther down… then his groan turned into a hiss of pleasure as the tip of Mr. Kunti’s wet tongue slid back and forth around the tight ring of his anus, pushing, prodding, finally working the wet tip inside.

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Her response was to briefly take him in her hand, pointing his engorged member slightly forward so that she could slowly bring her wet lips down around the tip, gently sucking at it and running her tongue back and forth against the dimpled ridge under his glans. She took her hand away, then strained to look up at him as she began very gently bobbing up and down, taking the head and an inch or two of his rock-hard shaft into her hot, wet mouth with each stroke.Kava smiled with pleasure, locking his gaze with hers. Hazel eyes peered up at him above the top of the black-rimmed glasses, reminding him of the very stern, but very sexy teacher that had tormented him when he was thirteen. “Oh yes, I am beginning to believe you Ms. Kunti. Show me that you want to please me, to serve me. Take me into your throat and give me the release I need so badly.”Spurred on by his words, Ms. Kunti pushed the tight wet ring of her lips farther down with each stroke, still straining to keep her eyes locked with his as she bobbed, sucked, slurped. Soon the tip of Kavas’ thick erection was lightly bumping the back of her throat at the bottom of each stroke, making her eyes water and the faint tremble of her gag reflex to rise. But she kept at it, forcing him a little deeper into her mouth each time she bobbed downward. The saliva already gushing in her mouth was joined by even more from somewhere deeper, slick strings of it drenched the tip of his cock and at the bottom of the next stroke the sensitive head slipped past the back of her tongue and into her throat.Ms. Kunti stopped with the end of Kavas’ thick member poking into her throat, fighting the tickle of her gag reflex and the tired ache of her jaws. His hands gripped the arms of his chair tightly, but Ms. Kunti imagined them clenched in her hair, holding her down on the trembling spear of his cock. Finally, she pulled back in Escorts Paddington, letting his slick member slip out of her mouth and gulping two deep, gasping breaths, all the while keeping her eyes locked on his face.Kava gave her a small, approving nod and Ms. Kunti leaned forward to spit two long strings of slick spit from her mouth onto his rock-hard penis and took the tip in her mouth again. Then she settled back onto her haunches and resumed bobbing up and down on his dick, taking him almost all the way to the root within just one or two strokes. Once again the swollen head pressed against the back of her mouth and this time she tipped her chin up and took the thick member deep into the constricting ridges of her throat, pushing until her nose pressed hard against the soft patch of hair at his groin.With a full two or three inches of his erect tool buried all the way into Ms. Kuntis’ throat, Kava looked down and lock eyes with her again, then took the heavy bun of her silky black hair in a two-handed grip. Using his grip in her hair and his elbows on the armrests of his chair for leverage, Kava lifted his hips and began thrusting back and forth, keeping just the tip of his cock in her mouth at the top of each stroke. Then he would push forward, feeling the ribs of her throat squeezing tightly around the end of his cock as it forced its way in.Ms. Kunti fought to still her gag reflex as Kava took control and began truly fucking her abused throat. Each time the thick head was almost withdrawn, her gag reflex spasmed a little, anticipating the obstruction being gone. But then it was pushed right back in, and she would try to gasp in one or two quick breaths before her nose was pressed tight into his pubic hair again. She hung at the edge of panic, barely getting enough air as he pistoned in and out, picking up speed.After a few strokes, she began to count them, struggling to keep looking into his eyes and just trust him, to accept the hard, thick invader in her throat . One, two… she felt wetness dripping between her thighs, soaking the expensive fabric of her dress… three, four, five.. she managed to draw in a deep breath as he paused between strokes for a moment, groaning… six, seven… and suddenly the slick, choking shaft of his manhood pulled free from her tortured throat and the tight wet ring of her lips.

Escorts Paddington

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