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Escorts Park Lane

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Escorts Park Lane

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His painful grip in her hair tightened even more as Kavas’ wet cock flopped free and slapped down against her nose and glasses. His eyes stayed locked on hers until they suddenly closed and he tilted his head back, giving off an animal growl “Unnnghhhh!’ With that, his trembling cock pulsed, firing a long thick string of hot semen across her forehead and into her hair. “Ungggghhhhh!” Another spurt splashed from the tip of his straining member onto the right lens of her glasses and then a third spurted weakly along the side of her nose and onto her cheek.Gasping with relief and desperately wishing that she dared to pull her skirt up and play with her inflamed pussy, Ms. Kunti rose to capture the head of his cock again, sucking gently and bobbing just enough to run the ring of her lips down the shaft a little, then tightening them as she pulled back, milking a long dribble of salty cum into her mouth. She looked up to capture his eyes again, then gulped greedily with his cock still in her mouth, wanting him to see her swallowing his seed.Escorts Park Lane collapsed back into his plush chair, his hands releasing their tight grip and instead gently gripping her silken hair as she slowly bobbed up and down on his softening penis, slurping and laving his sated member with her saliva. She let his cock slip softy free from her mouth, then taking it in a delicate grip carefully licked it up and down, leaving it glistening with spit but otherwise clean.He sat up and shifted his hips back as Ms. Kunti carefully tucked his now-soft penis back into the front of his trousers, slowly running her finger up the sealstrip to safely close them. He reached down and lifted her chin with gentle fingers. “Well done Ms. Kunti, I cannot doubt your passion for service any more. You may return to your desk; I will open the office again in a half hour.”She primly nodded and managed to look graceful as she rose, despite the long strings of semen trailing from her hair, down her nose and cheek and on one side of her glasses. “Thank you so much Administrator, I will take care of one or two personal matters and be ready to resume my duties in a half hour.” With that, she turned and walked out, a little wobbly, but hips rolling in a very womanly way as she left.Ms. Kunti dropped into her chair, quickly tugging her skirt up into her lap as she sat. One hand darted into a drawer of her desk, pulling out on Escorts Park Lane a small cylindrical vibrator, as she finished squirming down in her chair enough to for her other hand to pull her skirt up out of the way, allowing her legs to slightly spread. Her pussy was completely clean of hair and immaculately maintained, prepared for the possibility that one day Kava would decide to push the boundaries of their little game and fuck her.

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She activated the vibrator and moaned softly as she pressed it down to the slick outer folds of her pussy, sliding it up and down from her clitoris to her dripping entrance and back. With one hand busy using the vibrator to lavish sensations on her aching snatch, Ms. Kunti used the fingers of the other hand to gather the sticky semen on her face and scoop it into her mouth. The salty, slightly sweet seed slid easily down her throat as the sensations buzzing against her clitoris began to push her towards climax.She knew that Kava, sitting at his desk mere feet away, could hear exactly what she was doing. He knew what she did every time they had one of their little “talks” but he had never once spoken of it. Something about that thought pushed her over the edge, and before she knew it, Ms. Kunti felt a powerful orgasm tremble through her body in Escorts Park Lane, forcing her thighs to clench tight around her hand and the buzzing vibrator. She ruthlessly stifled a moan, arching her back and feeling moisture dripping into her seat as her climax peaked and finally began to fade.In the other room, Kava smiled to himself as he heard the buzzing of the vibrator smothered and Ms. Kuntis’ chair creaking as she achieved her release. She had really been the perfect personal secretary for all these years; she was deeply loyal to the family, intelligent, extremely attractive and most important, perceptive. It had taken only very subtle cues to get her to dress the way he found most appealing, to wear the decorative glasses that he liked and to get her to adopt the necessary persona to keep the leeches out of his daily schedule.Her ability to perceive what he intended and determine how to deliver it was the most important, because it preserved the mystery and boundaries of the relationship. Their little game had begun just two years after she joined his service and it ultimately had taken only an arched eyebrow and a subtle turn of his chair to end with her kneeling between his knees, mouth bobbing artfully up and down on his cock. They played the game very seldom and he had never taken it farther – but he never implied that they would not, leaving the possibility open and charging things with a little extra electricity.Kava happily returned to his work, keeping an eye on the thirty minute timer he had set and resolving to ask Ms. Kunti who the persistent scientist was after it expired.

Escorts Park Lane

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