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Escorts Parsons Green

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Escorts Parsons Green

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Bolting upright, tears scrolled down Ashlynn’s cheeks. The dim morning light filtering in through fogging windows while white powder pressed an inch up the glass, had her clenching her eyelids closed for mercy. Cool sweat drenched her back as she rolled to the edge of her bed and rested her feet against the scratched wood floors. The rent was cheap, but this was not the way she saw herself living.She had family once. Her parents were divorced, but supportive none the less. Her mother and father had both showed up to the gallery opening, and had enough self-control to be civil. She celebrated Thanksgiving every year with her father and his boyfriend, Christmas was with her mom. Now, even a letter or an email seemed to risky. This underworld she had fallen into, was unknown and she had no idea who was watching. Escorts Parsons Green; a picture from her high school yearbook showed up in a newsletter of missing person reports every once in a while, but she doubted anyone looked twice at her most days.Rolling out of bed, her feet hit the beat-up floor resentfully. She couldn’t go home, not while those monsters were still out there. This is your home now, she prompted, get it through your thick skull. Getting dressed for work, she pulled long blonde curls away from her face into a careless ponytail and wriggled into the same blue uniform dress she wore every day, she had more than enough cause to stay away from onlookers, and in diners you rarely made more than a 50 cent tip on a two dollar coffee.She drew on a pair of tights and boots and prepared to face the snow. Glancing at the clock, she groaned and wiggled a toothbrush in her mouth a few times before gathered her purse and keys and jogging out the front door. An old familiar sense of responsibility kept her from remembering, that no matter how late she was, the world would keep turning.

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Climbing into his silver sports car, Hayden was feeling pretty damn grateful for the seat-warmers as revved the engine. He almost felt bad watching her shiver at the bus stop, but based on the look of fear she had when walking home last night, he had a feeling she wouldn’t welcome help from a stranger. Besides, Blaise would be more than happy to warm her up, soon enough.His phone vibrated, and he dragged it out of his pocket. “Hello,” Hayden said, keeping a close eye on the girl. “Escorts Parsons Green” Blaise stated from the other end.”Yeah, I’m at the bus stop a block away. She’s heading to work, and I’ve got eyes on her Boss. she really is something special,” Hayden said, giving the tiny blonde woman an appreciative gaze. Even dressed in a heavy coat, with her untamed hair looking ready to stage a rebellion, he could see what had attracted his boss to the girl. What he had yet to pin down, was why she had been untraceable up till now. She was certainly sloppy enough, he noted, as she sat on the empty bench, and one of her gloves slid out of her pocket onto the snow. She didn’t even seem to notice as the bus pulled up and she hurried on.”Believe me, I know. Keep me updated on your location.”The line went dead, and Hayden waited another long moment before following the bus. He followed until her watched her get off in front of an old run down diner. Remmy’s Diner had seen its better days almost ten years ago, the paint cracked and peeling, and old neon, tacky on the front signs. Ashlynn’s eyes were holding a staring contest with the ground as he pulled up into the nearly empty lot and watched her make her way inside.Hayden texted Blaise the address, and weighed his options. Hunger tended to be an excellent motivator though, and as his stomach growled, he climbed out of the car, clicked the beeper and wandered into the diner. Ashlynn was just tying on her apron as he walked in.

Escorts Parsons Green

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