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Escorts Putney

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Escorts Putney

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If it weren’t for her recent luck with men, Ashlynn would have to admit that this morning’s newest client was quite easy on the eyes. Thick brown hair, wide jutting cheeks easing down into a scruffy jaw. It was the amused curiosity in those big brown eyes though that had her heart melting at 6 in the morning. Then there was the leather jacket surrounding the kind of biceps that used to leave her daydreaming.”Escorts Putney” Ashlynn surprised herself by smiling as she approached the new guy.He smiled back easily. “Pancakes, eggs, hash browns, sausage, bacon, and maybe some fresh fruit if you have it. Oh, and coffee,” Hayden offered, listing enough food to feed a platoon.Smiling back easily enough, she nodded and clicked her pen back down. “Sure thing, handsome.”Spinning on her heels, she blushed like a school girl heading to the back. God, she wanted some of that in her life. Lord knew she hadn’t seen much more than dime store romance novels in the way of action lately, and in her younger years she had never been in a drought this long. Besides, making yourself scream in ecstasy just never has the same heat. In other words, what she wouldn’t do to see a little of what he was packing.”God, if I was still young, what I wouldn’t give for some of that,” Marlene said, from the coffee pot behind the counter as Ashlynn posted the order in the window.”What is a boy like that doing here?” she asked, trying to avoid the issue as she glanced over at her manager, an older woman, with a grinning but worn face.The older lady smiled, the look that put Ashlynn at ease the first time she showed up looking for a job. She must have looked like a nervous wreck, but one look and Marlene had taken her under her wing like an injured baby bird. “One thing I’ve learned in all my years darin’ is that you never question how you got lucky, only thank god that you did.”Escorts Putney“Oh, I thank God every day. I thank God I found you,” she said wrapping an arm around Marlene’s shoulder. “But I have terrible taste in men and I don’t trust yours,” I said winking.”Escorts Putney” Gordon growled affectionately through the window. A big hulking man, red faced and sweating appeared in the window, smiling like a mob hit man. Lord only knew what Marlene had first seen in him, but they truly were an adorable couple, as she lit up, even after thirty-some-odd years of marriage.

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Hadyn honestly had no idea what to expect from her when Blaise arrived, because since she had left, he had been a wreck. He had been away working for a neighboring pack, when everything had happened, and knew only what he had been told. From what he’d been told, Blaise had been the one to carry Ashlynn to the hospital. He’d paid her medical bills, and visited her bedside daily, but she had been severely hurt, and remained conscious for long enough that they thought she might not make it. Blaise rarely left the hospital, and otherwise managed pack business from the hospital waiting room.She eventually awoke, and months passed as she went through recovery and rehabilitation, and he stubbornly kept to her bedside, even as she tried to push him away. Eventually he’d managed to convince her to finish her recovery with him, and he finally had his precious mate on pack lands.For two months she had stayed, and healed. Hayden could not help, but wonder how far it had gone, but from the smell of her, he knew they hadn’t mated. Regardless, she had more than broken the guy’s heart. One morning he had woken up to find her gone. Nobody had seen her, anywhere.Blaise had been a mess, snapping at people, starting fights, and his wolf had been out of control. The guy had not slept in months, wasn’t eating; he was near a snapping point and Hayden was afraid for him. The stupid dogs in them, game them fierce power, but at a price: slaves to instincts and hormones. Blaise’s ferocity had always been to his benefit, before this girl, and all because she happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.Now here he was; the better side of an inevitable outcome. Even as his senses jolted from the approaching aura of the pent-up alpha, Hayden understood why this girl had run. He wasn’t negligent, and it certainly was not for lack of compassion. When the bell on the diner door rang, he had half a mind to run, and avoid seeing the inevitable crash of that pretty smile.

Escorts Putney

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